Make a free one-night stand

The best sites of plans cul without paying

You want to have a one-night stand without paying? Your quest for free sites could lead you to potentially dangerous, and most of the time ineffective platforms. 100% free sites for men are rare (but they do exist for women) and you risk wasting your time. Does this mean that there is no such thing as a free and reliable one-way dating site? Not quite.
With the platforms we have selected for you, it will be possible to make ephemeral encounters at very low prices (1 euro / month), and even to use some sites for free thanks to interesting trial offers. Does that tempt you? Here is our top 5.

The 5 best free one-night stand dating sites

Are you tired of looking for the right free next-day dating site, and going from one disappointment to another by surfing on mediocre platforms? Don’t go any further. With the 5 following sites, you will be able to catch naughty plans simply and without ruining you. If you want to make naughty encounters and sex without waiting, here is our ranking.

TonPlanCul, the N°1 site for free one-night stand meetings

Make a free one-night standTo make light meetings, a naughty dating site often returns in the mouth of the users: Ton Plan cul. If it is considered as the n°1 for the meeting without tomorrow, it is for several obvious reasons.
First of all, its community of members looking for a booty call is huge, and not only in France. The site has been in existence for 10 years and is present in many countries, which is great when you travel. So, during your next vacations, or during your company’s annual seminar, you could easily occupy your nights.

Secondly, it is the quality of the members you find on TonPlanCul that has made its reputation. The profiles are well filled and the users respond, quickly, but they also take initiatives. It is not uncommon to receive several naughty messages a day from particularly hot members. If they’re in your area, sex plans get organized very quickly.
Finally, despite a small lack of functionality (there is no webcam), the contact options are effective. We’ll get straight to the point, with a functional messaging system and a convenient notification system. Special mention should be made of the system that allows you to send the same message to multiple users, so that you can get a wide range of users. We’ll tell you more in our full test of TonPlanCul.
For a one-night stand, TonPlanCul is #1. If for men, a subscription is required after a certain period of time, it is possible to test the site for free. And you will be able to make some nice encounters.


It’s a reference site for casual dating. Here we don’t make plans for the duration, we just want a plan without headache, a story without tomorrow.
With these interesting features and a large and very hot community, it’s a great option for quick sex near you. The advantage is that this site is really effective wherever you are (read our becoquin review). A site that benefits from its international notoriety because it is present all over the world. So you will also be able to find foreigners passing by near you who just want to have sex.

Adultfrienfinder, easy hard plans for 2.95 euros

Adultfriendfinder is one of the best known dating sites in the world, and you will find that its community is huge. In France, the site has a certain success because it is one of the most daring on the market.
Indeed, one should not be too prude on this platform, nor fear nudity because it is everywhere. You will come across more or less hard photos, you will sometimes receive very naughty images and particularly raw messages and you will have access to X videos if you wish. Enough to get in the mood for a sex shot. And still, we didn’t mention the possibility of watching live shows or exchanging via webcam. Adultfriendfinder is very efficient and offers an atypical subscription system. For 1 euro per month you can activate a complete profile, browse the site and be contacted, and for 2.95 euros per month you will have unlimited access to 1 profile, which is perfect if you have a crush on a pretty user near you. Here, dating is easy, because the registered members assume their most naughty desires and if you are a lover of sexual pleasures considered as less classic (work, SM, roleplay …), you will find your happiness on this platform.

Xflirt, a Hot site for ephemeral encounters at 1 euro

On this site which assumes its X side, the number of women is very high because it is a dating site with no tomorrow free for women.
For men, there are several possibilities: take a 1 euro pass to find members and receive messages after creating a complete profile, and if you like the members, you only have to subscribe to a complete offer that unlocks all contact options. Very effective, very complete, Xflirt attracts users who like sex and who claim it. You won’t waste your time flirting or exchanging long messages on this platform, because everyone knows you’re there to fuck. The good thing is that others are there for the same reason.

Jacquie and Michel Contact, to get one-night stands for less than 2 euros.

Jacquie et Michel Contat is the libertine dating site launched by the famous French video brand X. Those who register here are totally uninhibited and whether with men, women or couples, you will exchange without taboo. If you show the courtesy that libertines appreciate, you will soon make very naughty encounters.
This site of meeting without tomorrow is free for the women and they are numerous to come to find a blow of one evening here. Among them, there would be even some amateurs present in the videos for adults of J&M…
For men, the site is paying and you have to choose one of the proposed subscriptions, but there is a very practical trial offer: for 1.95 euros, you can test the site for 3 full days. You will have access to all the features and enough time to get your first booty call.
With its interface close to that of a social network, Jacquie and Michel Contact is a sexy and dynamic platform that has been growing in popularity in recent months and you can see why, given the results obtained when you use it.

The one-night stand, the right solution for you?

Now that you know which free (or almost free) one-night stand dating site will bring you the best results, you have to ask yourself one question: what exactly is a one-night stand?
A one-night stand is simply spending a warm moment with a partner who expects nothing else in return. It’s sex just for the sake of sex and everyone should enjoy it. It’s not about commitment or sentiment, and you may never see each other again after your sex. So it’s important that the rules are clear for both participants, to avoid awkward situations where one falls for the other.
In general, this practice is particularly appreciated by younger singles who want to have fun and have as many sexual experiences as possible before one day starting a more permanent relationship. But these are not the only profiles that you will come across on a dating site with no future.
Married men and women sometimes sign up to spice up their sex life, unfaithful couples who can’t resist the urge to have fun elsewhere, or very open couples are also present. On these free sites, there are few real women and a lot of men. As a result, the few pretty girls online will be contacted by all the guys on the site, and you will have very little chance of receiving a response. And again, there’s no guarantee that it’s not a bot or a fake profile. It’s the plague of these uncontrolled platforms and if you really want to meet someone for a night, it’s better to pay a few euros. In addition to this advantage, registering on a dating site with no tomorrow and subscribe will motivate you. We all know that once you’ve paid, you want results. Finally, be aware that women who visit dating sites know perfectly well that a single man who has made the effort to subscribe to meet them (because they don’t usually pay) is a truly motivated man.Make a free one-night stand