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Best gay dating app rights movements have borne fruit, and now countries around the world are giving up. Being straight is no longer a defect. The most valuable freedom any person can have is the freedom to express love to anyone they want, without being cascaded, alienated, discriminated against, ravaged, attacked, arrested, or killed.

Over time the ways in which the gay community relates to each other have evolved, largely because of society and the ways in which being gay has been stigmatized. It is important to remember that in the 1960’s, being part of the LGBTIQ community was seen as an affliction and, therefore, encounters were done clandestinely and in places where the influx of people was low in order to avoid problems. By the 1970s this practice was recurrent among gay men who sought to have casual sex or encounters and, likewise, messages had to be encrypted to avoid discovery.

Best Gay Dating APP

No more hiding! The best gay dating app that broke with the LGBTIQ

According to the best gay dating app 2018, one of the first known media as a gay publication was the weekly magazine Die Freundschaft, created in 1919 in Germany, which included word ads, nude photos and advertising. In the 1970s in New York, forced to find new ways to communicate without risking physical integrity because of the context at the time – six months after the Stonewall riots – a newspaper called Gay was founded. This publication was born with the aim of informing the community about parties, demonstrations, calls and is the first way in which a gay could agree to write an advertisement of interest.

Facebook : best gay dating app

In the late 1980s democracy began to return to Latin America, and activists and organizations began to lead mobilizations such as the one on June 28, 1982, the date of the first gay march in Colombia in which 32 people participated. The march was from the Plaza de Toros to the Parque de las Nieves on the Seventh Street, and groups from Medellín and Cali participated. With these demonstrations, places like the Faenza Theater, which by the 70s and 80s was the most popular gay gathering place in the city, were seeking recognition as equals in rights and expression of free identity. In 1997 in Colombia Acénto was born, a magazine made for the homosexual community, whose first issue included a feature article on the gay nature, a survey with the presidential pre-candidates on the gay vote, the gaycionario that gathered the lexicon used by homosexuals in Colombia, and the social obligatories. It became the Facebook of the moment!

New gay dating app

The consolidation of the internet best gay dating app generated chat sites that allowed for a more detailed and in-tune conversation between men. As time has passed and with the different technological advances, the exchange of multimedia content, video calls and options have been added which, to this day, are important when getting to know someone through a PPP. The advances of modernity and technology have managed to bring the slightest human instincts to hedonism. Nothing is certain, uncertainty is daily bread and the only constant is the lack of belonging, affinity and ideologies.

I believe less and less in fairy tales where you always find your prince charming. Sometimes the amount of work, the lack of time, or the aberration to traditional dating: going for a coffee, a snow, a movie or dinner makes us more and more far from a real, much less ideal relationship.

Luckily, or unfortunately, for us contemporary gay men and addicted to technology and our smartphones, there are at least a dozen gay dating apps 2018 on the market for all tastes and profiles. While you probably won’t get a Prince Charming, the men you meet in these applications can be a very good weekend plan.

Best Gay Dating APP

Top 10 Gay Dating Apps 2020

Best gay dating app rights movements have borne fruit, and now countries around the world are giving up. Being straight is no longer a defect. The most valuable freedom any person can have is the freedom to express love to anyone they want, without being cascaded, alienated, discriminated against, ravaged, attacked, arrested, or killed. Sexual orientation should not be used to judge people as if it were a crime to feel affectionate. With that in mind, applications and dating sites are being implemented specifically for the LGBTQ community to connect, interact and build relationships.

What’s the best gay dating app? Zoosk

Zoosk is most popular gay dating apps that allows you to meet new people near (or far) from where you are, see their photos, exchange text messages and, who knows, maybe even meet in person. The way Zoosk works is very similar to similar applications like Tinder. Basically, you can view other users’ profiles and quickly indicate whether you like them or not. While doing so, you can take a look at the images and information in each profile, which usually includes age, interests, expectations, etc. As is usual for this type of senior gay dating app, users can create search filters to find people who best fit their needs. interests. This way, for example, you can find single women between 25 and 30 years old who do not smoke. You can also create a filter to find people who live in the same city as you. Zoosk is a very interesting dating application that comes with a good community of users and a good amount of features. However, if you want to have real visibility, you will most likely have to pay a little money.

Most popular gay dating apps

Best Gay Dating APP

Grindr is best gay dating app that brings together gay and bisexual men who want to meet other men close to them in a completely discreet and anonymous way, without having to give any personal information or having to complete a profile with confidential information to register. This best gay dating app 2018 uses the exact location of each user, making it easy for people to find other people close to them. With a simple glance, you can see which users are closest and which are online at that very moment. You can filter the available profiles according to certain values that help you find the men who are closest to your specific tastes and preferences. Therefore, you can set it up to only talk to people who are a certain age, look a certain way or are looking for a certain type of relationship.

In each conversation you can insert text, images or exact location, or block a user if necessary. Once the chat starts with a guy, it doesn’t matter if you change cities; the conversation will continue so you can keep chatting with them no matter how far away you are from them. Also, in the private chat you establish with the other contact, you can send images with more privacy and no adult content restrictions. With a presence in over 190 countries and with over seven million registered men, Grindr is the world’s largest social network for curious gay, bisexual and straight men. This tool makes it much easier for two people to contact each other anywhere in the world and is truly accessible for anyone to use.

