The goal

Secretly flirting with others is what you do on, also known as Secretflirt. Anonymously looking for a secret love, a free LAT relationship or as a couple looking for someone to go with you; it’s all possible. Contact with other people who have the same needs as you? It is accessible for men, women, but also for couples: everyone who is looking for an exciting flirt is welcome. Is your privacy essential and don’t want anyone to find out you are trying online dating? Then Secretflirt is the dating site where you can date carefree and anonymously.

Who is it for?

SecretflirtSecretflirt is for everyone who wants to flirt. That’s what the dating site is all about. Whether you are single, enjoying a LAT relationship or married and looking for adventure. There is no one to judge you. Even if you live together and want to try a third person, Secretflirt is an option. Secretflirt is all about the experience of giving and receiving attention. It is the dating site where sex contacts are made but that is only the tip of the iceberg. For those who are fed up with regular dating sites with superficial contacts, Secretflirt can be a nice breath of fresh air. A large part of the members of the dating site has a high education and a busy life but another part has a domestic role and wants to escape this every now and then.
Although you might expect that it is only about sex this is not the case. The emphasis is explicitly on flirting. If you don’t want a sex date but do want to flirt then that’s possible too. You are free to decide what you do and don’t do. Making a physical appointment with one of the members is allowed, but not required. For many members it is all about the excitement and adventure; creating experiences that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

How does Secretflirt work?

SecretflirtTo use the Secretflirt dating site you can register on the website at no cost. This only takes a moment of your time and is completely free. With your free account you can get to know the website and make use of a limited number of options. For example, you can perform an extensive search, view active profiles, send Q-Reply messages and view the photos of other members. Of course, with the free membership you can also set up your own profile. This is the profile that is seen by the members of the website. Others looking for someone to flirt with can use the search function to find your profile. You can send three messages every day, but a maximum of one message to each member. You do this with the mail function. You can also chat 1 on 1 with other members.

SF Topmember

Should you want to use all the features of the website you can do so with the SF Topmember membership. This is a paid version of the membership that opens all doors. There are no restrictions. You can send unlimited messages and chat, send flirts and exchange external data with your contacts.

Privacy and security

computer sslIf your privacy is important to you then Secretflirt is the place to be. As far as your privacy is concerned you can navigate the website as anonymously as possible without anyone ever finding out. Unless you happen to meet someone you know on the dating site, which in practice almost never happens. Your profile can only be viewed by the members of Secretflirt, no one else can view your profile and certainly it does not show up when you search for your name in Google.
To ensure the quality of the members Secretflirt checks all the profiles that are created. It is a bit of work but then you have something. Every self-respecting dating site does this. After all, as a member you do not want to encounter fake profiles on the dating site that only have evil intentions. The information you fill in to create your profile is and remains confidential. They will never be passed on to third parties. Others cannot intercept your data. Everything you send is sent through a secure SSL protocol.

About Secretflirt is already an old hand among the flooded landscape of new dating sites focused on cheating and contact that does not fit into a pigeonhole. The dating site has been operating since 2010 and during its success period changed its name to It is still the same: SF is Secretflirt. The dating site describes itself as the virtual lounge bar where you can connect by flirting in a light-hearted and lively way. SF wants to be the platform where like-minded people can find each other; whether for a quick fling or for the necessary entertainment to escape the daily grind. The website and support are completely in Dutch. Should you have any questions about the operation of the dating site, please contact customer service. They are ready to answer your questions every day.Secretflirt