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For lesbian women, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find a nice date or relationship. Since a minority of the female population is lesbian, the chances are a lot smaller that you just bump into your dream partner. If heterosexuals already complain about not being able to find a partner, it’s even harder for lesbian women.
Fortunately, therefore, more and more dating apps and websites have appeared on the market that are entirely focused on lesbian and bisexual women. This way it becomes a lot easier to meet an intriguing lady. Are you looking for an adventure or an exciting date? Then Lesbichat might be just the thing for you. We’ll tell you more about this dating website.
While Lesbichat was once quite popular, the dating site is now quite outdated.

Who is it for?

So nowadays there are more and more dating apps and websites that specifically target lesbian women. One of these websites is Lesbichat; a chat created exclusively for lesbian and bisexual women. It is a site that is primarily intended to chat with other members, find someone for an exciting adventure or for example for ‘friends with benefits’. For a serious lesbian relationship you are probably not at the right place.
The site itself looks a bit amateurish and does not invite you to find a serious long-term relationship. This is mainly because the homepage immediately advertises sex-related items and shows sex stories. However, are you looking for an erotic date? Then Lesbichat may be a good fit for you.

How does it work?

Lesbian chatOn Lesbichat you can get in touch with other lesbians in an accessible and easy way. You can easily create a profile by adding a photo and filling in some more information. Choose an original profile name to make your account stand out. Furthermore, you can fill in your first name, the city or region you are from, your date of birth and your social status.
You can also expand your profile with several photos and a short biography about yourself. In this part you can tell what you are looking for, for example. Do you want someone to chat with? A friend with benefits? Or a one-night stand? Indicate it, so that other members also immediately know where they stand. The profiles on Lesbichat are publicly viewable, even if you are not a member of the site itself. The photos are blurred, but other information can be read directly. This does mean that you have a lot less privacy, since your personal information is available for everyone to see. On the profiles you can see not only personal information, but also a number of other elements. For example, you can see the number of visitors and how “popular” the profile is with others. It is also possible to send a private message or vote for the profile. With the votes you can show how handsome or attractive you think someone looks. In addition to sending a private message, it is also possible to leave a public message for someone and, for example, give them a compliment.
On the profile site of Lesbichat you can find an overview of the profiles. These are divided into different categories. For example, there is a category of new, profiles with the most hits, the one with the highest rating, the profiles that were last active and some “random” profiles. There is no form of matching, so you will have to search a bit yourself for a suitable match.

Is it reliable?

There are a number of conditions you can read on the website that your profile must meet. For example, you must be over 18, you may not make offensive profiles or put other hurtful or insulting things on the site. However, the rules are quite general and speak for themselves.
There are also some rules stating that illegal practices can be passed on to the police, but none of this comes across as very professional. Since you can view the profiles even without logging in, the privacy and security of the site is not very high.

Free or paid

Everyone who joins Lesbichat starts as a free member. Creating a profile, adding photos and searching among other users can all be done for free. You can even view the profiles if you don’t have one yourself. As a free member you have access to most of the dating site’s features, but it is limited.

About Lesbichat

Lesbian chatMembers who offer services, in any form, can use an (additional) commercial field in the profile. In it you can add a website URL, if for example you have a website with more information. The costs for this Gold profile are €1.60 per month and €15.00 for 12 months. Compared to other (professional) dating sites this is a lot lower. The cost for VIP access is €1.60 per chat session. Since there is no subscription, this is a fairly cheap way to make use of more features. Should you use it more often, a Gold membership is recommended.

While mobile dating apps have now become the norm, their predecessors had been active on the Internet for many years. Lesbichat is one of the older chat sites the internet has, having been founded in 2011. In all these years, it has established itself among the big names, but has always stayed pretty much under the radar.
Although the creators of the chat for lesbian and bisexual women do not disclose themselves openly, it is clearly part of a company called Webguru. This company not only runs Lesbichat, but also the well-known Chatgirl: both chat sites that have become quite obsolete by now. Nevertheless, the chat sites still attract many visitors, in the case of Lesbichat only women who are bi or lesbian.

Why online dating for lesbian women?

Online dating for lesbian women makes it easier than ever to meet someone. Of course, as a lesbian you are also welcome on the general dating apps, but the chances of finding a nice match there are of course a lot smaller. That’s why there are a lot more dating apps aimed at lesbian women these days.
It is an accessible way to meet someone, since you can send messages from home – behind your laptop or phone. For example, if you think it’s a bit too early to go to a bar or if you feel inhibited to just talk to a nice woman on the street, then online can be a lot easier for you.
You will meet many like-minded singles and therefore know immediately where you stand. You can go there not only to find a nice date, but also just to meet people who have the same desires and interests as you. The big advantage? You can immediately see that a woman has the same preferences and desires, since the women have also registered on this dating site. Just the fact that they make themselves available to find love (or a date), it becomes a lot easier to digitally step up to that person and start the conversation.