How it works.

Meetic, the company behind a large number of European dating sites, is no longer absent from the streets of online dating. If you are looking for love, friendship or a casual fling, you can find it on the dating site of Meetic. In the Netherlands, Meetic does not operate under its own name, but under the Lexa name. This is the same company with the same members, but under a different name. Who does not know Lexa? Lexa is known from TV commercials and radio commercials with the slogan #LoveYourImperfections. Meetic is the Belgian version and is certainly not inferior to the Dutch Lexa. Meetic is the example of a classic dating site. You can easily create an account, fill in your details, possibly a profile text and post some nice pictures of yourself. Within a few minutes you are ready to start dating. It is possible that your photo and profile have to be screened before other singles can find you. This is obviously done to ensure the safety of members and prevent fake profiles. Using the search function you can search for singles nearby but you can also filter on characteristics and interests. Is there a nice single among them? Then you can quickly contact them through a message or request a chat.

Meetic app

As a major player in the online dating market Meetic knows like no other that a dating site without an app does not count these days. The Meetic app is available in the Apple App Store but also in the Google Play and Windows Phone stores.

What can you do as a free Meetic member?

MeeticAs you might expect, registration is free. As a free member you can’t do much else on the dating sites of Meetic. For example, on Meetic you can’t send messages to other members and you can’t read other members’ messages either. However, you can properly assess the functioning of the website with a free membership. If you want to make use of it you will have to pay. Pay attention to the promotions of Meetic and Lexa, sometimes there is a promotion where a free member can use all the functions for three days at the most.

As mentioned earlier Meetic does a lot to ensure the safety of all members. For example, all profiles are manually vetted. In fact, half of the staff is constantly examining profiles and monitoring the behavior of members on the dating site. If there are members who do things that are not acceptable, they are quickly blocked and are no longer welcome on the dating site. As a member of the Quality Mark Safe Dating, even one of the founders of the label, you can be sure that all is well with the conditions, customer friendliness and safety. In addition, Lexa carries the “Thuiswinkel” guarantee and you can be sure that everything goes according to the rules.

Single events

Meetic makes it fun for singles by organizing special events. Spread out over The Netherlands the company organizes social get-togethers and activities for its members. All members of Lexa can participate in the drinks to make it a fun evening together with many singles. The advantage of these events is that you know that everyone is single and nobody knows each other. In this casual way you can quickly meet many nice singles.

About Meetic is part of the French company Meetic. The Meetic website exists since 2002 and has grown into a gigantic dating company that has been in the lists of the top dating sites since the beginning. Meetic is the European market leader and has an established position in various countries with brands such as Lexa, Lovescout24,, and

Be2 is a dating site that focuses entirely on the serious single looking for a steady relationship. If you are looking for a quick hook-up or a casual relationship, you have come to the wrong place. Be2 makes this all too clear on its website. With more than a million members, it is a dating site of considerable size. Whether you are looking for someone in your neighborhood or on the other side of the Netherlands: you can find it on the Be2 dating site.

How does Be2 work?

MeeticBe2 works a little bit different than the standard online dating site. Unlike many dating sites you do not have to deal with long lists of dating profiles where you have to search for a single yourself. The Be2 dating site helps you find a relationship. When you create an account you are asked to fill out a list of questions, also called a personality test. The personality test is based on scientific research so that you get a good picture of your personality and what suits it. Based on this test you are presented with a number of matches every day that suit you.
Whether Be2 is free depends on what you mean by free. You can create an account, do the personality test and get an overview of your partner proposals without any costs. However, as a free member you can’t do much more. Sending messages and reading them is only possible if you purchase a paid membership. The paid membership opens the doors to all functionalities. You can then read and send unlimited messages but also use all other functions.

In a relationship a number of factors are decisive for success. Of course there is the level of education, but character traits also play a big role. The personality test not only gives you a good idea of your own personality but also shows you why you are or are not a good match for another single. With the matches you receive a score so you can quickly see in what areas you match and in what areas you are opposites.


At the Be2 dating site you decide who you contact. Of course you can also receive messages from others. You also decide who can see your photo. If you do not want to be openly visible on the dating site, for example because you have a public job, then that is possible. Your privacy is always guaranteed. Messages are sent through the internet system so you do not have to use your own email address. Because Be2 works with leading service providers the company does everything to protect your personal information. For example, the website of Be2 is secured with an SSL encryption so that malicious persons cannot intercept the data. Be2 is a well-known dating site that has been around for quite a while in the online dating world. The database of singles is varied with members in all age groups. For example, twenty-somethings can find peers but older people can also meet people of the same age. Everyone is welcome. Whether you are gay, live in a remote corner of Groningen or have just turned 18, Be2 is a dating site where you can go.
Be2 is a relationship agency as they call themselves with a large membership base. The website was launched back in 2004 and has grown significantly in all these years. Not only in the Netherlands but all over the world. At this moment Be2 has over 16 million members worldwide in 30 countries and 6 continents. Every day the number of members increases with approximately 20.000. With 225 employees and 41 different nationalities Be2 does everything to make it as easy, fun and exciting as possible in your search for true love, a date or friendship.