Free dating

Free dating on the Internet – here’s how to proceed

Many people are looking for a new partner to share their life, love and experiences. In practice, however, the partner search fails due to many hurdles: If it is often enough too difficult for most people in their hectic everyday lives to make private contact with interesting personalities, others have suffered injuries from failed relationships. The resulting skepticism makes them overcautious. How convenient in such situations is the partner search on the Internet: You first learn a lot about the candidate, can get a first impression and do not have to reveal so much about yourself at this point. This allows you to decide at your leisure whether you want to deepen this contact – or whether you want to distance yourself from it.

The intentions with which singles use the free dating sites are very different: Are some on the hunt for a non-binding erotic adventure, others are looking for new acquaintances with whom they can share certain hobbies or simply spend their free time. And of course there are the singles who want to put an end to their loneliness and find love for life. The numerous platforms on which you can conduct your free partner search on the Internet specialize precisely in these different target groups. In addition to the meanwhile renowned partner exchanges, which also offer paid services in addition to the free ones, numerous smaller providers cavort on this large market – for this reason alone, detailed research in advance is so important: On the one hand, the scope of services offered free of charge varies, on the other hand, there are of course great differences in quality and service.

How does a dating site work?

How does a partner exchange workIn principle, you can compare the online partner exchange with a marketplace: singles present themselves by filling out their profiles, posting a picture and formulating what ideas they have. At the same time, they can go on a search, in turn look at the profiles of other users and, if they like them, get in touch. Messages can be sent for this purpose, but chat rooms or groups can also be used. After all, the important thing is to exchange initial information and to be able to draw conclusions from the communication already: How does your counterpart articulate himself or herself? What interests does he or she have? Where and how does he or she live? All the facts that you would otherwise ask about in a face-to-face meeting. However, while you can then also gain a visual impression, which experience has shown to be very important, on the Internet you initially only have the profile photo at your disposal.

This can make things exciting, but it can also lead to frustration when you finally arrange a date: Often enough, people cheat a bit when it comes to the information about their appearance – you should avoid this at all costs. But misunderstandings can also arise with regard to the expectations of a contact: If you are looking for a serious relationship and then meet a single who is more interested in a little adventure, the problems are pre-programmed. Openness is also recommended at this point. However, you can minimize the risks from the outset by choosing the right dating agency – the orientations differ, after all.

Online dating agency – free of charge and serious

The best way to get an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous free dating agencies is to compare them: Here you will find all the relevant information clearly arranged, but usually also experience reports and customer reviews that will help you make your decision. If you want to work your way through the often floridly advertised offers, you will have to invest quite a bit of effort: In the meantime, more than 25 paid and free partner exchanges are active, competing for users and sometimes enticing you with interesting extras. There are already differences in the user-friendliness of the platforms, and even more so in the number of registered members and active users. And yet quantity does not always have something to say, for example, if you are targeting a certain age group for your partner search or have special preferences.

The selection of search filters is one of the most important criteria that determine the quality of a free dating site. You should take into account that a very detailed entry can make your search easier – but it can also be fruitless. Then simply adjust the search entries a little to get a selection of singles presented. Stay open in any case and look around regularly in the profiles, for example, at the new registrations, participate in various groups or games, increase the chances of meeting a suitable single.

Free dating site and social media

Free datingCan a free dating agency be serious?At first, it looked as if the partner exchanges could develop into their own and self-contained networks. There are also own communities on each platform, but today the big dating agencies go a different way: they integrate the social media like Facebook or even Twitter into their own functions. Thus, they are increasingly becoming interfaces to the highly frequented networks, which has worked outstandingly so far: The social media have not been geared to online dating so far, resulting in an optimal symbiosis.

Indeed, the nationally oriented networks increase the potential not only to meet new people, but also to make the optimal choice from this wealth of possibilities. Up to now, social networks have been designed in principle to enable people who are already acquainted with each other in reality to exchange information in an uncomplicated way – the search for a partner hardly plays any role at all. With the integration into the partner exchange, the situation changes – which is extremely exciting for everyone involved.

