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BSTDating in Online Chat

BSTDating also has many unique features that you will not find in other applications. Chat, a news service, the ability to track news from friends, share stories and photos, create interest groups, video chat and much, much more.

5 applications to meet gays

Because we are already tired of Tinder, today we want to tell you about other incredible gay chat apps with which you can meet people from the LGBTI community. We assure you that you will have a good time with these apps and that the people you will meet will be fantastic.

Bender: Free of advertising, with unlimited messages and totally free. This app is only for people who want to talk and know the world of other people with a common lifestyle.

Grindr: It is exclusive for flirting between young and not so young gays. Here you can include photo galleries and talk to others and there is a part that brings you together with people who are close to you so you can get to know each other. You can even send photos with other users.

PlanetRomero: This gay chat apps will help you fit in with other gay guys who have the same tastes as you. Here you can also talk to them via chat and includes the option to send photos to each other.

Meetic: Only for gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Here users are more liberal than in the other gay chat apps mentioned, in case you want something more sensual.

Manhunt: Remember this famous gay chat apps, it’s the same thing but now in application. You’ll be able to manage the messages you send and even edit your profile.

The 5 best apps to meet gays

If you’re gay you should know that the rest of the sexual orientations envy your flirting gay chat and dating; the market of gay apps has an incredible offer and, besides, of very good quality. However, there are alternatives that have managed to stand out as the best and have managed to reach a wide audience.

If you still don’t know which are the 5 best gay chat and dating to meet gays, in we reveal them to you below:

You will need them:

  • A smartphone with Internet access.
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  • Index
  • Grindr
  • Manhunt
  • Bender
  • PlanetRomeo
  • Scruff
  • Meetic
  • Fire of Life
  • Grindr

Grindr is born as an exclusive platform for young and not so young homosexuals who want to flirt.

This famous application allows you to include a great profile with different pictures and to chat with all those boys who are close to you; in fact, it orders the users according to their closeness to you. You can add to favorites, send images privately and hire a service “xtra” if the free usability is not enough for you.


Remember the Manhunt contact page? Well, the gay chat and dating app offers exactly the same but in the form of a mobile platform. From here you can manage your messages, find profiles similar to yours, gossip to see who is online and contact them (beware, there is no instant communication in Manhunt, it’s not like Grindr – here it’s like sending emails).

As a positive point we have the search filters, in which you can insert what kind of man you are looking for either by weight, age, height and a long etcetera.


With no advertising, it offers unlimited messages completely free and instantaneous and is again based on geolocation, so it cannot fail to be an interesting alternative.

It’s only for gay (or bisexual, or curious, you know) guys and the similarities with Grindr are great so, if you got tired of the first gay chat and dating app audience, maybe you can use this one.


Remember the GayRomeo website? Like Manhunt, it’s a dating platform that allows you to find different profiles of gay guys that might fit your taste. As with the second announced app, it is not possible to start a chat with everyone you are attracted to, but you can send them a message similar to email.


Imagine that you get tired of Grindr because most of its audience seems boring to you; because with the same operation but some completely different registered users, we find Scruff. If you are looking for a fireman, military guys or designers, you have reached the app you were looking for.

Once again, the GPS on your smartphone will be used to find the men closest to you, so you can have a good time.


We can’t forget a classic like Meetic, the world’s best known dating site. This network offers the option of filtering only for a gay audience, so you can take advantage and meet new people through this great application.

Fire of Life

We can’t forget a classic like Fuego de Vida, one of the world’s best known dating sites. This platform does not have APP but is a good alternative to talk and meet new people through your computer or cell phone, as it has a section exclusively for gay users.

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BSTDating: Not just an online gay dating or chat application

BSTDating also has many unique features that you will not find in other applications. Chat, a news service, the ability to track news from friends, share stories and photos, create interest groups, video chat and much, much more.

So, whether you are male or female, gay or straight, or somewhere in between, you can find someone special for you in BSTDating.

Top 10 gay dating apps

Gay Chat Apps

Are you looking for a good application to flirt within the gay world? We want to make it easy for you. We put at your disposal the best gay dating apps in order for you to find them easily and choose which one or which ones interest you the most.


There is no doubt, it is the most used app by gays when it comes to flirting. It is an application that has a large number of users connected and that does not stop increasing.

To begin with, it stands out for being completely free, although another of the most important points that have made this app so successful is its simplicity and the advantages it has when it comes to flirting.


It is an application that has been created especially to try to gain ground on the previous one. It is true that it can be a good alternative, but the truth is that the number of users is much lower. In this case, men will be able to choose which men they want to talk to in order to start a conversation and for whatever comes up.

If the Grindr option does not convince you for any reason, I can assure you that this option may interest you, even though the number of users is lower.


The third most important app for flirting is called Hornet. It is an application that is very well developed, but has a weak point. And that’s the number of users. As the number is much lower than other apps, this makes linking a little more complicated.

In exchange, it has a service and stability that few apps are offering at the moment, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it soon gained ground again and consequently became one of the best apps for flirting in the gay world.

Gay Chat

It is an application that works in a simple way. To start, you have to register. Once registered, you have to create your own profile, and later upload your best photos. Now you only have to see the photos of other kids and hit the button like it or not. In case you have hit a I like photo and the other person has also hit yours, then you can talk to each other. It is simple to use and has a touch quite similar to the Tinder application.


It is one of the best applications for men looking for bear men. This app is often referred to as one of the best gay bears apps.

If you’re looking for a certain type of man when it comes to picking up, and this profile is the one you’re looking for, don’t make life difficult for yourself and download the app. It’s true that the number of users is not as big as other main apps, but in return you will know that it will be easier for you to find the man you are looking for to flirt with.


It is another of the most popular applications among bears and men who want to meet them. It is a simple app, which is gradually gaining ground, despite not being one of the most used in our country.

If you want to meet men from other countries, this application can give you good results, especially if you speak English. This way you will be able to use it easily and converse with other men.


If you are a gay leather lover this application will please you. It is mainly focused on the gay leathers segment. Within this segment it is the leading application.

Registering is as easy as using it, so you will be quickly hooked if you are looking for this man profile when starting a flirt.


It is an application that has great success worldwide within the gay world, but in our country still has very few users.

If you are planning to travel to a foreign country and want to meet a guy before you can help you insert yourself in the country, this application may be a good option. I can assure you that you will be able to find many men with whom to flirt in a simple and fast way, thanks to the fact that it has presence in almost all the countries of the world.


It is an application that is well known in our country when it comes to flirting. But you should also know that the app has a special section for gays who want to flirt through it.

Its operation is very simple, you will put images of men and if you like you have to give the button I like. If the other man also does the same, then you can get in touch and start a conversation.


Finally, I would like to introduce you to another of the most used applications worldwide. It is true that it is slowly gaining users, but it is an application that still needs to gain users to compete one-on-one with other applications mentioned above.