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About J&M contact

Jacquie and Michel Contact is a naughty meeting platform for lovers of sex, libertine and swinging. On this hot site, we meet thousands of amateurs of sexual pleasures, liberated and anxious to make fast meetings. Are you one of them? Discover our opinion on Jacquie and Michel Contact, in which we present you the site and its features, how it works, its rates, its assets and its flaws so that you can get a complete opinion. You’ll also find testimonials from users who relate their experience on J&M contact.
Jacquie and Michel Contact, often abbreviated to J&M Contact, is the platform of the famous Jacquie and Michel brand, which has been a huge success in the X industry with its famous slogan Merci qui? After giving amateurs the opportunity to participate in adult films, the firm decided to launch a very sexy dating platform to allow the naughtiest among you to meet online to organize sex shots and other sexual encounters in all simplicity.

It’s easy to see why sex is at the center of attention on J&M Contact, by looking at the profiles posted on the main page and the nude images of the members – men and women – who frequent the platform. It’s no surprise to find Jacquie and Michel Contact in the best sex and naughty dating sites.

You should know that JM Contact is part of a vast network of erotic /X sites, which allows it to quickly generate a large community of users. Is this a guarantee of quality when looking for sex partners near you? This is what we will try to elucidate in the rest of this review on Jacquie and Michel Contact, starting with the terms of registration and features offered on the site.

My experience on J&M Contact: registration, profile and features

It is easy to register on J&M contact since registration is completely free. Then, via a free package, a 3-day trial version or a Premium account, all you have to do is choose the type of member you want to meet and the distance to take advantage of the large community of registrants looking for sex.
Be warned that nudity is omnipresent and that you may receive indecent propositions quickly. If you are the type to be shocked, pass your way. For the others, here is what you will find on this site of naughty meeting.

My registration on JM Contact

Jacquie and Michel contact noticeWhen you arrive at the J&M Contact home page, you will be asked to mention your gender and choose what you are looking for. You will have the choice between heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual searches. An appreciable variety to vary the pleasures.
Depending on your choice, you will then answer various questions about your preferences and expectations, via a rather nice system, à la Tinder. Pictures scroll by and a question is attached to each of them. For example, to illustrate the question do plump women turn you on? you will see a profile picture of a girl with strong curves. To accompany a question like do you like big butts?, a picture of a rounded buttock will be chosen. You have grasped the concept, fun and playful. Once you have refined your expectations via this very well thought out system, you will only have to confirm your majority by typing your age, then insert your email address to receive the validation link. Simple, quick, all you have to do is fill in your profile in the most detailed way possible. Do it correctly because many users filter searches by eliminating pages without photos.
Once you’ve filled out your profile, with a nice detailed presentation, a Who am I section will present your expectations and how you work (Webcam? Do you receive at home? What’s your experience with libertinage?), all you have to do is take advantage of the functionalities presented in the following review on Jacquie and Michel Contact.

The Functionalities

JM Contact is a very complete site, which presents itself as a mix between a sex social network and a naughty dating site. For lovers of libertine (who can also read our opinion on Wyylde), fans of ephemeral encounters, naughty people who want to chain the meetings in solo or in couple, there is what to do on J&M Contact.

Let’s immediately point out a negative point of the site: the large amount of information on the main page, which makes us not know where to put our heads. You get used to it but the first steps are disconcerting. After the initial blur, we realize the many options available to make sexy encounters.

First of all, the Search function with the possibility to search by age, with or without a photo and especially in relation to your geographical location. The geolocation system works well and you can quickly find many users within the defined radius. By searching within a radius of 150 km around Lyon, I had more than 30 pages of results.
You will also find a Speed flirt function, which is similar to a Tinder like where you just have to choose if you like a person or not based on one of his (sexy) pictures. If he likes you too, a cat will engage.
You will be able to send messages, flashes to get yourself noticed, see who has visited your profile, and chat live with the members connected to J&M Contact at the same time as you, in writing or via webcam if you like to see and play in chat. We continue this opinion on Jacquie and Michel Contact by introducing its members…often not very shy.

The J&M Contact community

The site has a reputation for attracting sex lovers and it works well, as members are easily found in most cities across the country. It is a bit the trademark of Jacquie and Michel, namely to bring X all over the country and not only in the big cities.
Because of this, we quickly receive solicitations, which pass by naughty messages, sometimes harder, and sometimes requests for quick availability for immediate sex shots. One understands quickly that the community on J&M Contact is made of individuals who know why they are there and it’s pleasant.
If, as on most sex dating sites, there is a majority of men, which increases the competition, finding members with whom to exchange for sex or couples who want to share pleasure together is not difficult. Then you have to conclude, using your charms and your talents.

Final opinion and verdict on Jacquie and Michel Contact

J&M Contact is initially a site for libertines, who want to satisfy their desires without complexes. We find a large number of naughty members, with varied sexualities, which allows each one to find his happiness. Therefore, our opinion on Jacquie and Michel Contact is positive because the site fulfills well its role of matchmaker by giving the possibility to all individuals to find a booty call, to take part in a naughty evening or even to make adulterous encounters.
We appreciate the quality of their profiles, detailed and anonymous, with hidden photo albums accessible only with the agreement of a member. In addition, it should be noted that the messages exchanged are generally well written, which changes from some platforms to illiterate and/or vulgar members. Still in the positive points, we can mention the geolocation system that works well, to find a naughty gaming partner in a specific area, as well as the high response rate. You will receive many messages – if your profile is correctly filled out – and finding your next sexual partner will be quite easy, especially thanks to the webcam chat that allows you to quickly make naughty eye contact, which reassures and excites.
One of the weak points of J&M contact is the surprising lack of a mobile application, which would allow you to communicate during transport journeys or breaks, in order to get a naughty plan more quickly. There is also a slight reproach about the interface, which is a bit confusing at times. Finally, despite the efforts of moderation, we unfortunately still come across a few false profiles on the site, which can waste time when the deception is not immediately realized.
Apart from these few drawbacks, we can only advise Jacquie and Michel Contact to the most naughty among you, who want to have fun in good company. Test it during 3 days to make your own opinion and maybe find your first companion of pleasure.Jacquie and Michel contact notice