Gay dating

Gay encounters in France

There are as many forms of love as there are individuals, and so much the better for the diversity of feelings and couples. Since 2001, Meetic has been celebrating encounters and loving couples of all kinds. Especially serious gay encounters, those that last longer than a single night and continue well after the early hours of the morning.
To make a serious gay encounter, you can of course leave it to chance, go to gay friendly places, attend LGBT parties and events or register on an app or dating site. Again, you have the choice. Some apps have made their reputation on one-night stands. Meetic’s success is due to its gay singles who are willing to commit and start a real story. If you’re looking for a man who shares more than just a picture with you, then chances are you’ll find gay singles on Meetic who really match your criteria (age, city, interests…). Indeed, on the Meetic app, profiles are detailed to allow each person to reveal a part of their personality, interests, and passions. This gives you the opportunity to send personalized messages rather than banalities. Searching by criteria is also the best way to find profiles of singles that you really like and to accelerate your next crushes.

At Meetic, registration is free.

Most gay dating sites are free. A guarantee of freedom but not necessarily of quality. Registration is free on the Meetic site and app and you will be able to view the profiles of men who have registered and are looking for other men. At the first crushes, flashes, visits received, all you have to do is choose the pass that suits you to know which men fall for you and chat unlimitedly with the singles you like. If Meetic is not a free service it is because the subscription is a commitment in itself and corresponds to our commitment to promote serious meetings between singles who are committed and truly involved in their search to meet someone. A guarantee of quality and authenticity that makes all the difference at Meetic. Because a little seriousness in gay dating doesn’t prevent fun, and vice versa.

LGBT parties

Rencontre gayWhy limit yourself in the way you meet gay people? Meetic also organizes gay and lesbian events and parties in Paris, at least once a quarter. This is one more opportunity to meet gays in a relaxed and even more spontaneous way, especially since you can count on an animator to play games based on the theme of the evening. Games to help you break the ice between singles, create conviviality, complicity and more if affinities… Just consult the list of our upcoming gay events near you. One last argument to convince you to come? If you have a Meetic Pass (Essential or Premium, depending on your criteria), you can also take advantage of a reduced rate and invite up to 3 friends, even if they are not registered on the app. So when are you coming?
Of course, we also expect to see you at the Gay Pride, maybe accompanied by a charming gay bachelor you met on Meetic! The Pride Walk is an annual event that brings together the entire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community throughout France (and abroad as well). Discover the dates of the next Gay Pride
And if you feel like going out to celebrate your new encounter (or not) beyond the borders, here are 10 gay events in the world to do on your trip.

Gay friendly places

You don’t need to be a partygoer from the start to be interested in gay-friendly places and gay-friendly cities, in France or abroad. The magazine Têtu as well as many other LGBT blogs and magazines publish every year the best addresses and guides of cities reputed to be more gay friendly than others, in France, Europe or elsewhere in the world. It is worth noting that since recently it is in Portugal, Sweden or Canada that it is good to live your life and your love life as you understand it when you are part of the gay community.
So, to sum up: to start a real story about Meetic, whether you’re shy or rather extroverted, the first step is to download the app and then register by answering questions about your lifestyle, your interests, your vision of the ideal partner. A profile picture later and you’re ready to discover the profiles of gay singles that match your search criteria.Rencontre gay