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Finding a booty call online has become easier and easier. Indeed, the applications dedicated to singles and couples wishing to find new sexual partners are now very numerous, each one offering the possibility to join a new community, discover new features, and enlarge its address book with new sex friends.

However, users are quite suspicious when it comes to registering on a recent platform, as it is precisely the case of Plan Cul messenger. Indeed, if this platform bears its name very well, it does not yet enjoy the popularity of more well-known sites such as Adult Friend Finders for example (to which we have also dedicated a full review) and therefore has fewer subscribers.

Moreover, these applications can be dangerous in some cases, especially when they are free. Why is this? Simply because they are full of fake profiles that can either be used to get you to take a paid subscription or to hide from scammers who are after your money too.

In this complete review of Plan Cul Messenger, we will therefore discover together the specificities of this naughty dating application. What are the features offered, the registered community, and will you have to pay to use the site?

Presentation of Plan Cul messenger

Plan cul messenger is an application that offers you the possibility to find, as its name indicates, sex plans. Its goal is not to connect singles looking for a serious story, but men and women who want to have fun and live hot and only sexual relationships.
At first glance, the platform is quite classic. As soon as you arrive on Plan Cul messenger, you will be invited to create a profile to take full advantage of its features. To encourage you to do so, profiles of sexy young women will scroll across your screen, inviting you to come and chat with them in the hope of bringing them back to your bedroom.

The interface is quite classy, and the modern design (with the blue and white colors that change a bit from the much more charged atmosphere of other sites like Xflirt, for example).

How to register on Plan Cul Messenger

Opinions about Plan Cul messengerIf you want to go further on Plan Cul Messenger, then you will have no choice but to create a profile. Until then, it’s nothing but classic, and people who are used to using sex dating sites won’t be too out of place.

To register, all you have to do is fill in your email address and fill in a very simple questionnaire. Plan Cul Messenger also gives you the possibility to create an account much more easily by connecting directly via your Facebook profile.

This option may please the laziest among you, but we advise you to be a little more careful. Indeed, registering via Facebook can link your account on Plan Cul messenger to your social network. And if you don’t want your official partner, or your friends and family in general, to know that you’re looking for sex on the net, it’s clearly not a good idea. Instead, play it discreet and opt for the email address option.

Create his profile on Plan Cul Messenger

The second step of your experience on Plan Cul messenger will be to fill out your profile. Not all members bother to do this (based on previous users’ opinions and what you’ve seen while browsing the site). But you don’t lose anything by introducing yourself quickly, emphasizing what you are looking for in terms of sex and your physical characteristics.

The most important step, of course, is to add photos. This is crucial on a booty call site like this one because you will mainly be judged on your body. The pictures of other members are usually very explicit, so don’t be afraid to show a little flesh (that’s what looks good on the site).

Plan Cul messenger will also give you the possibility to certify your account (by verifying your identity via a phone call). This can be a good way to reassure other members, but also to sort between fake and real profiles on the platform.

What features are available on PCM?

On Plan Cul Messenger, you will find the same functionalities as on a classic dating site. For starters, you will be able to search for members in your area thanks to an engine from which the site allows you to enter specific criteria. It’s a good way to find the rare pearl, even if you won’t have a lot of choice (unlike sites like Jacquie and Michel Contact which allow you to enter your sexual or physical preferences, for example).

Then, Plan Cul Messenger will allow you to send messages to profiles that caught your eye, or chat directly with members who are online at the same time as you. The bad news is that, as we’ll see later, the community on this application is quite small and if you live in a small town, you won’t have much choice.

Plan Cul Messenger also offers you a forum area to exchange with other subscribers and post classified ads. The webcam chat option is also offered, which is a good way to raise the temperature with your potential booty calls. On the other hand, you may regret not being able to send “flashes” (like likes) to other profiles, or to scroll on your screen to compete with those you physically like (a bit like Tinder).

Who is registered on Plan Cul Messenger?

The problem is that on Plan Cul Messenger, the members are not very numerous. This is often the case for newer platforms, and it’s a weak point that needs to be taken into account if you plan to register on this site. Generally speaking, you won’t have too much trouble finding booty calls if you live in a big city, but for others, it’s better to turn to more popular applications such as Becoquin, for example.

The other problem with Plan Cul Messenger is that some profiles don’t look real. Even before you sign up, you’ll receive messages from hot girls inviting you to have a drink (which is simply not possible during the confinement period, at the time of writing this article). So we can fear that there is a lot of fake on PCM.

Plan Cul messenger rates: is there a charge for this site?

The answer to this question is yes! You will need to pay to access the advanced features of Plan Cul Messenger. This is not a big surprise, nor a disappointment on our part because a paid site implies more budget for profile moderation. This is the case on PCM since you will have to wait until your registration is accepted before you can chat with other members.
You will be able to pay for your subscription by credit card and the full amount (especially if you take a pack of several months) will be debited in one go. Remember to cancel the renewal if you do not intend to continue using the site after this period.

Plan Cul Messenger notice : do I have to register on this site ?

Plan Cul Messenger is a pleasant platform to use to find a booty call. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really seem to be an efficient solution to chain the one night stands since there are very few registered members, and a lot of fake profiles. So it’s better to save your money for a more well-known platform, on which you’ll have more choices!Opinions about Plan Cul messenger