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There are many naughty dating sites and sex, one is always surprised to discover a new platform. Most of the time, they often give the impression to be very well established, whereas nobody has ever heard about it. That’s what makes our online journey so exciting, but it can also put us on the spot.
One example in this category is JALF (for Jouer avec Le Fantasme): a dating application that became quite popular a few years ago. Here’s a full review of JALF so you can decide if it’s a good idea to sign up for it.
It’s rare enough to be rated, but JALF is a Quebec platform. Put online in 2002, it reportedly has close to 3 million registered members, with approximately 7,000 members permanently logged on to the platform. Today, the attractiveness of this sex dating application is nevertheless declining, and there are about 4,000 new members per week.
The particularity of JALF is therefore to be an international platform, but French-speaking. If it was initially reserved for French speakers, it now includes Spanish, English, but also Italian and German. If you are polyglot, and you like to travel, JALF is a good option for you.

How does JALF work?

JALF NoticeAs its acronym indicates, JALF is a platform for sexual pleasures and casual encounters. You should never say never, but the chances of finding the future woman of your life are therefore limited. You will therefore be able to access a news feed in which your contacts will show you their private parts. You will be able to set your preferences and move towards different profiles.
If at first glance the platform may seem a little limited, it actually offers a lot of features that make it easier for you to find your ideal partner. Everything is done so that you can find the people with whom you can fulfill your fantasies, explore your sexuality, and achieve your full physical fulfillment. It’s all about being open-minded, and not being afraid to show a little flesh to other members.

JALF is therefore a community where sex is not a taboo. Nevertheless, it is regrettable that it lacks specialization, like Jacquie and Michel Contact, who favour libertine, or the Cougar platforms that allow you to meet mature women. It is therefore more of a platform for those who like to try new experiences, without any particular distinction as to the choice of practices or their partners.
To encourage new members to join JALF, the site offers a relatively simple registration process. More precisely, this is done in two stages. To begin, you will have to fill out a form by choosing your username, password, and specifying whether you are a man/woman/couple and what you are looking for on the platform.
You will also need to fill in your date of birth, as JALF only accepts adults. Then indicate your city, then your email address in order to confirm your registration by clicking on the link that will be automatically sent to you. Be careful, because some people encounter difficulties at this stage. You may have to write to customer service or check your spam folder to see if the confirmation email is not there.
Once your profile is active, you will be able to start completing your profile. The site helps you in this process by asking you questions so that you can give as much relevant information as possible to other members. Some of them may seem a little indiscreet, even if they are mandatory (such as indicating your weight, for example).

What is the JALF community?

Jalf is a platform on which you can make your fantasies come true. It is therefore a place where you should feel comfortable talking about sex, have no taboos, and be able to exchange on practices that are not always very well accepted on other dating sites. This is why it is very important to join an open community. This is the case of this site, on which you will be perfectly free to express your sexuality in all its splendor, and will be able to find without any worries people sharing the same attractions as you.
The community is also quite large in terms of age. There are young singles and couples in their twenties, as well as people in their fifties, and therefore have more sexual experience. All sexual orientations are equally represented, i.e. straight, gay, bisexual, transgender.

The functionalities of JALF

JALF is therefore a dating site opting for a platform quite close to social networks. You’ll find a news feed a bit like Facebook with content shared by the people you follow, most often naughty photos and videos.

Among the functionalities, there is also a section indicating the people connected at the same time as you, a search form to target your preferences and find potential partners who match them. But the most interesting features are of course those that allow you to communicate with other members.

You will be able to send private messages, or chat live with people registered on JALF. The webcam service is also particularly important, so that you can turn up the heat more quickly. The forum section of the site also offers access to thematic conversations and classified ads to introduce you to new practices or inform you about events in your area.

For example, JALF organizes its own swingers’ evenings. You will be free to register for those taking place near you if you are a paying member of the platform. Among other relevant options, you will be able to consult sex fictions written by other members, or set up your profile to ensure your confidentiality.

Customer Service

A good point to be given to JALF is nevertheless the quality of its customer service. This is an area in which many sex dating applications encounter weaknesses. This is not the case here since you will have no problem receiving a quick response to your message to technical support. It is possible to contact them by email, or via a contact form available on the site. So yes, there are sometimes small bugs, but these should be fixed within the hour.

Jalf also offers its users a fairly well-stocked FAQ section in which you will find answers to the most common questions. A live chat section is also available and even a phone number to contact an advisor directly.

Is JALF sex a secure site?

The security and moderation of profiles is a very important criterion to take into account before registering on a naughty application. Indeed, because you are going to share quite explicit photos of yourself, and exchange on intimate subjects, you do not want anyone to be able to access this information. More importantly, it is crucial to limit the presence of fake profiles or scammers who would be after the money of serious members.

The verdict on JALF is a bit mixed. Indeed, moderation is mainly done on a participatory basis. This means that it is the members who can report a member, especially in cases of violence, false profiling, prostitution or any deviant behavior. You will need to make it clear to the JALF team why you want a member to be banned.

As far as the security of your data is concerned, the site is committed to protecting it. Data is not shared with third party organizations for commercial purposes. But it may be shared to communicate on the site on behalf of the company (including your erotic stories).JALF Notice