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If you want to make sexy encounters on a naughty dating and sex site with singles near you, you are certainly looking for a free naughty online dating site. If you thought it was easy (and all you had to do was type free naughty dating on your search engine), think again. There are more and more applications for meeting singles online, which makes it even more difficult to find the one that best suits you.
And if you’re looking for a free site, you also run the risk of running into online scams. Many dating applications can lure you with the promise of a free registration, only to end up not giving you access to the right features for free naughty dating. This is often a good way to entice you to pay a subscription (at more or less attractive rates) when there are very few users in your area. Result: a big disappointment and a hole in your budget.
Also beware of free sites on which there are many more men than women. The sexiest ones end up receiving more than a hundred messages a day. So don’t even read half of them, which reduces your chances of getting them into bed. A good naughty dating site will therefore often pay for men, which allows for a more balanced ratio, and better chances of closing the deal.
Discover our top of the best online dating sites, as well as all the tips to pay less, test the apps for free (when possible), and thus make a free naughty meeting…or almost free (if you are a man).

Free naughty dating or paid naughty dating?

Free online datingIf you are already a fan of online dating sites, you probably already know that some of them are paid, others are completely free. Most dating applications have opted for a freemium operation, with registration being free for all users (both women and men), but some options will only be available to men with paid subscriptions.
You will quickly discover it while surfing on these dating sites, if you want to make quality encounters, and have a real chance to exchange with sexy and wild singles, you will have to pay. If you are a woman, of course, most of the naughty dating sites will be completely free. But men will have to get their hands on the wallet.
It may seem a little arbitrary at first, but this paid-for operation for men is actually good news. If you come across a free naughty dating site, you will quickly realize that the users don’t really meet your expectations. And that the hottest girls are simply inaccessible (because of the traffic).
It is therefore advisable for men who want to accumulate one-night stands and sex without taboo to choose a paid site. On apps such as Adult Friend Finder or Xflirt, the paid subscription will allow you to be better referenced on the search engine (and therefore be more visible to sexy singles). You will also be able to send more messages to the girls of your choice, but also chat via webcam (a good plan if you are a fan of very hot liveshow).

The advantages of paying a subscription on a naughty dating site

Another good reason to agree to pay a subscription fee on a sexy online dating site is that it will allow you to differentiate yourself from the horde of guys who want to chat with the connected users. It will show that you are serious about your business, since you are not afraid to pay several dozen euros to flirt with liberated women that can lead to a naughty sex life.
You will also be more invested on the site, to make your investment profitable. A good way to make more encounters, because on the net as in life, perseverance is often necessary to achieve your goals. And if you’re still hesitating, think of it this way. To bring a girl you met in the evening back home, most of the time you need to buy her several drinks (without being sure that it works).
On a free (or not) naughty dating site, you have a much better chance of getting laid because you have access to many more single women. And above all, everyone is looking for the same thing on these sexy dating sites. So your subscription will even save you some money. All the more reason to sign up.

Becoquin : test the site for free during 3 days

Becoquin is without hesitation one of the best naughty sites available for French singles looking for a no-holds-barred adventure. Very easy to use, especially thanks to an interface close to that of social networks (you can like the profiles like on Facebook), Becoquin is also one of the most accessible free naughty dating apps for girls for male users.

Very low prices and a three days test completely free of charge

As with most sexy dating sites, Becoquin is completely free for women, and the same goes for men for registration (which only takes a few minutes). On the other hand, you will need to take a paid subscription to take advantage of all the site’s features. Because with a free account, you will be limited to 5 messages per day, and will not be able to read the answers of the users. Rather frustrating, isn’t it?
Fortunately, Becoquin has thought of everything and planned a test of the naughty dating site for 3 days, at only 1.53 euros. This test will give you free access to all the platform’s services, which is ideal to get an idea of the dating you can do on this site. Honestly, these three days are more than enough to get used to its functioning, start chatting with the singles near you, and if you’re a fast learner, organize a booty call with the lucky one.
Be careful to notify the site of your decision once these three days are over, because your subscription will automatically be transformed into a monthly pack at 49.99 euros. Fortunately, there are more accessible packages available, especially if you opt for a 3 or 6-month pack (at less than 15 euros per month).

Adult Friend Finder: access to all the site for less than 3 euros

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular online dating sites, with a growing community of registrants. Despite its popularity, the team behind Adult Friend Finder has decided to keep the rates very low so that you can test the site almost for free.
It is impossible to enjoy all the features of the naughty dating application without paying a subscription. But fortunately, all you need to pay is 2.95 euros to have unlimited access to all the content of the profile of a member of your choice for a period of 30 days.
It’s pretty limited, but if you have a big crush on a girl on the site, you won’t have to ruin yourself to be able to see her videos and drool over her photos. If you want to multiply your chances of getting a sexy date with a single girl in your area, you’ll have the choice between a one-month subscription at 29.90 euros, or an 18-month subscription at less than 10 euros. It’s still super affordable (if you compare it to the price of a canned drink).
And to motivate you to take the plunge, you should know that Adult Friend Finder is one of our top 3 sexy dating sites thanks to its very hot community, its many features designed to raise the temperature between members, and the ease with which everyone gets in touch with the same goal: to have sex and spice up your daily life without worrying about it.

XFlirt: contact your target for only 1 euro.

Xflirt is also a free naughty dating site for women (and not for men). Rejoice, because even if you will have to pay, you will find a good ratio of men and women. You know that creepy scenario where you find yourself at the end of the night with a bar full of men and only one or two girls in the room? Luckily, that’s not what happens on Xflirt, where you’ll have a wide choice of sexy singles near you.
If you have to pay to take advantage of the features offered by this sexy dating application, you will still be able to hit on your target without going broke. The club access will allow you to contact the single of your choice for only one euro. At the same time, you will have a one month subscription with all the services of the platform, but with an imitated number of Dating credits.
By paying only one euro, you will also be able to make sure that your profile remains visible on the site. If you receive messages from sexy women you want to go further with, all you have to do is take out a two-month subscription at 97 euros. It’s not cheap, but the hot encounters you make on Xflirt are really worth it. Men will be able to register for free, but will have to pay to access all the features of the site (which is classic for this type of dating site). It’s a bias of the team behind Jackie and Michel to make sure that women are not harassed by heavy hitters. As a result, they are much more active on the platform.
Nevertheless, you will be able to test the site almost for free. It’s more than enough to familiarize yourself with the site, discover the profiles, and even get a booty call for the lucky ones. All you have to do now is to register too.Free online dating