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You can find almost anything on the Internet dating market. But we still manage to be pleasantly surprised, like when we discover a site like Fetlife which is a naughty dating and sex site.
It is nothing more or less than a BDSM social network. Fans of bondage, submission, domination, will be able to meet and share pleasures and pains. When your tastes in sex evolve, with age or because of a routine that settles down, other desires settle down. Some will go elsewhere, others will resign themselves, some will share with their partner to make things change. But when these desires are particular and risk being misunderstood, what can be done?
This is where Fetlife comes in. This dating site is like a social network for all BDSM lovers. The members know exactly why they are there and the community of nearly 6 million users could well allow you to realize your wildest fantasies.
The only downside for the French speaking members is that the number of registered members in the hexagon is still quite confidential. Most of the events take place outside of France and the groups, though so lively, are often in English.
Despite this, it would be a pity not to take a closer look at this special site. I did it for you, and I give you my opinion on fetlife here.

Fetlife review: The first social network of BDSM

Opinions on FetlifeLet it be clear immediately: sensitive and easily shocked souls have no business here. You will understand this very quickly after you have registered. All you have to do is choose a nickname, enter a valid email address and your phone number to receive a confirmation sms. No need to worry about confidentiality, it’s just a method that secures the platform.
Then, you will immediately be able to follow some of the most active members. You will be able to skip this step and go on to create your profile. Here, choose an image that speaks for itself, but not necessarily a picture of you dressed up or in civilian clothes. This is not what members want. The same goes for the description, which will be as whimsical as it is hot. You will have to mention here the role(s) you prefer: top, bottom, dominant or submissive… there are more than 50 choices.
When you are on the main page, you realize that this is not a dating site strictly speaking. Here, you will choose rather to join groups, to follow members, according to your sexual desires. Some will follow bondage groups, others will follow fetish groups… And of course you will be able to create your own group and be followed in your turn.
All you will have to do is to like, add friends, sign up for very hot parties, or publish pictures or photos of your choice. Yes, the principle is similar to that of the most famous social networks and this is the very purpose of this platform.
You will of course be able to chat with other members via messaging or on the forums, but unfortunately the live chat is currently disabled.
We understand the variety of sexy possibilities here, but what about real encounters? Because the virtual is good, but when we like BDSM, it’s also and especially for the sensations felt. Let’s see this in the following review on Fetlife.

Opinion on Fetlife: little French but unlimited naughty possibilities

It must be admitted: in France, the possibilities offered by Fetlife are quite limited. There are a few thousand French-speaking users, which doesn’t exclude dating. But we are far from reaching the excellent results that the platform offers on the other side of the Atlantic.
It is a pity and frustrating at the same time. Because we would like to be able to use the Fetlife site at 100% of its possibilities. There are many good ideas, the site is quite easy to use and the members with whom we can discuss are very open-minded.
You can find people of all ages and all types of people. And whether you are new to this type of practice or are a seasoned practitioner, you will find your place on fetlife.

A small drawback to be pointed out in technical terms, however. The search functionality is … disastrous. In fact, it is almost impossible to search using keywords in the search bar, because it doesn’t recognize much. So you’ll have to browse between groups and profiles to find what you’re looking for. But it is also an opportunity to discover new practices…

It makes you want to know more? This is the business model on which Fetlife works. And it is also quite innovative.

Prices and subscriptions of Feltlife

The BDSM dating site fetlife does not offer a subscription as such. You will be able to use a good part of the site without paying, but you won’t have access to the sexiest content. Members’ videos will only be unlockable in exchange of a 5 euros / month fee.

With this participation, you will also have access to a page gathering the most successful publications. And as you can imagine, they are often the hottest.Opinions on Fetlife