Using the partner exchange to make contact

When you compare the free dating agencies in question, user numbers naturally play a major role: the more users have registered and are actively looking for a partner, the greater your chances – at least in purely mathematical terms. Therefore, you should also pay attention to other criteria and functionalities, such as the possibilities of establishing contact: On the one hand, you should be able to write messages to the users whose profiles have aroused your interest. Whether it suits you to send a heart or to wave to the user is another question. You can already draw interesting conclusions from the communication, such as the use of language or the manner of expression.

Live chat is just as informative, as the conversation is much more spontaneous: you write back and forth quickly, there is less time to think about and polish the messages – you get an authentic impression of the communication culture of your counterpart. These two functions should be offered to you by a free dating site in any case, only in this way you can get a first impression of the user – because the important things are between the lines.

Quality control, customer support and service of a dating site

It is already in the interest of the partner exchange itself that the new registrations are checked – however, this can only be done manually. This task is a real challenge and requires a number of employees, who in turn incur costs. But this is the only way the platforms can ensure that no fake accounts are used to harm other users in any way. The problem, however, is that the income generated by the dating agencies on the platform via advertising is not sufficient for this. As a result, the free dating sites have had to rethink and restructure their offerings.

With most providers, free dating is therefore now only possible with limited functions: if you want to access all services, you have to pay fees for them – at least as a man. For women, many partner exchanges are still open free of charge, because usually significantly more men register on the platforms. At least as a woman you are offered more favorable conditions, completely free of charge you can romp on casual dating sites like Lovepoint, JOYclub or First Affair. And yet there are still some completely free dating sites on the market, such as Finya – so a comparison is worthwhile in any case.

Support through selected partner suggestions

Receive free partner suggestionsIt’s in the eye of the beholder – not every partner seeker likes these suggestions, but they are gladly accepted: The providers grant you the opportunity to take a scientifically tested personality test. You are then asked a lot of questions to get to know you better, but above all to select the profiles that come into question. The analysis is carried out by algorithms, i.e. special programs that regularly scan the often huge number of profiles for you. If the criteria match, the profiles are presented to you as suggestions. You then have it in your hands to contact the singles – one click is usually enough for this.

Of course, you are completely free to make use of this service – or to deactivate it and put it back into effect later. Given the large number of members that most free dating sites have, this tool can be quite useful. Alternatively, you can use the search filters to narrow down the selection and then work your way through on your own.
Which free dating site is right for you?

It’s hard to say – because that depends on your very individual preferences and expectations. If you are looking for a hot flirt or a non-binding one-night stand, there are just as many special dating sites as there are for finding a partner for life. In addition, the age group plays an important role, but also the professional status or the level of education – special platforms have been established for all requirements. For example, some portals check your academic degree when you register in order to influence user quality from the outset. This may seem elitist, but it makes the search much easier. On the other hand, you can also flirt on the go if you frequent special dating apps like Badoo, Tinder or LOVOO – so it’s entirely up to you.

Our conclusion: free dating sites as a convenient alternative

Free contacts via online platforms – today, this is a natural alternative to analog dating. In view of the large selection of dating agencies, some of which offer free services, while others charge a fee, it is recommended in any case to first use a comparison for orientation. Here you will find all relevant criteria clearly listed so that you can make an initial preselection. This can refer to a certain clientele, but also to the intentions why you want to use a free dating site. Of course, you will also find out whether you can use the partner exchange free of charge or whether you have to expect certain service restrictions.

If you have then selected some candidates, then you should also test at least two dating agencies – a free registration is sufficient for this. You simply try out how you get along with the user interface and whether the accessible profiles appeal to you. Depending on your experience, you can then still decide whether you want to use the paid services or are satisfied with a completely free dating site. The possibilities are definitely there, now you just have to seize them.Free dating