The goal

Finding a sex buddy is the ultimate dream for many singles. At Seksbuddy, this also remains a dream when you speak with one of the fictitious profiles. At Seksbuddy, you can have an erotic chat conversation with one of the many profiles every day and at any time of the day. Don’t know yet what a sex buddy is exactly? A sexbuddy is a person you have sex with but no relationship. Actually, you do have a relationship but only a sex relationship. For most men it is a gift from heaven, the pleasure but not the burden.

Why a sex buddy?

SeksbuddyThe question is rather why not? The sex relationship is really just about the sex and nothing else. No long conversations about what touches your heart or pretending to be other than you are; with a sex buddy there is no need to slave away for weeks on end to reach second base. Since it’s only about the sex, you only have to make it exciting so the adventure takes the upper hand, not your sense of humor or how faithful you are. At the Seksbuddy dating site you can have these conversations but beware, meeting up is not possible if you chat with a fictitious profile. If you become a member at Seksbuddy you will soon understand what it is all about; sex and excitement. Everyone is looking for sexual contacts on this website. Some want an energizing conversation to forget the daily grind, others fantasize freely about a sex date. It varies from user to user what exactly the person is looking for. It can be the desire for an extramarital relationship, experiencing the feeling of a one-night-stand or being dominated as part of a fetish. There is something for everyone. With the members of Seksbuddy, a physical date is often the goal but none of the members want to pay for it. We then speak of a free sex date. After all, if it was purely about sex then the person could just as easily pay for sex and get it done the same night. The members of Seksbuddy want more; more adventure, more excitement and an experience that people still think about regularly years later. However, keep in mind that making physical appointments is not possible with all profiles. Some of the profiles are fictitious which means that you can only have sex conversations with these profiles.

How does Seksbuddy work?

Seksbuddy loginTo become a member of Seksbuddy you can register for free on the website. This only takes a few seconds and is completely free. With your free account you can get acquainted with the website and see if you like it. As part of the website you get access to your own profile. Here you can put in who you are but more importantly, what you are looking for. Other members can view your profile and you can be found in the search results. Using the search function, you can also look for your sex buddy.

Who is it for?

SeksbuddyYou can add a photo to your profile, but this is not mandatory. Remember, however, that members with a profile picture receive more responses. If you are not ashamed or have no problems with others seeing your photo, then a photo is recommended. If you want to upload a photo in which you are unrecognizable, this is also possible. After completing your profile, you can start looking for other members. You get one free credit from Seksbuddy to try it out. If you want to make more contacts then you can buy credits. So you are not stuck with a long-term subscription.
Sending a flirt also costs one credit but you can send winks for free. You can send a flirt to another member to show your interest. This can also be done with a wink which is basically the same as a digital wink.
Sexbuddy is open to everyone over the age of 18. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married or as a couple looking for someone to hook up with. Everything is possible. Thousands of members have already gone before you and over the years Seksbuddy has built up quite a reputation. The members you will meet there have been manually checked by the dating site for authenticity so you will not have to deal with fake profiles. Some of the profiles on Seksbuddy are for entertainment, so keep that in mind. It is always important to check if this is something for you.


BenefitsTo send messages on you will need credits that you can buy. These credits consist of a bundle of credits which are available from 10 euros for 10 credits. The larger the bundle of credits, the lower the price per credit. If you plan to use the website more often it is wise to buy more credits at once. If you buy credits then this is done via a secure connection. In addition, it is useful to know that nothing strange will appear on your bank statement. Should someone check your payments, nobody will see that the money has been transferred to Seksbuddy.


Seksbuddy is a dating site with profiles that cannot be viewed by non-members. So you don’t have to worry about your profile suddenly being found in Google. Discretion and privacy are of paramount importance. An adventure is fun but if you are confronted with people who know about it, the fun is quickly over. Seksbuddy knows this like no other and therefore pays a lot of attention to security. Seksbuddy is owned by Grand Mind Corp. Ltd which is based in Wanchai, Hong Kong with the registration number 1836523. However, the website and support are completely in English. If you have any questions, customer support is available every day to answer them.