Paiq matching

Het unieke kenmerk van Paiq is dat je op een speelse wijze mensen leert kennen zonder meteen een oordeel te hebben over de persoon. Je ziet namelijk niet direct met wie je chat. In eerste instantie zien beiden niet met wie ze aan het chatten zijn. Is het een mooie vrouw of totaal niet je smaak? Je komt er pas achter door te blijven chatten. De foto van je gesprekspartner wordt pas tijdens het gesprek langzaam onthuld.

Bij Paiq ben je niet eindeloos aan het rondklikken tussen de meterslange lijsten met profielen. In plaats daarvan word je gematcht aan andere leden van de datingsite. De matching gebeurt op basis van de vragen die je eerder ingevuld hebt. Als Basic member heb je 1 match per week wat uiteraard niet veel is. Als je niet wilt betalen voor meerdere matches per week dan is de kans groot dat je niet veel tijd op de datingsite doorbrengt. Een extra manier om contact te komen met een leuke man of vrouw is door het kennismakingsspel te spelen.

Voor wie is het?

PaiqPaiq is er voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een serieuze relatie. Het matching systeem houdt namelijk vooral rekening met eigenschappen en kenmerken die de basis vormen van een relatie; niet van een seksdate. Als je doel een snelle hook-up is dan zul je dit niet snel vinden op Paiq. Dat is ook niet het beeld dat de datingsite wil uitstralen. Alle leeftijden vanaf 18 jaar en alle opleidingsniveaus zijn welkom.Paiq: “Meet nice singles”. That’s the simple slogan of the free dating site from the Netherlands. With a different approach than other dating sites, Paiq is the odd man out. What sets Paiq apart is that you do not immediately see your matches; first chat and only later view the photos. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the person first before making a visual judgement. There is a matching system to match you with singles that suit you, but you cannot search for members nearby yourself. Paiq is a dating site that works a little differently than the rest. According to Paiq itself, this is a spontaneous way like you don’t find with other dating sites. To be able to use the dating site it is necessary to sign up first. You can do this by using your data and email address but you can also do this with your Facebook or Google account. 

Paiq matching

After signing up you can start answering the questionnaire. This questionnaire is the basis of the matching system: without the answers the algorithm cannot match you with other singles. Add some more photos to your profile and you are ready to start on Paiq.
The unique feature of Paiq is that you get to know people in a playful way without immediately having a judgment about the person. You don’t immediately see who you are chatting with. Initially, both do not see with whom they are chatting. Is it a beautiful woman or not your taste at all? You only find out by continuing to chat. The photo of your conversation partner is only slowly revealed during the conversation.
With Paiq you don’t endlessly click around between meter-long lists of profiles. Instead, you are matched to other members of the dating site. The matching is done on the basis of the questions you have filled out previously. As a Basic member you have 1 match per week which is obviously not much. If you do not want to pay for multiple matches per week then chances are you will not spend much time on the dating site. An additional way to get in touch with a nice man or woman is by playing the introduction game.

Who is it for?

Paiq is for anyone who is looking for a serious relationship. This is because the matching system primarily takes into account traits and characteristics that form the basis of a relationship; not a sex date. If your goal is a quick hook-up then you will not find this on Paiq. That is also not the image that the dating site wants to project. All ages from 18 and up and all education levels are welcome.

Paiq for free?

PaiqUsing Paiq for free is possible, up to a point. Signing up is of course free with Paiq, as with any dating site. However, Paiq also allows you to chat with your matches for free as part of the Basic membership. As a free member, however, you only get a small number of matches per week. If you are lucky you will only get 1 match per week. This free membership is perfect if you want to test the dating site. As an extra option, with the free membership you can also search for free contacts via the introduction game. Should you want more matches per week then it is possible to take a paid membership. There are three types of memberships listed below including the additional features.

Paiq is moving with the times and like many other dating sites today has made available a functional dating app. The dating app of Paiq receives regular updates and is available for Android and iOS smartphones. In this way, the features of the website are also available as part of the app. You can view your matches in the app, play the Quiz, Speeddating, change your preferences, read and send messages, play the Photo Tournament but also upload photos from your smartphone.


The dating site and its members are not accessible to the people who are not members. This is nice if you don’t want to be linked to a dating site with your full name in Google. You would expect this to be standard but in practice it is not always the case. The Paiq website is protected by the SSL protocol which means that all the data you send is encrypted. Each registration is manually checked for authenticity so that only “real” people can access the website and fake profiles are automatically excluded.

The customer service has long opening hours so you can send a message at any time of the day. You can expect a response within two working days according to Paiq itself. If you have no time to waste you can also chat directly with a member of staff. This is often the way they can best help you.

About Paiq

Paiq was founded by two students who wanted to use artificial intelligence to match singles. The success of the dating site shows that they succeeded. To date, over 600,000 Dutch people have signed up with the dating site. It is part of the Dutch company Paiq BV. This company is listed in the Chamber of Commerce under the number 55139612 and is located in Enschede.