How it works

If at all possible, you want to be able to count on a like-minded partner during a date. Of course there are the occasional success stories about relationships between two opposites, but still, if you have to choose, you prefer someone with the same interests or character traits as yourself.
Precisely for this reason, all kinds of niches have emerged in the online dating world and you can think of dating for the well-educated, the elderly, couples, but also for example dating for people with a certain religion.

Who is it for?

OpzoeknaarjouOne example is the website Opzoeknaarjou. This is a dating website that is solely focused on Christian members. In itself this is not so strange, because all over the world couples are formed based on religious background and also in the Netherlands not even that long ago this was very common. Opzoeknaarjou takes that preference to online dating and of course that calls for an extensive review.

Simply for people of faith who also want to take advantage of the opportunities of online dating. Like many other people, Christian singles are often too busy to throw themselves into dating life. Online dating is very easy anyway and that is why more and more Christians have taken to Internet dating. Often there are too many members on a general website to be able to filter by faith. A site like Opzoeknaarjou.nl however, makes it very specific so you immediately know that you are dealing with fellow believers. For many religious people, the Christian faith also plays an important role in their lives. On a site like this you can therefore look for someone with whom you share the same faith and in the most favorable case also have other similarities.

The role of Christian community

Opzoeknaarjou presents itself as an online dating site, but also claims to offer a community for religious people of all Christian denominations. According to the administrators, it is not the appearance, education level, or profession that is important, but rather the faith on this website. Every single person with a Christian background is therefore welcome. As you can imagine, this also means that this platform is not quite suitable for people who are looking for, let’s say, some wilder adventures. At Opzoeknaarjou, biblical values play an important role. For that same reason, every registration is checked for religious affinity and that means that all members who do not adhere to the terms and conditions are removed from the site. Thus, during registration you will also be asked questions about faith, in addition to, of course, being asked about your job, hobbies and other personal interests. For example, a central question on this website is why you registered. Or to make it very specific, during registration you may tell how often you go to church. During your registration you will also see that you may also tell what exactly you are looking for, such as a relationship or simply new friends.

Fairly strict screening

OpzoeknaarjouAs far as that goes, we can say that the screening is fairly strict and that is actually only to be welcomed. We love dating sites where every profile is manually checked by the administrators.
Meanwhile, thousands of people have already signed up on this website and for the rest, the dating website works like all the others. For example, you have free profiles with which you have a limited number of options. For example, you can send a message or chat with other members, but for all options you can also switch to a paid subscription.

The website itself looks great and is also very clear. An important advantage of the site is the option to try out a premium membership for 2 days free of charge. Also, the subscription costs (check the website for current rates) are a lot lower than on other websites. Because this is a relatively small community, with about 3500 profiles there are not that many members. What is nice is that because of the active checks there are fewer scammers or spammers active on this site.
However, what we find very annoying about the website is that it is not clear what is included in a paid subscription. To find out, you will have to sign up and that makes it unclear for people visiting the website for the first time. The site does not offer a lot of information anyway.

Dating anywhere, anytime

Using the mobile app and the mobile website, you can date anywhere whenever you want. Although the app is a bit more conveniently arranged, the mobile website also performs well, in our opinion. The site adapts itself when you use a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

About Opzoeknaarjou

Opzoeknaarjou calls itself the leading Christian dating site in the Netherlands. As such, the website currently ranks as one of the largest dating sites in the Netherlands specifically designed for Christian members. The website has been around since 2004 and currently has about 3500 active members. Because of the fact that they have been around for a while, as a member you immediately have the advantage of dealing with an experienced helpdesk and equally experienced website administrators.
This website does not work with quality marks, but the experiences with this website are generally positive. So this provider seems reliable. And of course it should be a bit of a pious Christian website.