Passion for Two

How it works

With so many dating sites on the market, it can be hard to choose. In the busy fast-paced life, it is not always easy to make time for love. Passion for Two is a new dating platform for people who want to date without taboos. For singles, and for couples. Sign up, create a profile and flirt directly in the online chat. Online dating has never been so easy.

Who is it for?

Passion for TwoPassion for Two is for women, men and couples. Are you single and looking for an exciting date? Fancy a nice flirt? Or are you already in a relationship and looking for an exciting adventure or affair alone or as a couple? Looking for the right one and ready for a permanent relationship? At Passion for Two you are at the right place. Do you want to date without taboos? Passion for Two is the dating site for you!
Register for free and create a profile. You’ll create a username and password and provide your email address. Don’t worry, your email address will not be shown to third parties. Then you enter your city, age and what you are looking for. Are you looking for a nice flirt without further obligations, for a permanent relationship or friends with benefits? You can also indicate the radius in kilometers how far or near you are looking for your ideal date. Indicate what your hobbies and interests are. And you can also give a small description of yourself.
The profiles are assessed individually by Passion for Two. You manage your profile yourself and you can upload photos. Your profile photos must first be approved by the editors. Only serious profiles are published on the site.
As you can see, it is better to have a subscription for a longer period. That way you give yourself enough time to get to know people. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal, iDEAL or credit card. Your membership is automatically renewed and the money is automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card. When you purchase your subscription you can indicate that you do not want automatic renewal. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Not satisfied or have you already found someone and you do not need the platform anymore? You can use a form to cancel your subscription. From the moment you receive a response from Passion for Two your subscription is cancelled. Did you pay by credit card? Then you can cancel your subscription 48 hours before the renewal date. Did you pay with iDEAL? Then you can do so 5 days before the renewal date.

Rules of play, conditions and frequently asked questions

The professional helpdesk is always there for you if you need help. They are always available by phone or email. Do you have specific wishes or questions? The helpdesk of Passion for Two offers free assistance. You will always receive a response within 24 hours. On the website you will also find a page with frequently asked questions. Always check if your question is already on that page.
Passion for Two values the privacy of the user and will never give your details to someone else. Do not worry, your data are protected. You can also choose to use a different email address or a fictitious name for your profile.

About Passion for Two

Passion for Two is new dating platform that was recently launched in August 2020. This is the new platform from the owner of Bilove and Secondlove, a very famous and successful dating site for affairs. Therefore, you know you’ll be fine with Passion for Two. Free premium memberships are being raffled off for the first 1000 members who sign up. This is a great promotion to kick off the new platform. Looking for exciting dates with no strings attached? This brand new and refreshing dating site is looking for you.
The dating site has only serious profiles that are checked by the editors. Whether you are looking for a relationship, a quick fling or an exciting affair. At Passion for Two there are no taboos. Flirt directly and easily via the chat. At your leisure you can view various profiles and find out who is the perfect match for you. Wherever you are, with your cell phone you always have Passion for Two at hand. Whether you are at home, at work or at a party. Send a message or chat with the person you are interested in. Do you have a nice click together? Go on that exciting date! Love does not wait. What are you waiting for, try it out now.
Are you dealing with a dominating woman? The type that controls your behavior even though you are a man? It could very well be a dominant woman. The fact that women can also be dominant comes from the social structure and the role a woman has in it. In the Netherlands, the role of women has become somewhat equal to that of men and that is why the dominant characteristics of women have become stronger.

She can handle the world alone

A dominant woman profiles herself in such a way that she can handle the whole world, without a man by her side. It is true today that a dominant woman can be a leader, earn her own money, while meanwhile raising the children on her own and not complaining about anything. She no longer has to hide in a man’s shadow. And that has led to women being able to be dominant too.
In fact, it is now the case that America’s first vice president, Kamala Harris, is a woman. It just goes to show that anything is possible for a truly dominant woman, as Harris has frequently demonstrated in debates. This is partly due to the self-confidence she has as a dominant woman. And this is one of the reasons why men are often a bit scared of this type of woman.

She acts like a leader

Usually, a dominant woman has the most sense of responsibility when looking at a group of friends. Therefore, it is often the case that the dominant woman takes care of the group like a mother superior. She sees everything and is often the person who gives permission to men from outside whether they may approach the group. So if a man wants to approach such a group, he will have to convince the dominant woman.
Out of the blue, you receive an app: “Can we talk tonight?” While a perfectly normal conversation doesn’t raise any fears at all, we all know that this is not going to be an average conversation. The “we need to talk” phrase is a warning: a signal that points to a relationship problem and perhaps to an impending breakup. But there are more words that can indicate that your partner is planning to break up, even if they don’t start or talk about it.
According to new psychological research from the University of Texas, small words – used in everyday conversations – can be clues to an impending break-up. Even months before either partner realizes where and how their relationship is ending. How? It all comes down to the subtle changes in their language use.
University researchers analyzed more than a million posts from 6,800 Reddit users who announced their break-up on the platform. From these users, the posts in the year before and the year after were collected. Based on an analysis, the researchers found that the language they used began to change about three months before the break-up, only to return to normal about six months after the break-up.Passion for Two