How it works

Life can sometimes feel like a rut. Always the same work days and always the same friends who cancel when you want to do something fun. Would you like to expand your circle of friends, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like you already know most of the people around you and they don’t quite meet your lifestyle and interest ‘requirements’? Visit Chisple, a website where you can easily and quickly meet new people with the same interests as you.
It is an accessible way to meet people who have the same outlook on life as you and are therefore suitable friendship material. It is the right website for people who are positive in life and want to do fun things with each other.

Who is it for?

ChispleChisple is aimed at people who want to get everything out of life. After you have had nice conversations with each other through this website, you can decide to meet up in real life. Do some sports together, visit a cinema or museum or do other things that make you happy. Meanwhile, you get to know people you met through Chisple better and better.
Seize the day together and enjoy the fun things there are to do. Go out for an evening together or learn new things about life by having conversations with people you don’t know yet. Where sometimes you feel a bit stuck in your old circle of friends, on Chisple you have the opportunity to meet new people and thus have new experiences. Basically, Chisple is suitable for anyone who wants to make new friends. Are you 18 years or older, a professional and looking for a certain relationship (friendship, date or future partner)? Then Chisple is for you. You can go there if you are single, but also if you are married. Everyone is welcome here to meet fun, new people. It is therefore the website that lays the foundation for many new friendships.
Indicate what your interests are and immediately meet people who also like those things. In this way you can easily and quickly undertake a pleasant outing with someone and both of you will enjoy it. Boring dates are a thing of the past. There is something for everyone on Chisple and signing up is easy.

All about the website of Chisple

If you want to become a member of Chisple, you can do so completely free of charge. You can create a profile with your email address or Facebook account and then immediately fill in your online profile. Indicate who you are, what you do and especially what you are looking for. Search for events that interest you and invite other members to attend with you.
You make contact with members by sending them a contact request. If they accept it, it’s time for a pleasant conversation. Get to know each other and find out if there is a potential new friendship in it for you. From then on, it is possible to chat with each other at any time and see if you are compatible from a friendship point of view. A new friend is made in no time at Chisple.

All about the website of Chisple

ChispleThe user-friendly website of Chisple has many features. It is easy to register and after that it is really self-explanatory. Indicate what your interests are and see in the progress bar whether you have already completed your profile. If necessary, also think of a profile message and tell a little more about yourself. In this way, people immediately read more about who you are as a person. And that can greatly speed up the search for a new friend.
After that you can add up to 50 photos that show who you are and what you like. Feel free to indicate in the settings what you do or do not want to receive e-mails about. For example, choose to receive emails about new friend requests, but not about every message you receive. It’s all possible.

Signing up on Chisple is free, as is using the website. But if you want more features, you can go for a paid membership. This gives you, among other things, the opportunity to upload and share more photos on your profile and you can create your own activities and participate in those of others. It also gives you the opportunity to send private messages and schedule a meeting with other members. It is possible to take out a six-monthly, yearly or even a lifetime membership. Depending on the payment method, your membership is either automatically renewed after expiration or converted to a free variant.

About Chisple

It sounds simple, meeting people through Chisple. And it is. It’s an easy and fast way to make contacts with people who have the same interests as you. Thanks to the app on your mobile and the website on your laptop, tablet or computer, those contacts are always nearby. Chisple connects people based on their interests and makes it possible for them to expand their circle of friends in a modern way.
Chisple also offers all kinds of suggestions for outings. So having no inspiration for a fun date is no excuse for not meeting someone. If you are bursting with ideas, know that you can also share your own activities on Chisple.