Luxy dating app

Are you looking for the total package with a woman or man? Or is a handsome date with a good set of brains and manners too on your wish list? Are you tired and frustrated to continue wasting your valuable time on superficial singles with no ambitions? Then sign up with Luxy and find your perfect match in no time.
Luxy is the number one exclusive dating app for ‘millionaire matchmaking’. This app is designed for the elite top singles in this world. Luxy is aimed at affluent rich singles who are looking for a partner. If you are looking for quality, then Luxy is the right place for you. We tell you more about this dating app for millionaires.

Who is Luxy for?

LuxyLuxy is a very exclusive dating app, intended for single men and women who are looking for a serious relationship. So this dating app is not meant for sugarbaby or sugar daddy relationships. At least, that is what is claimed by Luxy itself. After you create an account, a screening is done by Luxy. Only users with a six-figure salary are admitted. You read that right, an annual paycheck of more than 100,000 euros is required to become a member.
In addition, only handsome and attractive members are also admitted to the app. In other words, there may be few members, but the ones that are there are exceptionally rich and handsome. This makes Luxy an extremely exclusive dating app for a small group of wealthy users. To sign up with Luxy, you have to verify your profile by taking a selfie. But that’s not the only thing. You are also asked to verify your income by uploading a picture of your driver’s license and most recent tax return. This is Luxy’s screening process to allow only rich and handsome people into the pool of singles. This is the only way they can ensure the exclusivity of the app.
Furthermore, on your profile you fill in basic information about yourself, such as your age, gender, location, ethnicity, education and hobbies. In addition, there is room for 6 photos and there is room to write a short text about yourself or the kind of partner you are looking for. The full screening takes about 24 hours, during which the Luxy team checks your profile, photos and login details.

Viewing profiles, swiping and chatting

Luxy works according to the well-known Tinder system. You can view profiles and swipe left or right if you like them. If you have swiped each other to the right, then you have a match and you can start chatting with each other. The difference with Tinder is that Luxy does not let you mindlessly swipe for hours, because you only have 10 profiles that you can view per round. If you have a Basic subscription, then there are only three. In addition, you can also view profiles in the ‘Browse’ feature of Luxy. You can like a profile to start the contact. Luxy also has a feature called FaceMe that allows you to share your Instagram or Whatsapp profile, which allows you to start a video chat.


Luxy has three different types of subscriptions: Basic, Black and Platinum. Luxy Basic is a completely free to use Luxy membership. With this membership you do not get very far. You can only swipe three profiles, which ensures that you will not meet many members per day. Furthermore, you can only respond to messages from others, but not start a conversation yourself.
You can also upgrade your subscription to a Luxy Black or Luxy Platinum membership. This allows you to use all the functions and features Luxy has to offer, making your search for your ideal match even easier and more enjoyable. With a Platinum subscription you get a monthly profile boost which means your profile will be recommended first to other users. Luxy has an app and website that you can use to start your dating adventure. Go to the website or download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The Luxy app is suitable for Android and iOS users. This way you always have Luxy at hand to stay in touch with your matches or use the location feature to see if there is a Luxy user near you.

Is it reliable?

LuxyThe big advantage of Luxy that is often mentioned is that the strict screening ensures that the dating site contains only genuine profiles. Thus, you can only find quality profiles of people who are really looking for relationship and hardly any fake profiles or scammers, although you can never completely exclude that.
A frequently mentioned disadvantage is that the pool of users on Luxy is relatively small compared to other dating apps. This, of course, is the result of the strict screening and strict requirements on the appearance and salary of the users which keeps the app extremely exclusive.
In addition, the members of Luxy are mainly located in the big cities of the world, such as Amsterdam, Paris, New York or LA. Because of this, you won’t find matches near you as quickly. Overall, Luxy gets good ratings from users.

Luxy uses a protected SSL connection, so you can be sure that your personal data is safely protected against cybercriminals. Since many extremely wealthy people use this dating app, it is Luxy’s top priority to ensure the privacy of its users. Of course, you don’t want your tax return to end up on the street. In addition, Luxy has a help desk that is available to you 24/7. This also allows you to report suspicious profiles and have them blocked.

About Luxy

Luxy has been one of the well-known dating platforms for the rich and famous since 2014. As a result, it exudes extreme luxury and quality not only through its name. With an exclusive pool of users, Luxy is meant only for the top singles in this world. With this target group, it falls into the category of competitor app Raya, another app for famous and famous people.
Therefore, you will find only the most affluent people of society here. Especially in America, the app has had a lot of attention in the media. Luxy was featured on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show and the dating app was recommended in the Daily Mail and Financial Times. Yes, Luxy is free but with limitations. The basic features of the Luxy app are free to use. A Luxy Black membership is required to use all the features. No, Luxy is only for “high quality” singles. It describes itself as a dating app for the elite and millionaires. Yes, Luxy is available as a dating app and as a dating site. Both the app and the website can be used to meet other singles.