Who is it for

Binkdate is a dating site for gay and bisexual men. It is primarily a website where you can score a sex date; it is not so much for men looking for a serious relationship. The calls posted on Binkdate are open for anyone to see; you don’t have to create an account or log in before you can view the calls. You can even just respond to a call without being logged in.

That makes this website approachable but also a sanctuary for fakers. Should you be looking for a gay sex date, you’re probably better off at Gaybuddy.

How does it work?

BinkdateYou can post a free profile on Binkdate. What you write is completely up to you. Most of the calls are clearly sexual and erotic. This also applies to the photos that are placed with the calls. Posting a photo is mandatory. You will find very few photos of faces, the majority of the photos show male genitalia. This is of course not so strange for a website that focuses on gay sex dating.

If you want to place a call, it is wise not to include any personal information such as an email address or phone number. As soon as you place a call, you need to provide an email address, this is where responses to your call will be sent to. Also, if you respond to a call you must enter a valid email address so that the person who receives your response can also respond.

gay manBinkdate is specifically aimed at gay and bisexual men. This website is also used extensively by men who have not (yet) come out of the closet or who have a double life. They often want to meet on parking lots and mention this explicitly in their call. It is probably about men who, besides their preference for sex with men, also have a wife and perhaps a family. Of course, you as a bisexual man can also place a call, just keep in mind that a double life can make you vulnerable and susceptible to blackmail if you are not very careful and discreet.

Targeted search

On Binkdate you can search specifically for contacts in your area. This is handy if you want to meet up quickly and don’t want to travel three hours first. You can also search by the age of the advertisers. If you are looking for someone your own age or just a young boy, this is a handy search option.

Furthermore, you can view ads from men who have added a mobile number to their ad. With these men you can make direct contact via Whatsapp or by calling them. Please note that these are sometimes professional sex workers who are only available for paid sex. Finally, there is a tab where you can see the latest ads. Useful if you don’t want to run the risk of responding to a call that may have been posted a long time ago and is therefore no longer current.

Fake accounts

BinkdateOnline user reviews of Binkdate complain about the presence of fake accounts. If you respond to such an account you may receive spam from a paid male escort service or other advertising. Of course, you never hear back from the man you responded to, as he most likely does not exist.

You can report this abuse to Binkdate but it is a bit of a mop-up. Because posting a message is free, this encourages the posting of fake messages. Of course, there is also a risk of violence against homosexuals. For this reason we do not recommend Binkdate.

gay sexdatePosting a call on Binkdate is easy. You’ll have a text up in no time, and a hot photo of yourself with your smartphone will be ready in no time. But be careful with what you do. You can get wrong responses to your call. Especially if you meet in a remote place like a wooded area or a parking lot. Unfortunately, it happens that men go to such a location only to be met by a group that is only out to abuse you. Always take your cell phone with you and make sure that it cannot be stolen. If you even suspect that things are going badly, try to get out of there as quickly as possible. Report this to the police and inform the administrators of Binkdate. This may all sound very negative, but unfortunately it is necessary for you to realize that this can happen.

Is your data safe?

Binkdate uses an https web address. You will see a lock in the address bar when you load the website in your browser. This should mean that the website is secure and that your data cannot be easily hacked. But a lock and an https web address does not always say everything. So always be careful when providing and sharing information that is privacy sensitive.
If you put your phone number in public on a site like Binkdate, there is a good chance people will steal it. It is best to buy a second, prepaid cell phone which you can use for your contacts on Binkdate. You can then turn off that phone or even stop using it if you don’t want any more dates or if you only receive spam messages after a while because the mobile number has started roaming the internet.

Alternatives to Binkdate

If you don’t find what you are looking for on Binkdate then fortunately there are other dating websites for gay and bi men. On these dating sites you can also place a call for free to get in touch with men who are looking for a sex date or perhaps a serious relationship. Examples of alternatives are GayParship and LexaGay. There are both websites and apps where you can post a call or profile.
For all gay dating sites and gay apps, you should always be careful when planning a date. A date should be fun and as soon as that is not or no longer the case then that is the time to cancel or call off the date.