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BSTDating Lesbian Dating App

Today we want to make love and friendship a little easier for you. That’s why we invite you to read this lesbian dating apps post.

Do you use best lesbian dating apps to contact other girls? These applications are proliferating and there is a reason for that. Despite the social and legal steps that have been taken, there is still a long way to go to achieve equal rights for lesbians and gays. Although we are becoming a more visible collective, coming out of the closet at work is still a drama and a pending subject for many of us.

Today we want to make love and friendship a little easier for you. That’s why we invite you to read this best lesbian dating apps post.

Why do we need PPPs for lesbians?

Because for, lesbians, it’s not so easy to go out into the world and pick up any girl who crosses our path, who is introduced to us outside of our environment or who we know somewhere. Even if we detect that she has a pen, we always have the fear that we might be making a mistake. Lesbian dating apps for teenagers make it easier for us and clarify the issue. We can go straight, without hesitation. Because, besides, the girl on the other side is receptive.

And we’re not just talking about flirting. There are relationships of friendship, simply. Of people who have just arrived in the city and don’t know anyone in the environment. Girls who have just realized they are gay and find that they don’t fit into their usual circle of friends. Or perhaps because you have broken up with your partner and she has stayed with the common friends.

Best Lesbian Dating Apps

What is clear is that these best lesbian dating apps come in handy

It seems impossible to find love in Grindr’s time. In the past, all you had to do was bump into the handsome classmate in the corridors, have all the notes fall to the ground and, when you pick them up, brush your hands. Thus, the crush was almost instantaneous. It could also be that, taking the dog out, your pet would stop to smell someone else and… ta-da! its owner was a divine human being that you were hooked on.

It’s clear that years ago everything was much simpler. All you needed was a good folder with notes (with photos of Bravo and SuperPop attached) or a dog to walk.

Now everything is much more complicated. That’s why many applications have emerged that seek to make life easier and already put, help us to link. The language of the fan has gone down in history, and now the language to be mastered is that of the emoji.

Here we make a selection of the best LGTB apps to link. As many tastes, as emojis there are in Whatsapp.

Free lesbian dating apps for android


With over 12 million users, Scruff is one of the most popular gay apps. It allows you to browse through hundreds of profiles, whether they are your neighbors or live on the other side of the world. They were the first to include the trans community among their options and to eliminate the requirement to include ethnicity in the profile data. Small details that have a big positive effect.


It was time for an app designed for non-heterosexual women and Scissr knew it. It is a totally free app created by lesbians for lesbians. It is relatively new and makes sure that no profile is fake. Love, friendship, sex, elevator conversations or even professional contacts, Scissr is good for everything.

Funny fact: its name comes from ‘scissors’, hence its logo.


LGBTQuitie is an application for those people who are looking for more than just a casual date. It is relatively new and was created to encourage more substantial and longer lasting relationships. It is designed to find a person with whom to share much more than sex.

Tinder: lesbian dating apps android

Tinder is one of the best known and most inclusive binding applications. You can register for it regardless of your sexual orientation. In order to start a conversation with the person you like, both of you must first have given like. A good way to avoid being talked to by people you don’t care about.

Free lesbian dating apps

Best Lesbian Dating Apps

Have you decided on one of these PPPs for lesbians or do you already use one?


Probably the best known app in the gay world and perhaps the least suitable for finding love. Grindr is morbid, express sex and profiles with few face photos. If you are looking for fun, this is probably your app.


According to his own website, “Chappy is a new concept that is breaking down the social stigma commonly associated with gay apps and helping all kids find the boy of their dreams. You know, even though the app’s name sounds like “chappy”, its only goal is to help you find your prince charming.

Wapo and Wapa

Wapo is for gays, Wapa for lesbians and both for bi. Two applications that include all the LGTBI+ collective and that allow you to meet people from your surroundings, chat and gossip about what’s going on in your closest environment.


They consider themselves “experts in online dating since 2002” and that, whether you like it or not, gives you confidence. They offer hundreds of filters (some unnecessary) to find your ideal guy prototype. Although the name of the app doesn’t augur well -just think about how the protagonist of Romeo and Juliet ended up – we are sure you will have a little more luck.


If there is a privileged tribe in the LGTBI+ collective, it is the bear. They have their own flag, their own festivals, their own bars and they also have their own app! If you are a bear or you like them big and furry, this is your app. Although the interface can be improved, the service is what it is: hundreds of bears at your disposal to meet, chat and get to know each other.


The app that the Spaniard Oriol Pamies is co-founder of aims to connect gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals from all over the world and create a healthy and mutually supportive environment.

Our conclusion: lesbian dating apps

It is true that in all these PPPs you can find profiles that are not real. Or that some morbid and frustrated kid sneaks into your real life, looking for a laugh for not crying for himself.

But, leaving this aside, PPPs for lesbians work. They help people who don’t know how to move in a social setting. Or who don’t know where to start.

So, let’s take advantage of this other avenue of socialization and let’s download our favorite.