Dating sites Belgium

Where to look

As an important part of the Benelux, there is a strong connection between Belgium and the Netherlands. Those who go just across the border may notice a notable difference in the quality of the highway, but the people who live there, however, have many similarities to the Dutch. Hence, we now take a closer look at Belgian dating sites.

Especially for the Dutch who live in the south of the country, it can’t hurt to look across the border. After all, if you live in North Brabant, it’s not surprising that you’d also want to look around in Flemish Brabant or Walloon Brabant. It may be a different country, but it’s really zund if you don’t consider all options. You might miss out on a match made in heaven because you let your search for love be limited by the intangible national borders.

Moreover, Dutch is one of the three official languages in Belgium. In fact, about 60% of the Belgian population speaks Dutch, especially in Flanders. That’s about 7 million Belgians you can address in your own language. Of course, these are not all singles, but it shows that there are a lot of interesting singles to be found in Belgium.

It sounds simple.

Open a dating site and immediately you are within reach of thousands of Belgian singles. Only in reality it is not that simple. Because if you don’t filter by location, you could be matched with a native of Namur, the southernmost province of the country. Most dating sites offer the option to select by location, so you won’t be matched with Belgian singles who are too far away from the Netherlands. After all, experience shows that relationships are more likely to succeed if the two people in the relationship don’t live too far away from each other. And fair is fair: it is of course a lot easier to pay a quick visit to the other person.

Combined databases

Dating sites BelgiumThe combination of Belgium and the Netherlands is not limited to regional intergovernmental cooperation as the Benelux is called. Much more is shared between them, including the databases of some dating sites. These dating sites focus on both countries and thus offer members the opportunity to look beyond national borders on one and the same website.

One of the leading examples is Meetic, one of the first major dating sites in Flanders. This oldie among the traditional dating sites even went through life for a while as, the Belgian counterpart of This means that both dating sites have the same owner and work from the same database. This allows both Meetic and Lexa users to contact each other as if they were active on the same dating site.

The Netherlands and Belgium are similar in many ways, including demographic forecasts. In 2017, Belgium sounded the alarm: the number of singles is rising. This was revealed in the latest figures from the Federal Planning Bureau Belgium in which it made a prediction for the future. The outlook from 2016 to 2060 is clear. By 2060, half of Belgians will be single. In other words, more and more Belgians will become or remain single in the coming years, making it likely that dating sites will be increasingly frequented.

More and more singles

The number of singles in Belgium is increasing, resulting in a growing demand for suitable partner candidates. This is evident from the large singles survey by the weekly magazine Flair in which 1,537 female Belgian singles participated. The figures from the survey do not lie. No less than 72 percent of the participants find it okay to be single for a while, but are open to a relationship. For 21 percent, it’s time to meet the one and only: today rather than tomorrow. Only 7 percent of Belgian singles describe themselves as ‘happy single’. Furthermore, 43 percent of those surveyed say they often feel lonely.

And they miss sex

What female Belgian singles miss the most? Sex. A whopping 49 percent admit that the lack of sex is the most difficult aspect of being single. You might say that anonymous one-night stands could be the solution, but almost half of the women indicate that this is not for them. In addition, 71 percent don’t like the popular concept of “Friends with benefits. 37 percent of women have had a one-night stand, but find it nothing compared to sex with a steady partner. Remarkably, sex is mentioned more often as something that is missed than the feeling of not being loved (42 percent).Dating sites Belgium