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Our opinion and user testimonials

In our OneNightFriend review, we will introduce you to the features and community of this naughty dating and sex site. But we are also interested in the opinions of previous users in order to determine whether or not it is a serious platform or not.
Indeed, we would advise you not to rely solely on the promises of the application, which will always tell you that you will be able to meet hundreds of women and men in just a few clicks. It is always good to take into account the different points of view of the users.
Middle-aged adults between 25 and 34 make up nearly a quarter of the total membership, perhaps because of their knowledge of how to use this website and its features. This is also the age where people are neither too young nor too old to explore different experiences such as online dating.
Typically, accounts will send you a message seconds after you sign up. It’s up to you to figure out why. Other profiles that might look suspicious to you may also be spotted when using celebrity photos.

Sign up for OneNightFriend

To sign up for OneNightFriend, all you need is a few minutes. The site will only ask you to specify your email, password, location, and sexual preference. Confirm your email by clicking on the link or by entering the code that was sent to you.
You will then need to set your dating preference on the account page. Then complete your profile data to attract other members.
The features available for free would be relatively limited. For example, you will not be able to reply to messages (true or false) that have been sent to you.

How to chat on One Night Friend

Only paying members can contact other members. A standard account will not be able to send replies to received messages. Some features will be available separately, such as the possibility to exchange by SMS.
So if you are looking for new partners, you should be prepared to pay for a premium account. Note that even if you have upgraded your premium membership, it is possible that the person you send a message to will only use the free features. This means that replies are not a guarantee because standard members will not be able to reply or engage in conversation.

Profile Quality

Opinions on One Night FriendYou’ll soon realize that the quality of the profiles on OneNightFriend leaves a lot to be desired. For example, it is not necessary to provide all the information on the profile page. For those who would have complied, the profile information generally concerns physical aspects such as hair color, body type, weight, height, eye color, tattoos and piercing.
A member can share a status to express his or her thoughts. There are only a few rules that you must follow when you post a message on your profile. If you do not follow the community guidelines, your post may be refused if it is flagged. The rule states that you are not allowed to enter the following: personal details, links to other sites, offensive language, mention of drugs, escort offers, and currency.
It is reported that many profiles are false. Photos of models and celebrities have also been spotted posing as members of the platform. These suspicious accounts can be reported to the site administrator using their hotline and email for further verification.
Note that you cannot view a member’s information if you have not shared yours as well. The field will remain “blank” until you share your profile as well.
OneNightFriend offers some features for free. Some are limited but will be available again after a certain period of time.

Our opinion about OneNightFriend

Wink of an eye
It is a way to get a member’s attention. You can click on the corresponding smiley button, but only for members who match your preferences.
Your search can be limited to the parameters you define. However, you can change all parameters except gender.
The photos of the members will be shown one after the other. You have the choice to Nexter a suggested member if you are not interested or to like him/her with the heart button if not.
You can send funny messages to several people at once. This feature is free and will reset every 12 hours.Opinions on One Night Friend