Our opinion on Snaprencontre

Community and subscription prices

Erotic encounters are a trend in France, and in many other countries around the world. At a time when we are more and more sexually liberated, and when we want to test new experiences, with new partners, Internet really allows us to have fun without taking our heads off. Thanks to the naughty applications, you don’t even have to leave your couch anymore. Among the small news in this field, there is Snaprencontre, of which here is our opinion. Taking its name from the famous social network, Snaprencontre is designed for no-holds-barred stories and features a large number of libertine singles and couples.
But is this platform really reliable? Read on to learn more about the features offered, the characteristics of this community of rascals, but also the price of subscriptions.

Avis Snaprencontre : what is it ?

Snaprencontre is a site of naughty dating and sex. If you wish to live a serious relation, better pass your way. If your goal is to find love, it is not on snaprencontre. On the contrary, if you are rather looking for something hot, Snaprencontre is certainly what you need.
With its modern interface, which includes all the codes of the social networks, the application wants to be resolutely young and wishes to attract a community of singles and swinging couples in their thirties.

How does this naughty application work?

Our opinion on SnaprencontreWhen you use an application to find a no-holds-barred story, you’re usually looking for efficiency and fluidity. The features offered by these apps are often the same, which is not a problem in itself. Basically, you only want to be able to easily find members who live near you, scroll through their photos and quickly exchange to organize an appointment if the current goes well between you.
On Snaprencontre, this is exactly what we offer you. But before going any further, you will have to create an account. The good news is that this is done very quickly, in just a few clicks. Even better, you won’t have to pay a cent to register and create your profile. If you’re the type of person who would rather skip this step, we advise you not to do so. Adding sexy photos will increase your response rate, setting you apart from potential fake profiles and making other members want to get to know you.
On the other hand, you can forget the long descriptions: no one will read them. The most important thing is to indicate your sexual preferences, your physical characteristics, and your availability.
It is a great classic of the sites of naughty meetings. Basically, it consists in indicating to the profile to which you send a wink that you are interested, and thus attract its attention. This feature is completely free and will allow you to generate more visits to your profile. However, it will most often not be enough to create contacts, especially if you can’t really bet on your dream plastic. This option is reminiscent of the “charms” or other “kisses” you can send to other dating sites.


Flirting works a bit like winking. Besides, we don’t really understand the difference between these two features, except for the price, since the flirts will be deducted as a credit. So if you don’t have a paid subscription, you won’t be able to use them.
We can understand by digging a little more that the flirts will be better referenced in the notifications of your target. Basically, they will attract their attention more and show that you are really determined to exchange with them.

Search and chat features

In addition to the winks and the flirts, Snaprencontre proposes you the great classics of the sites of setting in relation. Concretely, you will be able to make research via the engine which allows you to enter specific criteria (localization, sexual preferences, physical characteristics etc.). Then, you will have the choice of sending a message to the members you are interested in, or chatting with them live if they are also connected at the same time as you. In short: nothing revolutionary, but efficient options to find the right shoe and quickly organize a meeting.

Is Snaprencontre a reliable platform?

This is the fateful question, and the one that will largely determine what we think of Snaprencontre. Indeed, when one registers on a naughty site, and that one is about to share naughty pictures of oneself, one does not want that everyone can reach it. That’s why confidentiality is the key word.

The site of Snaprencontre is exploited by the company VC internet, recognized in Belgium and which engages to protect your personal data in these various charters and policies. This company also adhered to the Act of Protection of the Personal data. As a result, your data are not only protected against possible hacks, but they will not be resold to third party companies.

What other users think

Before registering on a dating site, we also advise you to read the comments left by previous users. Like Reeves and Prosper on Trustpilot who have rather mixed reviews. Indeed, many members complain that the profiles are not real and that even after sending several hundred messages (one credit per message, or about one euro), they have never managed to land a date. Remember to take care of your profile to attract women, otherwise you too may find yourself sending messages without getting any response. You can also test other sites and check out the Everflirt review.

We’ve also found positive reviews from men and women who have organized sex parties using this application. We therefore advise you to test Snaprencontre for free for a while before taking credits to make your own opinion. If your playground is swinging, then we also advise you to have a look at this feedback on Jacquie and Michel Contact.Our opinion on Snaprencontre