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Lesbian encounters in France

Since love is the most sought-after feeling, why is it difficult to come across it? If there is no lack of tools and means today to multiply the opportunities to meet other lesbian women, it is up to each one to find the one that suits her best. A pioneer in online gay dating since 2001, Meetic celebrates quality dating and has already helped several thousand lesbian couples to form, love and write their unique and original stories.
Lesbian DatingMany lesbian women attend LGBT associations or online communities to meet each other. A good idea if you live in the center of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse. There are also many sites or apps reserved for homosexual encounters. Small hitch, these last ones are often invested by gay men, even straight men (!). Not to mention that the choice of female profiles is sometimes limited, the security is not necessarily at the top level or the interface design is not very attractive or engaging. Meetic’s success in making real lesbian encounters in France is due to its expertise in dating and its many features that really help to refine its searches. In addition to the attention paid to checking profiles and the vigilance of its customer service to ensure secure exchanges between singles. Recently, Meetic has also placed an emphasis on design to provide what is arguably one of the most enjoyable lesbian dating experiences.
At Meetic, there is also a clear trend among lesbian singles to become more serious and committed to their research. They want to meet their future alter ego to build a real relationship based on love, complicity and trust. If you want to share a piece of the road with someone else, there is a good chance that you will meet single women on Meetic who correspond to you (age, city, interests…) thanks to the search by criteria. In fact, on the Meetic app, the profiles are detailed to allow each woman to reveal a part of her personality, her interests, her passions, which gives you the opportunity to send personalized messages to each other.

At Meetic, registration is free.

Registration is free on the Meetic website and app. Take the opportunity to look at the profiles of women who have registered and are looking for other women. From your first crushes, flashes, visits received, choose the pass that suits you to know who has a crush on you and especially to be able to chat unlimitedly with the women you like.
Indeed, the features that allow you to make real beautiful encounters are not free. The subscription is a commitment. Its advantage? Single women are committed and truly involved in their search to meet someone. A guarantee of quality and authenticity that makes all the difference at Meetic. LGBT parties
Meetic also organizes gay and lesbian events and parties in Paris, at least once a quarter. One more opportunity to go out and meet lesbian women in casual and spontaneous fashion. Are you booked? Rely on an animator to help you break the ice between the participating girls and create friendliness, complicity and more if affinities… Take a regular look at the list of our upcoming lesbian events. And if you have a Meetic Pass, you can take advantage of a reduced rate and invite up to 3 friends, even if they are not registered on the app. So when are you coming?

Gay friendly places

We warmly recommend you to regularly read Barbieturix, a website dedicated to lesbian and feminine culture and Jeanne Magazine, a digital monthly magazine which, in addition to highlighting women and lesbians, also offers many articles and points of view on culture, society, news, fashion, health, parties… In addition to guiding you to the best gay friendly places, lesbian clubs and bars popular with cool girls. It’s funny, mischievous, charming, well written. In short, we love it!
A short summary of your next love situation: to start a real story on Meetic, download the app and then sign up by answering questions about your lifestyle, your interests, your vision of the ideal partner. A profile picture later, you’ll be ready to discover the profiles of lesbian singles that match your search criteria.Lesbian Dating