How C-date works

If you are looking for an open relationship, an adventure or an exciting erotic date there are a large number of dating sites you can go to these days. Dating sites have become a lot more popular in recent years. You now have dating sites for young people, for serious relationships, for specific religions and much more. Don’t want a long-term relationship or to start something serious with your date? Then you’ve come to the right place at C-date.

Who is it for.

C-dateC-date is aimed at men and women aged 25 or older who are looking for an open relationship or an exciting erotic date. First of all, the site is intended for singles who are looking for an adventure, but it is also intended, for example, for couples who are looking for others, swingers. In addition, it is also possible to use C-date if you are already married or in a relationship. For any exciting, erotic adventure, this dating site is the place to be. It does not matter whether you are straight or gay, everything is possible. It is important to know that you should not look for a serious relationship here, as C-date is totally not meant for that. Almost all members here also have the same attitude and are looking for short-term relationships.

The dating site emphasizes that you must be at least 18 years old to sign up. This is also strictly controlled by the website so that no minors are active.

The website actually works in exactly the same way as regular dating sites, although C-date naturally has a different approach when it comes to the duration of relationships. You can easily register for free, indicating whether you are a man or a woman and who you are interested in. When you register you can choose whether your photos are visible to everyone, or only to members of C-date. After you create your profile, you already get contact suggestions and can start looking for your ideal date for your adventure.

You can add a photo, and you can set who can see your photo. In addition, you can change your ‘erotic type’. Here you can clearly indicate what kind of person you are looking for. There are also a number of other ways to complete your profile. You can also change your search criteria such as gender, sexual orientation, region and the appearance of your potential partner.

The website and the overview screen

Once you have completed your profile, you can really start dating. You will receive a number of matches from C-date on the homepage. Here you can easily scroll through all your matches, choose favorites or reject matches. The contact suggestions are chosen based on your personal profile and the search criteria you entered. Unfortunately, if you are a free member there is not much else you can do. It is not possible to view the profiles of matches and you cannot send messages. This only becomes possible with a subscription.

C-date membership

As mentioned above, you can register with C-date completely free of charge and without obligation. However, this does not yet allow you to use all the features that the dating site has to offer. If you want to have unlimited access you will therefore have to take out a paid membership. The costs for this membership are relatively high. For one year you pay about 20 euros per month and for three months it is 40 euros per month. So you spend quite a lot of money to go looking for the fulfillment of your erotic fantasy. But once you have found it, it may have been completely worth it.

The cancellation procedure of a paid membership

One of the disadvantages of this dating site is the difficulty it takes to cancel your subscription at C-date. Online, there has also been a lot of negative criticism about this, as it appears to be quite difficult to cancel your subscription. There are certain terms associated with the cancellation and usually it can only be done in writing. You have to cancel your subscription at least 14 days before the end of the membership, otherwise it will be renewed right away with the same period as the previous subscription.

Mobile version of C-date

There is not only a website of C-date, but also a mobile version available. The app makes it even easier to quickly find singles in your area who are looking for an adventure. The app is also strictly controlled for age and only adults over 18 will be accepted. Through the app you will get new matches every day, you can search for members who are currently online and you can use a live chat. Also, your privacy is well ensured and you can use the app anonymously.

Reliability of C-date

Since the dating site is specifically geared for intimate contact, it is very important that this can also be done discreetly. The dating site guarantees that you can communicate with each other in an anonymous and discreet manner. In addition, the platform is only accessible to members, so your profile will not be visible to just anyone. Also, your data will not be shown to everyone, but only to contact suggestions. Not everyone has access to your profile, so your data is safe with C-date.

About C-date

C-date describes itself as a casual dating site, which means that everything is without obligation. Today, the site is one of the largest erotic dating sites in the Netherlands. In addition, the website is the largest international dating site and is active in multiple countries across continents. The website focuses on adults over 25 years old and currently has over 36 million members.

C-date itself states that there are more than 25,000 new members daily and that more than 10,000 messages are sent through the site every day. C-date also states that the chance of succeeding with a nice date is 72% and that you have come to the right place for an exciting adventure. It is important to know that anonymity is very important on C-date and that you can therefore communicate anonymously using nicknames. You can then exchange photos with a potential date in a safe, reliable and discreet way.C-date