Opinions on Erotilink

What we think about it and customer feedback

Dating without commitment is a trend that is appreciated by more and more French people these days. The possibility of being able to explore one’s sexuality, and to do so freely with people you will not necessarily see again and who will therefore have only a minimal importance in your life, has indeed become much easier to grasp with the arrival of dating applications like Erotilink.
If you’re reading this Erotilink review, it’s because you want to know more about this rather discreet platform, which proposes to facilitate libertine encounters. If many people are reluctant to register with these applications, it is because they are often afraid that they are not serious, and that it is actually a scam. Indeed, many naughty dating sites take advantage of their users to make them pay for subscriptions to exorbitant webcam sites, or to recover their private data.
In this article, we have therefore analyzed for you Erotilink: detailed advice to determine whether it is an effective platform for finding sex, or a scam.

Erotilink: detailed advice and presentation of this site of ass meeting

ErotiLink.com, since its creation in 2014, has started to be very successful in the singles world in France and the rest of Europe. This popularity is not only due to its simplicity, but also because this page is considered one of the most reliable on the Web for finding a booty call.
ErotiLink.com is a simple page that seeks to satisfy all your fantasies with the women and men in your area. What we loved about this page is that women don’t beat around the bush, they don’t need little messages of love, they don’t need a lot of work, they want action, period.
So the exchanges will always be very raw on the platform, and you won’t have to wait very long to be able to organize a face-to-face meeting. Nevertheless, you will need to take out a paid subscription if you want to take advantage of the many options offered by Erotilink.

Find a booty call on Erotilink

Opinions on ErotilinkNow let’s talk about the possibility of finding booty calls. According to the feedback, the results are rather mixed. Of course, it is possible to meet people by email, but you have to be patient. The community is there for mischievous meetings but it is still a little weak in number. So if you live in a big city to find your happiness but as soon as you leave the big cities it is more deserted.
Find a booty call that is several hundred kilometers away is not necessarily good news, rather frustrating.
According to user feedback, the answers are pretty fast on Erotilink so you won’t have to wait very long before someone bites your hook. It also shows that fakes, or inactive accounts, are not a generality on this site (which is often the case on naughty dating sites, unfortunately).
On Erotilink, 100% of the encounters are made without any commitment, which is precisely what you are looking for when you register on this type of application. Women are rather sexy (even if some profiles are less attractive than others, which is perfectly normal) and the average age is around thirty. Concerning the community and the possibility of finding a booty call: mixed opinion. Indeed, the community is still young and growing. We still have to wait a little while for this site to develop.

Safety above all

Now let’s talk about security. This site presents itself as a service of quality and trust for the user. It claims to dedicate a large part of its teams, in addition to checking the content of what is published daily, to moderating and hunting for false profiles. They are also very dedicated to guide you and answer all your questions regarding the operation of the site, or the creation of a profile.
Another thing that caught our attention is that ErotiLink.com has a tool called Speedflirt, which allows you to get to know and connect quickly with other users. No fake profiles, real women, how you want them and when you want them. Regarding security, you will have understood it for Eurotilink: positive opinion. Moreover, according to our investigation, we have been vigilant to detect possible scams. And we can see that this kind of practice is not allowed on the site. The profiles are checked by the administrators, which proves once again that it is much more interesting and secure to go through a paying site.

All the profiles, even the sexiest ones, are authentic and held by people who really want to meet swingers, libertines, or just easily find a new sex life.
It’s also a good thing that the information is not shared with third party companies, which is a fairly common practice on these types of applications. To verify this, we have created an address dedicated solely to our profile on Erotilink. Since its creation, which goes back several months, we have not received any spam mail, which proves that the platform has the interest of its users at heart.

Interface and ease of use

In general, the platform is also very easy to use. To take advantage of the possibilities offered by Erotilink, all you have to do is create a profile and then browse through its infinite options.
Moreover, and no matter which part of France you come from, you will find a wide choice of singles available to go wild. The important thing is that you have your tastes well defined and that you want to make many encounters.
And if you are one of those men who don’t have the time to log on to a computer and surf the sex dating sites, don’t worry, ErotiLink.com has an application that you can download to your phone and have the ability to make an appointment quickly.

Price: how much does a subscription cost?

The reason why Erotilink is so parity friendly is that the platform is completely free for women. Only male members will have to take out a paid subscription if they wish to access the most advanced features of the application. Registration remains 100% free, but it will only allow you to view profiles, not to get in touch.
The Gold subscription (29.99 euros per month and the obligation to pay a 3-month subscription): it is the most complete, but also the most expensive. It allows you to view profiles without restriction, to send and receive messages without any limit, to benefit from unlimited contact requests. But also and especially to have access to the Webcam Chat.
The Silver subscription (29.49 euros per month and you have to take out a 2-month subscription): this option also gives you access to the Webcam Chat and unlimited message sending. You will also be able to view as many profiles as you want, add 5 contacts per day and put up to 6 photos on your profile.
The Bronze subscription (€49.94 per month) allows you to be 10 times on top of the ranking, add 4 photos to your profile, send and receive messages unlimited, make 5 contact requests per day, view all profiles and have unlimited access to the Webcam Chat.
According to our analysis, this is indeed a reliable application that you can use with your eyes closed. This is good news, considering that many of the applications we have tested have turned out to be scams. The platform respects the privacy rights of its users and does not risk reselling your data to the highest bidders.

Its other strong point is that it allows you to join an active and reactive community, which is good news if your goal is to meet other singles. The exchanges are done without taboos, the answers are not waiting, and the other members do not have cold feet. So certainly we are far from the communities and features of the best sex and naughty dating sites, but Erotilink has some interesting qualities.Opinions on Erotilink