Tinder: new gay dating app

Tinder is a new gay dating app designed to help you find attractive people nearby to share common interests. Contact them directly from the application and you will be about to go out on your first Tinder date. Tinder shows you to other users in a very simple format. In fact, its characteristic simplicity is what makes it land in a place anchored in the Olympus of all other secret gay dating apps, if you wish. After logging in, you will see a picture of another user. If he or she is to your liking, simply touch his or her photo to get more pictures and some background. Then slide to the right if you liked it, otherwise slide to the left if you didn’t. With these two simple gestures, sliding left and right, managing your Tinder account is a synchronization. Now you can filter out anyone you don’t like right away or get in touch with people you really like on a second floor.

Needless to say, the images you choose to upload to Tinder are crucial, since they will totally determine how other users perceive you, much more than in any other best gay dating app. Within the configuration options of Tinder (they are also very simple), select the gender and age range you are interested in, as well as filter other users you consider to be too far away. Then, for example, you could make the application only show you men from 18 to 28 years old, located 5 kilometers or less. Tinder is an excellent application to find dates. Its extraordinary simplicity and ease of use are unsurpassed. In only five minutes, you will see dozens of different people with whom you could probably have a good time, although everything depends on what you are really looking for.

OkCupid gay dating app

Best Gay Dating APP

OkCupid is a gay dating app similar to Badoo or Tinder that allows you to connect with other people who are mutually interested. As with all these social applications, you must create your own profile, where you can upload images and personal information. In OkCupid you can also answer hundreds of optional questions that allow you to enhance your profile to find better matches. When you start in OkCupid, you can choose what type of relationship you are looking for and search for profiles that match that. For example, if you are only interested in friendships with people of the same sexual orientation, you can also find people who are looking for you. OkCupid is an excellent alternative for meeting people. Like almost all applications of this type, it allows you to find interesting people near you, chat with them, and if you both want to, even get together.

Naver gay dating app review

Naver is a dating application that you can use to make contacts with guys who are close to you or even around the world. With over 12 million users looking for possible dates on this social network, you will get open access to a good portion of the gay, bisexual, trans and queer men’s dating pool. After initially creating your profile, you will be ready to meet tons of people from different communities. To date, you will be able to choose whether you prefer to contact them directly or wait to see if they respond to your messages.

In addition, you can browse through the many profiles available and use the Naver Match algorithm itself to find the best potential matches between people who share common interests, go to the same events as you or travel like you. Everything from this unique application. Naver Chat is one of the main selling points offered by this application. Send messages, videos and photos instantly and synchronize them with all your devices. In addition, you can send fun GIFs thanks to a Giphy integrated keyboard that can be accessed from the application itself. Naver is an excellent social network for dating that is well designed and useful. It is also a basic dating application for the gay, bisexual, trans and queer community.

Best free gay dating apps 2019

Hornet is best gay dating app aimed exclusively at a gay audience. In short, it is very similar to Tinder or Badoo, but limits its competition to men who are looking to meet other men. One thing that sets Hornet apart from similar applications is that you don’t need an account to view other people’s profiles or even send them messages. You’ll still get a lot more attention if you put together a complete profile, complete with information and pictures. Hornet has a powerful chat feature to chat with other users and send photos privately. It also has a robust search tool that allows you to find people by username or tag. Hornet is a very useful application for male users looking to meet other people of the same gender. Thanks to the powerful search tool, it should be very easy to find people who share your tastes.


Blued is an best gay dating app 2018 specially designed for the gay community that allows you to meet people close to you and establish a conversation with millions of people according to your interests and preferences. If you want to discover new friends around you, this tool will give you access to more than 30 million profiles worldwide. One of the best features of Blued is that it does not have a location limit, like most similar applications, so you can establish a conversation with anyone anywhere on the planet. There are no virtual boundaries.

On the other hand, you can communicate with a person according to their preferences because they all have a detailed profile that includes their hobbies, as well as basic information such as age, height and weight. Access their photos and leave a comment, as you would with any other social network. You can start interacting with friends and strangers by placing a comment on any of the photos they have posted. Another great feature of Blued is that it includes a live streaming feature that allows you to broadcast everything you want to share with your friends and followers and interact with them live. This gives your profile an added value and allows you to connect with more people.


happn is a rather peculiar the best gay dating app that lets you know if you are about to cross paths (on the street, in a restaurant, on the bus, wherever) with someone you would like to meet. Using happn is as simple as subscribing to the service through Facebook and leaving the application running in the background on your phone. From then on, every time a person who also has the application installed is nearby, you will be notified. In happn settings, you can indicate the type of people you would like to meet. That way, you can configure it so that you only receive notifications for men or women, or people in a particular age range (for example, 18-28). After receiving the notification, you can start chatting with that person and, in a few seconds, decide if you want to keep talking face to face. happn is a different kind of best dating gay app to meet new people, although it only works if there are enough users in your area. However, you will probably find it useful if you want to date someone close to you.


Romeo is a Grindr / Tinder style the best gay dating app that allows you to meet men. Like Grindr, it is aimed exclusively at gay men. One of Romeo’s strengths is the amount of filters you can use when looking for matches. As usual in applications like this, you can choose the age range you are interested in, but you can also set your preferred height or weight, and even add ‘tags’ to be even more specific in your searches. Considering the large amount of options to filter, it is very important that Romeo users take their time to build their own profiles. You can add public and private photos, and lots and lots of information about you. The more information you add, the more likely you are to connect with interesting people. Romeo is an excellent social platform to meet people who share your interests.


Jack’d is a diverse and authentic application for gay, bi and curious kids who connect, chat, share and meet. Whether you’re looking to chat, make friends, start a relationship or keep it casual, with multiple public and private photos, a worldwide grid and endless matching, you’ll find it at Jack’d. Jack’d believes that everyone should be proud of who they are and where they come from; and that technology goes further when it brings people together. We all have different body types, opinions and preferences, and at Jack’d, those differences make us stronger.