Tips for 50plusmatch

As the name of the dating site suggests, it is intended for the active 50+. Online dating is not only for young people and young adults but also for the somewhat older singles. 50plusmatch is not just any dating site. It is the winner of the Thuiswinkel Awards in the category dating sites. The dating site, which was founded in 2006, was voted by members as their favorite dating site and that is not without reason. The members are all in the same age category: 50 plus. This clear boundary makes it easier to find someone of the same age.

How does 50plusmatch work?

50plusmatchWhat you want to do on the dating site is send personal messages and that is of course possible. In addition, you can chat with online members so you can be sure that you will make contact with someone who has been online recently. On the website you can create a profile, including a profile picture and a profile text. Free and paid members can talk to each other on the dating site. This is an advantage over other dating sites where you can sometimes do almost nothing as a free member. One feature of the dating site is Things2Share which allows you to share anything you want with others. Others can then respond to this so you can quickly start a conversation. 50Plusmatch is a dating site for older singles. With a minimum age of 18 years any adult can sign up but in practice you will find almost only singles over 40 years old. The majority of the dating site’s members are 50 plus, as you probably expected. Of this group of singles, 49 percent are men and 51 percent are women. That the older single is increasingly looking for a partner online is well known to all. In fact, research shows that of the people aged 50 to 65 who went to live together, more than a third met online.

Privacy and security

As an older single, you don’t want your limited knowledge of the Internet to let you down. Fortunately, at 50plusmatch you don’t have to worry about that. No one will find out that you are a member on the dating site. For example, the profiles are separated from the outside world and only members of the dating site can view them. So you don’t have to worry about your name in Google linked to a dating site. To ensure that you are and remain safe on the dating site, they check every profile that is created for authenticity.

Fake profiles? You won’t encounter these on the website. The dating site does everything in its power to keep them out. All the data you enter on the website is stored in a secure database and cannot be intercepted by third parties through your browser. This is due to the so-called SSL encryption of the dating site which sends your data encrypted.

The safety of the dating site is monitored by the Safe Dating Foundation. As one of the few dating sites, 50plusmatch may carry this mark and show it on the website. In addition, 50plusmatch has passed the strict requirements and tests of Thuiswinkel.org and has also received a certificate.

About 50plusmatch

50plusmatch is growing and has become a European player in a short time. Besides the Dutch dating site for 50-plusser it is now active in several countries such as Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. 50plusmatch has a name to uphold. The dating site is aware of this like no other and therefore does everything to make it as easy as possible for the single. Can’t figure something out? The dating site’s customer service is always ready with a quick response. All profiles are manually checked so that you will not (quickly) have to deal with fake profiles.

Ourtime.nl; the new dating service of Meetic is now also available in the Netherlands. With the over-50s as its target group, Ourtime is starting a fierce battle to take on the established order. Founded in 2018, it is a new dating site but behind the scenes it is a reliable party that makes sure you have a good time. After all, it is the same party that is behind the well-known dating site Lexa. With Ourtime, it now also wants to give the over-50s the opportunity to date and find love.

Julia, the virtual coach

Those who could use some help to sign up can call on the help of Julie, the virtual Ourtime coach. With the help of the questions that are asked, you can create an account in a quick way. Julie will ask you the questions and in the meantime she will prepare your account for use. As soon as you have registered your account you can start filling in your profile. The better you fill it out, the more information the visitors of your profile will have about you as a person. Also, don’t forget to add some nice photos. Profiles with photos get a lot more attention while profiles without photos get almost no attention. With your profile completed and photos added you are ready to go; you can search using the extensive search criteria and view profile recommendations. Search in your area or on a common interest.

If you feel like it, you can also participate in group activities. These are outings that OurTime organizes with its members. In this way, you can meet like-minded people who are also looking for love in a relaxed way.

Who is it for?

OurTime is not suitable for young adults who want something different from Tinder or Badoo. This is because the new dating site is not aimed at young people but at older people with an age of 50 years or above. This means that as a 45-year-old you will not be admitted because it is not intended for the younger generation. If these try to sign up on the website of these young users are referred to Lexa. Are you younger than 50? Then you don’t need to try it but better to sign up with Lexa directly.

The group of people with age over 50 is one of the fastest growing demographics on the market and this dating party is capitalizing on that. There are as many as 1.6 million single singles in the Netherlands with an age of 50+ which means that there is a high demand for a reliable dating site for this target group. If you want to connect with someone of your own age then Ourtime is an online community where you can find this. It has now become even easier as older singles are also joining the dating sites in large numbers. Meet mature men and women on the Ourtime website.

Is Ourtime free?

Signing up for Ourtime is completely free. Everyone starts off this way with a free membership. With this membership you can fill out your own profile as well as view profiles with photos and complete profile information. The free membership is meant to get acquainted with the dating site so you have a good idea of what you can expect and how it looks. With a free account at Ourtime you can not yet send personal messages. This is only possible with a Full Membership.

Full Membership

To be able to use all imaginable options a Full Membership package is required. This is a paid membership variant that gives you access to all the functions of the dating site. For example, you can read your messages and send messages to other users, but you can also make unlimited use of the search function, view all the photos of a member and view unlimited profiles.

Older people know what they want

With many years of experience, older singles know much better what they want. This is the advantage of a dating site that caters to an older audience such as the over-50s. Singles in this age category know that life consists of more than the superficial things. Dating at 50 is therefore very different from when you are in your twenties. What you have experienced during your previous relationships you take with you into the present. So you know a lot more about yourself, others and relationships in general than you did years ago. This makes you know much better at an older age what you want and are looking for. Whether it is a lat relationship, friendship or something that cannot be pigeonholed; on a dating site like Ourtime you can find people who think the same way.50plusmatch