Serious dating

What are serious encounters?

Serious encounters, as we understand it, are encounters with men and women who, like you, have long term desires, stability and coherence. Men and women who already have an idea of what they expect from a love relationship, who are aware of their flaws, of the compromises they will be willing to make and, above all, who know how to project themselves into the future. Let’s remember that these serious encounters don’t happen every day, and so much the better; we wouldn’t know where to put our heads or our hearts. No, this serious story that you are looking for, it is rare and requires a little patience.

First of all, whether you are looking for love, or looking for love again, the story is the same: to be happy as a couple, you must learn, or relearn, to be happy alone. Accepting to remain single for a while, after a separation, a divorce, a series of stories with no tomorrow, is to give yourself time to find your inner balance, to rediscover yourself before embarking on the quest for a serious meeting with a single person who shares your life projects, because in the quest for love, happy hearts recognize each other!

A serious dating site for lasting encounters

Free senior meetingToday, we spend a lot of time surfing the internet, consulting and publishing on social networks and using apps to make our lives easier. It is therefore natural to use online dating sites to exchange with other serious singles who are ready to make a long-term romantic commitment.

With more than 17 years of experience, and having met more than 8 million couples, Meetic knows perfectly well the expectations of its members and offers effective tools to help them achieve their expectations of a long-lasting and solid relationship. Our site and mobile app allow you to connect wherever you are at any time, and therefore to be able to talk and exchange constantly with all the singles whose profile has seduced you.

To give you more control over your searches, we offer you an incognito search mode to be visible only to the profiles that interest you, as well as a “zen” mode to be contacted only by profiles that match specific criteria. For you ladies, the Meetic badge allows you to quickly identify our most serious and “gentlemanly” singles.
Have confidence in Meetic to start your own story, have confidence in yourself for the future.
In your search for a love story with a single man or woman who really suits you, Meetic offers several ways to make serious encounters: detailed profile searches according to precise filters, a selection of members who are located near you, singles’ parties and workshops to give you the opportunity to chat with men and women that you might never have had the chance to meet in “real” life.

At any time, you can also benefit from Meetic’s dating advice to maximize the attractiveness of your profile, to learn how to break the ice on the chat or to decipher the expectations of that single person with whom you like to chat so much. This level of service makes Meetic the preferred dating platform of the French and we do everything possible to enable our members to experience serious love stories. Registration is free, so don’t hesitate a second longer!

Woman looking for serious man for dating

If you are reading these lines, it is because you are looking for a serious meeting with a man to travel a short but intense path together, or to share your life. You must have met someone in the past, but no, it wasn’t right. And then this other man, with whom you almost believed, but no, still not. And then you come to the conclusion that there are no more single men available? It’s true that meeting single men looking for a serious relationship isn’t always as easy as it seems: shyness, staggered work schedules, perhaps the life of an overworked single mom, unenthusiastic about inconclusive blind dates, moving to a new city can all be obstacles to opportunities for quality male encounters. The use of a dating site like Meetic opens up new opportunities for you to meet singles who have a vision of the couple close to yours, whether in terms of intensity or duration.

On the Meetic site or app, in just a few clicks, you have access to thousands of profiles of single men who are connected and ready to chat online, get to know each other and potentially meet you on a date. With a multitude of filters, you can specify the criteria that are important to you to meet a single man to start a life together or simply to have a good time!

Detailed and verified profiles of single men

Whatever your reasons, the meetings that we offer on Meetic are meetings with motivated singles who are looking to meet a partner with whom they can live moments of complicity together and share the little joys of everyday life. It all starts with the free registration on our site to complete your profile by describing yourself but remaining honest, spontaneous and authentic. A few lines are enough to make a lasting impression. Why not add a touch of humor? On Meetic, profiles are very detailed and all verified by our team of moderators so that you can search with complete peace of mind for the singles that really correspond to you. As an added bonus, be on the lookout for the Meetic Badge awarded to men who are true gentlemen.

If you don’t know how to start a conversation with the bachelor who has charmed you, talk about the little detail that caught your attention on his profile or about your commonalities as a way to break the ice. On the Meetic website, you will find precious advice on how to maximize the attractiveness of your profile. Our virtual coach Lara is also there to help you make beautiful encounters. Finally, our Meetic mobile app allows you to keep in touch with the men whose profiles have seduced you.
How to organize your first meeting with this charming single Meetic?
After chatting on the Meetic website or via the App with a man who caught your attention, you have decided to meet in the flesh. There are many ways to arrange your first date with the man who left such a good impression on you during your conversation: from a classic drink in a bar to a stroll around town, to an exhibition tour, to a new experience for both of you with an unexpected cooking class or a wild salsa lesson.

Meet a man at a singles event

Still don’t know where your first appointment will take place? Every month, Meetic organizes events dedicated to singles in major cities in France, which are opportunities to meet single men in an ideal setting. Tasting evenings, cooking classes and even karaoke nights: there really is something for everyone.

Based on the details shared, you will be able to organize a successful first date and hopefully, rich in perspectives for the next steps of your relationship. Rest assured that we will provide you with all the help and advice that we have already provided to the 8 million couples we have formed since our beginnings to help you live a true and beautiful story.Free senior meeting