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Exploring one’s sexuality has become much easier thanks to the many resources we now have access to on the web. In addition to the erotic content available to us for free (for the most part), we can also meet potential sexual partners much more easily by registering on a booty call platform.
This is the case of Sexedesirs which, as its name indicates, aims to facilitate naughty encounters, group sex, and libertine evenings. If you have always dreamed of being part of a community where you could talk freely, meet beautiful and beautiful singles, and organize your next hot plans without any hassle, this may be the site you need.
Here’s everything you need to know about Sexedesirs (features, community, rates, user reviews) before you get started.

Presentation of Sexedesirs.com

Sexedesirs is a platform that, as its name suggests, allows you to meet single people or couples looking for a good time. Unlike more serious dating sites like Meetic, the goal is clearly not to make it easier for you to find love. But to discover new sexual practices, experience torrid relationships, and explore your fantasies in complete freedom.
Available in several countries, Sexedesirs is open to people living in France, but also in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg or North and South America (Canada, Colombia, etc.). If you are a traveler, or if you would love to be able to watch a webcam show of a beautiful Brazilian woman, Sexedesirs can be made for you.
But now let’s move on to what really interests us: what lies beneath the surface.

How to register on Sexedesirs

Opinions SexedesirsLet’s say you’re looking for a booty call for this weekend, and you feel like you’ve already been on a tour of more well-known platforms like Adult Friend Finder, or Becoquin (although, in our objective opinion, this seems very unlikely to happen). You will therefore have to register on Sexedesirs to hope to be able to meet people there.
It would seem that the platform itself is difficult to handle, with an unintuitive operation. In addition, the registration form that you will have to fill out is long. If you are used to using this type of naughty dating and sex site, it shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, you might get discouraged.
Once your registration has been validated (you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provide), the site will immediately give you 100 credits that you can use to view other profiles, or place an ad. The points system is quite original, and changes subscriptions by the month, allowing you to measure your budget according to your availability and your needs. If you don’t need a booty call this month, you won’t have to pay your package for nothing.
However, you’ll soon discover that there’s not much you can do with those famous 100 free points. Indeed, to send a single message, it will already cost you 50 points. The same goes for consulting another member’s file. You will therefore have to think twice before clicking on a profile and writing to it because the opportunity will only arise again if you take out your wallet.

How much do credits cost on Sexedesirs

You will have understood it, your free use of the dating site Sexedesirs will be extremely limited. Pass these 100 free points, you will have to go to the checkout quickly. Each message costs 50 points, and it will cost you 10 more points to view a profile. However, the 100 points cost 1 euro in total. Sexedesirs also gives you the opportunity to chat live with members who are logged in at the same time as you. But to open a new chat window, you will have to pay 80 extra points (0.80 euros). This is not cheap. In the end, while the point system may seem interesting and allow you to better calculate your budget, you will quickly realize that the counter is running very fast. And what to do on Sexedesirs may cost you a lot of money.

What do Sexedesirs users think?

Before buying your first credits, it might be interesting to read what previous Sexedesirs users have thought about their experience. By reading the reviews left on the specialized forums, one quickly realizes that the application has a very bad reputation. And that people who have already tested its services are not at all satisfied.
On the functionality side, it’s also a cold shower. The contact options offered by the site are extremely basic and do not bring anything new to what we already know, but on much more popular and reliable platforms such as Jacquie and Michel Contact (for libertine dating) or Casual Dating to easily find a booty call.

Sexedesirs avis: is it advisable to register on this site?

Considering the poor results that Sexedesirs provides, it does not seem to us that you should register on this platform. With its not very intuitive interface, its old-fashioned design, and its community still very exclusive in France, this hot dating portal does not allow you to get real appointments and will therefore prove to be a waste of your time and money.
The only positive point we could have found on this site is its points system. But consulting a profile, sending a message or opening a chat window will cost you almost a euro each time. And since these attempts will most often end in failure, it is not a very efficient way to spend your money.Opinions Sexedesirs