Is the site effective

Dating is mostly done online these days. There are more and more dating websites and dating apps on the market where singles can meet a nice date. But what if you have a very specific hobby and actually want to meet someone who shares this interest? Then of course you can sign up on a general dating site and hope to meet someone there, but the chances are of course a lot smaller.
For example, if you love gaming (a lot) and you are looking for a dating website that focuses specifically on gamers, then GamerDating is for you. This website is especially for people who are crazy about games and want to meet someone with the same interest. We’ll tell you more about this website.
Are you not so much looking for a gamer? Or do you not care at all if someone plays games?

Who is it for?

GamerDatingAs the name suggests, GamerDating is specifically for people who are big fans of gaming. It is a relatively small dating community with about 5,000 active members around the world. Monthly there are about 78,000 active members, but it is good to know that only a small part of these members comes from the Netherlands. As many as 68% of all members come from America. By their own account, 20,000 new members are added each month.
Furthermore, a large proportion of the members come from Brazil, Canada and England. Most members are between 18 and 35 years old and it is about 85/15 when it comes to the male/female split on the site. In other words, for every woman there are more than 5 men present. If you are looking for a serious relationship, then the chances are not very high that you will meet someone at GamerDating It is in fact mainly a community to meet people with the same interests. Members contact each other to chat or to play different games together.
In addition, there are not very many members, so you should not expect to have dozens of nice dates ready to go. If this is your goal, you might be better off using another website. However, if your goal is to meet fun, new people, then GamerDating may be perfect.

How does GamerDating work?

The signup process at GamerDating is pretty easy. When you sign up, you need to fill in your name, email, date of birth and password. You also fill in your gender and the gender of people you want to meet. You can also sign up via Facebook, to make it even easier.
In total, the sign-up process will take about 10 minutes, as you also need to add some favorite games. You also have the option to put more personal information on your profile such as your height, personal characteristics, interests and habits. All this information is then used by the algorithm to find suitable matches for you.

Sending messages and chatting

GamerDatingThe platform is focused on getting to know new people, so sending messages and chatting is one of its main functionalities. As a free member, you cannot send unlimited messages. You can only receive 6 matches per day and you can only ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ these people. If you do not take out a paid subscription, then it is not possible to send messages and have real conversations with other members.
In addition to receiving six potential matches daily, you can also search for profiles yourself based on your personal preferences. Via the ‘Find a Date’ function you can look for dates that suit you. You can enter a number of criteria such as age, location, gender, personal interests and gaming habits.
When you are searching for profiles, you can see a number of details. For example, you will see a photo, the age, and the location of the profile. Furthermore, you can also see on what preferences you are matched and per profile you can see which 3 games are their favorite. With this information you can then choose whether this person suits you or not.

Gamers community

If you have registered with GamerDating, you will find out pretty quickly that it is not just a website for dating, but more of an online community for dating and gaming. For example, there is also a Games Center, where you can view your own game library and add or remove games. You can also read articles from the gaming world, view updates and new appearances.

Free or paid

You can sign up for GamerDating completely free of charge. With a free account you can edit your profile and receive matches. As a free member, you don’t have any more options. This means that the free membership is mainly meant to test it out and to see if it could be something for you. However, if you also want to communicate with others, then you should take out a paid subscription. You can only send messages as a premium member.

App and website

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app of GamerDating at this time. You will therefore have to use your browser to view the website. You can also use your phone’s browser, but not everything works optimally here yet. With online dating it can unfortunately happen that you meet people who do not speak the truth or show unwanted behavior. At GamerDating we pay attention to this and you can report a profile if this person is inappropriate. Furthermore, you can also choose to block a profile if, for example, someone has said or done something unpleasant. Furthermore, it is stated on the website that they highly value privacy and that information will therefore not be passed on just like that. GamerDating is a website that was founded by a group of gamers who wanted to establish a dating site where gamers can start a relationship with someone with the same interest. They succeeded. GamerDating has been around for many years now and is still a place where gamers can find each other. Yes, but with limitations. The basic functions of GamerDating are free. A paid membership is required to take advantage of all the features.