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“Flirting is not just for singles!” is the slogan with which Second Love has been in the news several times. Second Love is the dating site for men and women who want a little more excitement. It is also called the dating site for cheaters. It is not for everyone, but only for people who are in a relationship and are looking for an adventure. That’s what Second Love is all about, flirting with others who are also in a relationship.

How does Second Love work?

Second LoveAt Second Love you first create your profile. You can manage your own profile and add photos (if you want). You are not obliged to add a photo in which you are completely recognizable. On the dating site you can quickly make contact with other members by sending messages. There is also a chat that is very popular and for many members a way to get in touch with others even faster.
At Second Love it is possible to create a free profile. With this free profile you can view profiles of others but not view photos or make contact. If you do want this possibility then you need a paid membership. You can then make contact with others and you can also view their photos. As a paid member you have the advantage that you are at the top of the list of members to see when you are logged in. Second Love offers all these benefits for the paid membership to avoid fakers, who do not pay to be able to see photos. This keeps you largely anonymous on the dating site.


Being a member of Second Love is probably something you need to hide from those around you. After all, you don’t want your partner to find out about your online escapades. Therefore, use a new email address, not the standard email address you use for everything else. Ask for a Gmail email address that you use exclusively for your digital adventures. This will prevent emails from Second Love from ending up in your regular mailbox. To ensure your privacy, the Second Love dating site is equipped with advanced SSL encryption. This offers you the guarantee that everything you share with the website, including your personal data, cannot be intercepted by malicious persons. This applies not only to membership payments but also to messages you send. Only Second Love can see your data, no one else on the website can. To prevent your name from being recognized Second Love allows you to use a fictitious name, also known as the username.

Premium member

Man woman bedA paid premium membership gives you access to all imaginable features. This is not the case with the free membership. As a premium Second Love member, you can take matters into your own hands. You can use the live chat, flirt by sending winks and messages and of course you can reply to other members’ responses. In short, with the Premium membership you are always one step ahead of the other members who have a free membership. You get the maximum attention and have the greatest chance of a sex date or fling. This is because you are put in the spotlight in a variety of ways, including with a spot at the top of search results.

Who is it for?

Second Love is not for singles, only for people in a relationship who are seriously looking for more excitement and adventure. Some need a pick-me-up to get out of the rut of the relationship, others are looking for a one-night-stand to get “revenge” on their partner. You even come across couples who want to end up between the sheets with a third person. While you would think that it is only about the sex dates this is not the case. There are also members who are afraid to date but enjoy the erotic conversations and the “what if I…” thought.

Why Second Love?

Adultery and cheating are rooted in society. Everyone knows someone who has cheated. It’s just part of life. If you are stuck in the daily grind of a long-term relationship then you want something different. The excitement of a first date, the adventure of keeping it a secret; it makes you feel young again. Secretly starting a second relationship is daring. Are you daring enough to take this risk? Once you have taken the step, there is no turning back. Think carefully beforehand whether you are prepared to take that risk.

About Second Love

The profiles are all reviewed by Second Love for authenticity. Only the men and women who meet the requirements are included in the members file. If you have any questions the customer service is there for you. You can contact them by email but also by phone if you prefer.Second Love