Max Meeting Point

How it works

Are you looking for a fun meeting, socializing or a fun activity? Then you’ve come to the right place at Max Meeting Point. This is the place for Max-members who like to do fun things together with others. Because together is better than alone. In a safe environment you can meet new people, discover fun clubs and do activities when you feel like it.
Max Meeting Point is the new name for 50plusnet. It is not really a dating site, but an initiative of Omroep Max for people over 50. It gives them the opportunity to get to know others and do fun things together. Members of Omroep Max can go there to look for a relationship, but it is more often used for a friendship, writing contact or someone to do fun trips with. Do you want to date or find love? Then we recommend another dating site for 50-plussers: 50plusmatch; the winner of the Thuiswinkel Awards.

Who is it for?

Max Meeting PointMax Meeting Point is set up by Omroep Max and is the safe place to easily meet people. It is a place for active people who would like to get in touch with other people over 50, possibly to meet up afterwards. Because only members of Omroep Max can join, it is possible to keep Max Meeting Point safer. This membership of Max Meeting Point is on an individual level because a profile will be created personally. It is therefore necessary to become a member yourself if you want to actively participate in the platform. To become a member of Max Meeting Point, you must first be a member of broadcaster Max. You can easily register and support Omroep Max directly. As a member of Omroep Max you support the broadcaster, receive the member magazine 6 times a year and get access to unique trips and fun events. You also get free exclusive access to the online platform Max Meeting Point. The registration costs of Omroep Max are not expensive; for only €7.50 you can become a member of the association, after which you can also use the online platform.
After you have registered you can indicate on your profile who you are and what your hobbies are. Furthermore, you can also indicate personal preferences and place a number of photos so that other members quickly have an image of you.

Chatting and making contact with others

Of course, the purpose of Max Meetingpoint is to get in touch with other members. The chat option is very simple. In fact, this feature allows you to have one-on-one conversations with other members. These conversations are also not public. The chat feature can be used to chat with other members who are online, but you can also send messages to someone who is not currently online. In this way you can get in touch with many members and meet new people.

The message board of Max Meeting Point

On the platform of Max Meeting Point you can also find a bulletin board. Here you can find invitations to do something together. Tips and suggestions about activities can also be posted here. The bulletin boards are divided into 4 clear categories: “Max Cafe”, for all kinds of messages, “Introduction”, a bulletin board to introduce yourself to the rest of the members, “Activities”, for setting up or finding fun activities and “Poems”, a stage for poems. On these message boards you can place a call yourself, respond to others or read something.

Your matches and favorite members

Max Meeting PointBased on your profile, members are selected that match your profile. These members are presented as matches and can be found under interesting members. If you have friends or others with whom you are often in contact, you can mark them as favorites. These favorite members can then also be easily found on the site.

Another interesting feature of Max Meeting Point is the Clubs. Through this option you can meet new people who have the same hobbies and interests. Members of Online Clubs can, for example, meet up to do something fun together. The Clubs are divided by province and cover a variety of interests and topics. You can start your own club with your own interests as the theme, but you can also join another club.

On the site you can find an overview of all the clubs and read more information about the structure and content of the club. In addition, it is possible to sign up directly if you are interested. Examples of clubs you can find on Max Meeting Point are coffee clubs, cycling clubs, walking clubs and reading clubs; there is something for everyone.


If you are using an online platform, then of course you want to be able to trust that it is also safe. Because only members of Omroep Max can become members, it is possible to keep the site safe and see which people are using the platform. Your details and membership number will only be used to create an account. Other users will not have access to this and you can decide what additional information you enter on your profile.
The site also states that Max is doing everything possible to keep the site safe. If you see something passing by that you do not trust, then you can report this immediately so that something can be done about it.

About Max Meeting Point

Max Meeting Point was created in 2020 from the website 50plusnet. Since 2020 it has been a service of broadcaster Max, so only members of the broadcaster can use this website. So Max Meeting Point is not really a dating site for the elderly, but it is a great way to get to know other people over 50.
It is a social network for the 50+ community with numerous features that can make your stay extremely enjoyable. For example, you can search by interests or hobby to get to know others. Furthermore, you can join clubs of people with the same interests, you can post calls on the message board and it is a completely free service if you are a member of Omroep Max.