Here are the main sex trends

Sex at a distance

What will happen in 2021 under the comforter? WOW Tech – a leading company in the field of sexual well-being and manufacturer of innovative and premium products for love life – has listed all the upcoming sex trends.
The Covid-19 pandemic is turning our love lives upside down and has caused us to have a completely different relationship to sexuality. As a result, couples are looking for new ways to defy the current distance or restrictions. “Sexting”, masturbation by interposed screen, or remotely controlled sextoys are among the possibilities to get aroused at a distance. A recent survey conducted by We-Vibe has shown that our willingness to try something new in sexuality is stronger today than it was when we were first confined (an increase of 25%).

Virtual encounters

Virtual dating is becoming more and more important for singles, as the chances of spontaneous encounters are rather slim at this time. Safe sex has taken on a whole new meaning during this health crisis. A few months ago, the health authorities across the Atlantic delivered their recommendations on sexual practices to be favored in times of pandemic. Among these, sex alone would be the safest method. After the trend of “corona cuffing”, which invited singles to find a partner in confinement, and live-video features on dating applications, 2021 could see the emergence of more virtual dating experiences.


Audio-porn or audio pornography is booming. Erotic stories are a real success, especially among women, who find a new way to enjoy themselves. Like feminist pornography, erotic podcasts bring female desire and pleasure back to the forefront. This year, the
Famous Swedish feminist porn director Erika Lust has even arrived in cinemas with “xConfessionsNight”, a collection of erotic short films.

Sex education for all ages

Here are the main sex trendsIn a survey conducted by We-Vibe with Appinio in July 2020, 94% of respondents said that male and female masturbation was never addressed in their sex education classes at school. While fertility issues are on the curriculum, topics related to pleasure are often absent. Fortunately, there are more and more applications, podcasts and documentaries on the subject to break taboos and educate young and old. If we think instinctively of Sex Education, other initiatives stand out. In France, Climax, the first educational series dedicated to female pleasure (we gave you our opinion here) was born. TikTok and Instagram are also redefining the rules of sex education. From content creators to sexologists, many accounts make sexuality more accessible, and above all, less taboo.

In recent years, hormone-free contraception has gained in popularity. According to Santé Publique France, in 2010, 45% of women were using the pill as a contraceptive method, falling to 40.5% in 2013 and 36.5% in 2016. Copper IUD, natural methods of contraception More and more women are taking more care of their bodies and questioning their contraceptive methods, but this is far from being the only factor to be taken into account in the current “women’s empowerment” movement. Issues related to sexuality, women’s sexual health, and physical self-determination are increasingly at the center of the debate. Gynecological autonomy refers, for example, to the ability to take control of one’s own privacy, and the small health concerns associated with it. From free instinctive flow to symptothermia (natural method for managing fertility) and sexual education, women are re-appropriating their bodies.

Nowadays, there are hardly any shy people to talk about sex life and discuss intimate matters. They stopped being a taboo some time ago, and most people are convinced that sexual satisfaction is one of the things needed to feel happy and successful. Fortunately, casual sex dating applications and websites are widely used these days, and anyone who is at least 18 years old can easily create an account and experience unforgettable moments in the company of like-minded people. You won’t have to waste time learning the partner’s hobbies, tastes and other personal information and can get to work immediately. More and more people are joining such platforms all over the world because they recognize them as a perfect opportunity to stop hiding real desires and finally be themselves.

Some portals are free while others are paid for. You can choose a casual sex dating site or application, remembering the financial opportunities and expectations of your online experience. Most portals are simple and don’t require a lot of time to study the interface. However, if you are having difficulty achieving your goal, contact a support system and ask for professional assistance. Specialists will quickly fix everything and allow you to enjoy more advanced navigation with a platform for casual sexual encounters.
Do you want to join a casual sex platform, but are unsure if this is the right place for you? Then let’s stop guessing and find out who can join dating portals and achieve their goals. First of all, it should be noted that providers welcome all people who are at least 18 years old. Online communities don’t care about your profession, race, cultural background, music preferences. Not everything matters here. The only thing that is important is your desire to meet a great person and go on an exciting adventure together.

You can be sure that no one will judge you because of your particular sexual preferences, because members of most casual dating sites and applications focus on fulfilling their own desires and dreams, so they simply don’t care about what’s around them. Of course, open-minded and liberated people, adventure seekers, are the best candidates to become members of online sex dating societies. If you feel that you can no longer spend lonely nights alone, then feel free to join any site that meets your requirements and finally start taking action.Here are the main sex trends