The first impression

Funky Fish is a well-known international online community and dating site for Christians. It is not a rookie among dating sites since it was founded in the Netherlands back in 2006 and also has the most active members there. The name “Fish” stands for the Christian community and “Funky” in this case stands for hip and open. Christians of all denominations are welcome on the website.
The community currently has a total of about 25,000 members. About 19,000 come from the Netherlands and Belgium, about 2,500 members from Germany, and the rest are spread all over the world. FunkyFish is therefore suitable for those people, who are looking for new contacts to chat and for singles who are looking for a life partner in the immediate vicinity.
Since 2012 you can also find many German members and even some from the United Kingdom. The Christian values are similar in these countries. Therefore, the chances are good to find a partner with the same religious attitude, but he does not necessarily have to come from the Netherlands.

Special Features

FunkyFishFrom the start, FunkyFish scores for its clear and straightforward display; no frills to distract from the search for your partner. The search options are very detailed and so you have to stop yourself from filtering too much, otherwise the search for a Christian partner will come to nothing.
FunkyFish is big in the Netherlands, so if you’re looking for Dutch, 6-foot-2, Catholic, blue-eyed men who attend church regularly, live within a 3-mile radius, have no children, and wear size M clothing, you can definitely find them. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But if you work realistically, you have a good chance of finding a person there, as a friend or partner, who shares the same values and thoughts. FunkyFish offers extensive features for finding love and getting to know other Christians. Members can chat, email, upload photos and videos. Popular features are the possibilities to organize excursions, blog and form interest groups. These possibilities are widely used by members in the Netherlands. If you live in the Netherlands, you are in good hands here and can participate in the many events., and the German version are all connected, making it easier for German-, Dutch- and English-speaking members to get in touch with each other, get to know potential flirtation partners and new friends. If desired, regional segmentation is of course still possible. Members can also indicate in their profile whether they are open to couch surfing: or in other words, offering a place to sleep for members of the traveling community and thus meeting new international contacts.

FunkyFish members

Looking at themselves the different members, it quickly becomes clear: here you can find a lot of sympathetic people, with whom a chat itself would definitely be worthwhile. So no false shyness, who can speak a little English, should freely throw themselves into the turmoil. With a paid membership you can use more chat rooms, create groups and create your own blog. But if you look at the existing groups and blogs, you might think that these features are not used that much. Funky Fish offers many free features. You can access and participate in all parts of the portal, such as blogs, chat, events and send a limited number of messages daily. In order to fund the portal, the operator must offer certain features for a small fee. Thus, dating site and community Funky Fish has a free and a paid membership. Funky Fish is a popular, Dutch-oriented, Christian online community for getting to know like-minded people. In terms of membership, Funky Fish does not come close to the popular dating sites for the masses, but in its niche, the dating community is one of the largest. Protestant, Catholic and other Christians can find the love of life, friends or just contacts to exchange views here. FunkyFish is a nice platform with plenty of opportunities to find a partner.


Waplog is a fun way to meet people from your own neighborhood. You can use Waplog to meet new people to flirt with or to meet new friends with whom you can do fun things together. Waplog is a fast growing dating app, the platform now has more than 6 million members in over 50 countries. The Netherlands now has more than 16,000 members, but that number seems to be decreasing.

How it works.

FunkyFishWaplog is actually a cross between a social media platform and a dating app. In the easy-to-use interface, you can like a message or photo, post comments and chat, just like on other social media platforms. For example, you can make stories of 15 seconds which you can share via your profile page. The videos remain visible 24 hours after you uploaded them, after that they disappear again. Therefore you can upload as many as you want. In this way you can share what you experience in one day.
Through a profile page you can add someone as a friend, send messages or give the profile a like, and you can see who has visited your page. What is said in a live video chat feature is translated in real time when you chat with people from another country, so there is no longer a language barrier. Of course, there is a match feature that suggests a match, and you can also use filters to further specify your search.

You can register yourself using your Facebook account. This is very quick, within 1 to 2 minutes it is already done. The advantage is that Waplog uses your Facebook data to find a perfect match for you, and imports photos from your Facebook page so that you do not have to upload them again. You don’t have to worry that data from your Waplog account will end up on your Facebook page. That will not happen. If you do not want to or cannot register through Facebook, you can also do it through an email address.

Free or paid?

Downloading and registering the Waplog app is free. You can use most of the features such as live video chatting, messaging, the match features and the filters at no cost. A nice feature of Waplog is the Boost. This does come at a cost. With a Boost you not only ensure that your profile is actively brought to the attention of the app for 30 minutes, but the app also sends VIP “gifts” to others to stimulate interaction with you. So the boost actually lasts longer than 30 minutes!

Who is Waplog meant for?

Waplog is intended for men and women of all ages who are looking for someone with similar interests to flirt with or have fun with. The vast majority of the app’s users are young people. Waplog was started in 2010 by co-founder Volkan Yazicioglu as a platonic environment to make new friendships. Later, it evolved into what they themselves call a “soft dating app.
The great thing about Waplog is that you can not only get to know nice people in your area, but can also make contacts worldwide via the live chat environment. In this way you can discover new cultures and chat with someone on the other side of the world. And who knows, maybe through Waplog you have already met your vacation love before you have left for your vacation destination.
If you take out a VIP subscription, advertisements no longer appear when you click on a navigation button. There are costs involved, but at least you won’t be bothered by advertisements anymore.