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Our opinion and user feedback

The naughty dating sites and sex are more and more numerous for our greatest pleasure. It is indeed tempting to regularly change platform to test new features, but also to discover new profiles. This is certainly why you read our Casual Lounge reviews.
Casual Lounge is a site for couples or singles who want to test new experiences. It is clearly not an option for romantics looking for a serious partner, but rather for those who appreciate short sex and history. The platform therefore offers a wide range of options for exchanging with people close to you, including posting classified ads.
In this article, we will therefore present the specifics of this sex dating portal. And share with you our opinion on its potential to allow you to start new erotic adventures.

What is Casual Lounge?

Casual Lounge is actually a dating portal that allows you to meet people who are very interested in sex. It is an ideal site for men and women who are not looking for a serious story, but rather for a booty call. Its main feature is to allow a free registration, and to remain it entirely for women (only men will have to pay to access the premium features). Casual presents itself as an open platform, welcoming libertines, swinging couples, as well as singles and couples. What they have in common is that they do not want to get involved and are very open when it comes to sex. But also to remain discreet in their encounters.

What makes The Casual Lounge unique?

As we have just seen in this Casual Lounge avis, the platform surfs on a concept that is already very popular. As the site is relatively confidential, its community is also relatively small. 85 000 members is quite small compared to mastodons like Adult Friend Finders, and this can backfire on the portal if you live in a region where the number of possibilities will be too low.

The particularity of Casual Dating is to offer you two ways to meet people: by posting ads or by answering contact offers that match your preferences. So you can either take the initiative, or on the contrary, you can respond to another member’s initiative. In order to be able to answer their messages, men will have to turn to a paid subscription, which avoids women being buried under the messages.

How does this naughty dating application work?

Salon Avis CasualDesigned in 2014, the platform has a relatively modern and pleasant design. Its operation remains classic and should not surprise you if you are already used to answering classified ads on naughty sites.

Once you have created your account, which is completely free, you can start surfing on the site and read the classified ads left by other members. The site can suggest you the ones you should like the most based on your answers to a questionnaire. Contact suggestions can also be made directly, and they are usually numerous on Casual Lounge.

In order to avoid false profiles and inactive members, accounts that are not used for more than a month are automatically deleted. This is good news because it will prevent you from sending messages to attractive people and being disappointed when they don’t reply.
The quality of a naughty dating portal depends largely on its community. As we have seen, Casual Lounge’s community is relatively small, but we can appreciate the reactivity of its members. And above all, their great openness and inventiveness when it comes to sex.

Are there false profiles?

A question that many people ask themselves before registering on a site like Casual Lounge is to know if they are likely to find false profiles. We are not going to lie to you, it is quite possible that you will come across some on this platform. In fact, it is almost inevitable, whatever platform you choose to register on.

Nevertheless, and contrary to other applications a little less scrupulous, the work of moderation is quite serious on Casual Lounge. Indeed, the overall paid operation of the site, and the regular deletion of inactive profiles makes it possible to sort between true and false profiles.

These rates are therefore relatively competitive when compared to those of competing platforms. Casual Lounge also offers payment facilities since you will be able to pay by credit card and your subscription will be automatically extended. Remember to cancel it before it expires if you no longer wish to use the platform;

On the other hand, you may regret the quality of customer service which is certainly the Achilles’ heel in our opinion. Indeed, by clicking on the “Help” tab of the platform, you realize that technical support is only available by email (at [email protected]). For the moment, you won’t be able to benefit from a FAQ, a live chat or a phone number in case of a problem.

What do users think?

Overall, the opinions about Casual Lounge are quite mixed, which is not surprising since it is often the dissatisfied users who take the time to leave an opinion on the specialized forums. Many are disappointed by the lack of profiles in their region (a weak point of the platform) or by the lack of customer support. Some also complain about fake profiles, which is a disadvantage shared by almost all sites of this type.

Nevertheless, many regular users praise the quality of the interface, and the extremely reactive profiles registered on the platform. If you choose to make a commitment over several months, the quality/price ratio will be very interesting on Casual Lounge.

Casual Lounge opinion: the verdict

If Casual Lounge still has some work to do to reach the level of more established platforms such as Jacquie and Michel Contact, this dating portal has an interesting potential and can be an interesting alternative to find sex in your area and chat with strangers without any taboo from your PC or smartphone.Salon Avis Casual