Singles from Parship

Parship has been online since the year 2003. From this date people could meet each other through the dating website Parship. It has now become one of the most popular dating sites in the Netherlands. Chances are that you have seen a commercial of Parship on TV or heard it on the radio. Parship has been around for a while in the online dating world and it focuses mainly on the highly educated single 30 years and older. At any given time of the day, there are thousands of singles online at Parship. These singles are also very active with over 100,000 messages each month.

How does Parship work?

ParshipIt is not difficult to understand how the Parship dating site works. It is all self-explanatory because it is a “simple” dating site. After signing up you are presented with a questionnaire with 32 questions that address all important aspects in a relationship. This is a personality test which is the basis for the science-based personality profile. The results of the test determine which singles you will be matched with. Unlike the “classic” dating sites, you cannot browse through the profiles of other singles. You will only see the profiles of singles chosen by the dating site’s algorithm. Parship’s singles are well distributed in terms of gender. For example, 52 percent are men and 48 percent are women. The percentage of women at Parship is higher than other dating sites, possibly due to the serious nature of the dating site. On the website Parship advertises the fact that 38 percent of the singles find a relationship through the dating site. In addition, 76 percent of the singles are 30 years or older. The offer of Parship is particularly intended for singles with a high level of education, for example, a completed HBO if academic training.

Parship for free?

Every member starts at Parship as a free member. You get a personal profile, a message inbox and access to the profiles of other members. Using icebreakers and digital smiles, you can show that you like a single. Without a form of payment, you can receive and reply to messages. However, this is not unlimited and as a free member there are more restrictions. For example, you cannot use the local search function, you cannot make first contact, and you do not receive the comprehensive personality report. For most users, however, it’s all about messaging, and some of that is free. If you want to test the dating site first before making a payment, you can do relatively much with a free membership. Should you want to make use of all the functionalities after that, you can take out a paid membership at any time.


Tinder is the dating app that came out of nowhere and conquered the Dutch dating market within a short time. Almost every single has used Tinder on their smartphone. It is transferred from girlfriend to girlfriend and from friend to friend. With word of mouth, things can go fast as evidenced by this case. Swiping potential dates is addictive as many singles have found. Every advantage also has its disadvantage. For example, you can’t scroll through profiles or contact them directly. For that you choose another dating site like Relatieplanet. If you don’t know what Tinder is yet, read on quickly.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app that can be used on smartphones. You can only login with your Facebook account after which you can use photos from your Facebook profile. These photos are then shown to other members. Nothing is placed on your Facebook profile by Tinder. Only your data and photos are used to create the profile. Tinder then searches for your location using GPS. Your Tinder profile consists of your first name, age, photos, a small piece of text about yourself that you may fill out and the pages you have liked on Facebook. Tinder then searches for potential matches in your area. You can determine the maximum distance. If you like a person you can swipe to the right, if you do not like the person you can swipe to the left. If the other person also likes you then there is a match after which you can chat with each other.

Benefits of Tinder

The advantage of Tinder is that it is fast to use. An account is created very quickly. Because you can use it on your cell phone it is almost always within reach. For women it is convenient that they do not receive messages from people they do not like. Only those who are liked can send messages. Tinder works in many ways as how you meet someone in real life. First, you look at the appearance and then start a conversation with the nice person.

Disadvantages of Tinder

The disadvantages of Tinder are that many singles use it but not everyone is really looking. This causes there to be many matches on Tinder that have no future. There are also usually too many matches to give everyone equal attention. While chatting on Tinder, most people are already swiping where there are many new matches. This ensures that many conversations remain superficial. It is difficult to keep the focus on one person on Tinder. Another disadvantage of Tinder is that the focus of many men on Tinder is on sex or a one night stand. If you are looking for a serious relationship then Tinder is not the best option.

Tinder dating site

The official website of Tinder is not yet usable as a “real” dating site. If you want to use Tinder on the PC then unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Tinder Online, as it has, is still being tested in a handful of countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. The web version of the Tinder app allows you to swipe in any browser and on any computer. As soon as the app is available in the Netherlands you can find it on