Security on BSTDating

The BSTDating tips for better meetings:
The vast majority of dating site users report honest and frank information in their profiles. Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions. Here are 6 tips to help you recognize “false profiles” and thus protect you from their fraudulent and dishonest intentions.

The BSTDating quality team checks every day the seriousness of the profiles which are proposed to you. Indeed, each proposal of profile which you receive is beforehand examined and validated by hand by our team. The profiles which do not seem to us in search of a serious relation, or which resemble “spams”, will not be proposed to you. We thus prevent, to a large extent, suspicious contact proposals. However, there are still a few intruders. Here are a few indications so that you can recognize these suspicious profiles and protect yourself from them:

1. Locate suspicious information
Identify inconsistencies in the information given by the profiles that are offered to you. For example, a 22-year-old person who calls himself a surgeon, a stockbroker who claims loudly and clearly that money is not important, etc. This kind of information should arouse your suspicions. If you have the slightest doubt about the authenticity and truthfulness of what one of your compatible profiles says, click on “report abuse”.

2. Preserve your personal data
When we meet someone on the Internet, it arouses our curiosity. We would like to learn more about this person, exchange with him/her by phone in order to hear his/her voice. However, be aware that giving out information that is personal to you, such as your phone number or address, is an irreversible action. Therefore, transmit your personal information with the utmost vigilance and only when you feel confident. Do not hesitate to firmly refuse to transmit your personal information if you do not wish to do so.

3. Do not give in to financial demands
Be suspicious when one of your compatible profiles asks you for any financial assistance. In this case, it is probably a fraudulent profile with dishonest intentions. Under no circumstances should you give in to his request, do not issue any money, do not cash any checks, do not make any transfers and immediately notify our customer service!

4. Take your time
It is very important that you take the time to get to know your compatible profiles before going any further. Only give out your phone number if you feel it is safe and justified to do so. Likewise, only accept a meeting if you are sure you want it. Do not accept any situation in which you feel you are losing control. Try first to make your fears known to the person with whom you are talking, and if you notice that they do not take your comments into consideration, do not hesitate to let our customer service department know.

5. Make your first meeting a success
The first meeting is one of the many steps in meeting a potential partner. In spite of the intimacy that may have developed through your written or telephone exchanges with this person, you should not forget that you are about to meet someone you do not yet know completely. We therefore give you a few tips to make this first meeting a success:

  • Make the appointment in a neutral place, such as a café or a friendly bar.
  • Inform one of your family members of this appointment.
  • If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
  • Don’t leave your stuff unattended

6. Share your impressions with us
We are counting on you to help us improve our proposals for compatible profiles. We therefore ask you to inform our customer service department if you believe that you have received inaccurate information about any of the proposed members, or that the proposed member has proven to have fraudulent intentions towards you.