Rules of Conduct

Rules of conduct to adopt on the BSTDating site

On a daily basis, being polite and responding to a smile are self-evident. However, with the anonymity of the Internet, many users all too often forget how important it is to behave respectfully here too. This is why BSTDating wished to inform you here of the most important rules of conduct to be held on the platform:

1. Mention of the first name
You must enter your first name. First names that are against the law, are offensive, or have offensive content, are deleted. Registering under different accounts is strictly forbidden.

2. Profile picture
On your profile, you can upload a photo. Please note that there is a distinction between profile picture and other pictures. As far as the profile picture is concerned, several rules apply: the picture must represent you and you must be clearly recognizable in it. As for other photos, several people (for example: you and your friends) or objects (for example: your car or your house) may appear in the photo. It is strictly forbidden (this applies to all types of photos) to upload photos of nudity, pornography, or physical or sexual violence. In the same way, images of a racist, discriminatory, insulting or indecent nature as well as advertisements or brand logos are not tolerated.

3. Personal Description
Represent yourself as you are in reality. The content of your profile and your messages must correspond to who you are and must not in any way raise expectations from other members that you would not be able to meet in a real-life one-on-one session. Profiles that use an identity that is not theirs will have their account deleted immediately and without warning.

4. Care of profile writing / texts
“I am what I write”. Your writing style plays a decisive role in your search for the right person. Ask yourself what impression you leave when you send a message. Your personal style betrays you very easily, just think about it:

a. Take time to write your messages / profile texts, in order to arrive at a text that satisfies you.

b. Don’t write a standard message that you will send to all the profiles you are interested in, but go to the other members individually.

c. Pay attention to spelling, font size, and avoid smileys and “SMS” language as much as possible. Texts should also not be written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

d. Caution: the use of vulgar, defamatory or obscene language is strictly forbidden.

5. Appropriate Conduct
The Internet often appears as an anonymous universe. However, don’t forget that the person you are talking to is real. The apparent distance that separates you is no reason to hurt their feelings, or to address them in a dry manner, without bothering to formulate correct sentences. Don’t get caught up in a literary delirium, but address others as you would like them to address you.

6. Beware of misunderstandings
Be careful with humour and sarcasm. Be careful that your remarks, by being misinterpreted, do not lead to misunderstandings. Think that you cannot convey in a written message the facial expressions and gestures you use in real discussions.

7. Communication of personal data
Don’t rush too much. The messages you exchange are very promising and like many users you exchange very quickly intimate details of your respective lives. Beware! Would you do the same if the person you are talking to was sitting across from you?

8. Courtesy above all
Make sure that your refusals are polite, if the interest is not reciprocal. A short message is all it takes to avoid that person waiting indefinitely for your response.

9. How to accept a refusal
On the other hand, accept that a person you are interested in means that he or she no longer wishes to receive your messages. Do not harass them with follow-up messages.

10. Privacy Policy
Messages from other users are confidential. You are only allowed to pass on information that has been communicated to you with the explicit consent of the author. Correspondingly, verbal attacks, mentioning or reporting private details of other users are not tolerated, unless the user in question has clearly expressed his consent.

11. Virtual sex solicitations are strictly prohibited.

12. Prohibited Behaviors
Publications that are violent, racist, politically extremist, sexist, discriminatory, vulgar, and in all cases contrary to decency, such as those that verbally insult, defame, threaten, or demean ethnic groups or religious denominations, will not be tolerated.

13. Reporting abuse
BSTDating protects you from any swindle, spam, or importunate user with the help of automatic filters and a systematic and manual checking of each profile. We ask you to support us as much as possible in order to maintain the quality of BSTDating. You will thus help us to locate the dubious members who violate the Charter or the CGU of our site. However the abuse of the functionality “to announce an abuse” leads to the final suppression of your account BSTDating.

Repression of the violation of the Charter
1. The content of each member’s profile is subject, if necessary, to a thorough examination and violations of the BSTDating charter and the TOS will be amended accordingly. For example: the texts and photographs of profile which do not correspond to the charter of the user will be banished / erased by BSTDating.

2. The people held of violations of the Charter or the CGU receive a warning or, according to the appreciation of the operator, see their profile immediately removed and can be the subject of legal proceedings.