Sex applications to find a sexfriend quickly

Our ranking of the best cul-de-sac applications

You don’t have the opportunity or simply don’t feel like spending time in a serious relationship? You are interested in the sexual act and not in feelings or planning a life together? Then opting for booty calls is undoubtedly an ideal solution. However, finding a booty call can take time, especially if you’re only working on it from your home computer.

There are some sexfriends apps out there that are specifically designed to help you find sexfriends quickly, but, contrary to popular belief, they’re not necessarily the best. Some more generalist applications offer much better results when it comes to finding a sex partner! While they’re basically not necessarily designed just for finding sex, these applications work just as well as a naughty dating site when it comes to making a naughty date.
BeCoquin is a bit the reference site for sex globe trotters! Present in more than 20 countries, you will be able to make naughty encounters during each of your travels. Here we position ourselves on an application that focuses on sexual encounters. It is a site and an application of sex shots totally uncomplicated where you can easily meet your next sex shots. On BeCoquin, all the members are there for the same thing, so it makes it easier for you! Indeed, the profiles that are registered here are only there in order to find a booty call on the application, and they are used to not beat around the bush. Discussions take a very hot turn very quickly and you can agree on a sexy date in no time. Unlike apps like Tinder or Happn, the members present are only looking for sex and you don’t need to sort through them.

Becoquin is the number 1 in naughty dating and he enjoys a deserved prestige. Its worldwide community is colossal and no matter where you are, you will have profiles available in the surrounding area. It is a serious site, with a formidable efficiency and without taboo. Sex is the main subject and nobody will be shocked! You can, in addition to the sexy encounters, use the site to watch liveshows by webcam and even rent hot videos !


Sex applications to find a sexfriend quicklyLike BeCoquin, TonPlanCul specializes in ephemeral encounters. Here, you won’t find members looking for true love, the intentions of the registrants are clearly displayed: to make sexual and non-loving encounters. You will be able to find your next partners by entering your selection criteria in the search bar. Here, no frills in the functionalities, the site is simple and clear, to make the beautiful part with the meetings.

The navigation on the platform is simple, and you will find very simply what you are looking for: woman, man, straight, gay or bi. You can even, if you feel like it, meet couples. To refine your searches, you can also select profiles based on physical attributes or sexual practices that you like.

To exchange with the members, you will have at your disposal a classic messaging system. But be aware that you can also use a video chat for hot discussions. You will be able to add your favorite profiles as favorites, and even block those that don’t interest you.


The Tinder app is without a doubt the best known dating app, and not for nothing!

When it was released in 2012, the Tinder app offered an innovative concept that made it an immediate success: the match. From your smartphone, you have access to a huge database of profiles and you just have to scroll through them; do you like a profile? You drag the screen to the right (it’s called a switch) to signal your interest; the profile doesn’t match your criteria? One switch to the left and you won’t see it again. If you match with a profile, i.e. if you are interested in each other, then bingo, you can start a chat.

Usually, this leads very quickly to a naughty meeting or a more serious relationship, depending on what you want. As far as I’m concerned, I use it as a booty call application and it works very well! Note however that the majority of the girls on Tinder are not only there for sex. However, there are so many users that, even if they are not in the majority, girls looking for a booty call are indeed present in quantity.

Tinder has been criticized for several reasons: moral issues, which denounce the superficiality of this kind of selection, since it is based only on photos (and a few words of description).

Happn is a sex and dating application launched in 2014 and which has been increasingly successful since then. Its concept? The meeting thanks to geolocation.
It’s very simple, since Happn allows you to find people you meet in your daily life. Let’s say you are sitting quietly on the terrace of a café when a very pretty brunette passes by. She takes a quick look at you, your eyes meet and… that’s it! This is generally how street meetings take place. But with Happn, you can find all your vintages in a moment.
On the screen, the application displays the profiles available in your area and you can see where you crossed paths. You can like the profile and if the person in front of you does the same, you are connected. Otherwise, as in Tinder, the other person is not notified of your interest. Confidentiality and efficiency are guaranteed on this application for sex and serious relationships.
The last booty call application I want to talk about is called Hater. A very strange name for an application designed to find a sexfriend, isn’t it? And that’s what makes this platform so charming.
On Hater, matches are made according to what you hate in common! Let’s take a simple example: a lot of people liked the movie Amélie Poulain. For you, it’s a m**** movie that doesn’t even deserve 5 seconds of attention. On Hater, you will be able to find someone who will have a similar opinion and thus easily break the ice! That’s the whole point of the application: to start talking quickly and in a fun way with profiles that share your same rejection of something. What’s next? Not many people are looking for love on this app, and agreeing on a booty call will be quick. One wonders why booty calls are so popular and what are their main attractions. It should be said that before, online dating was only done from his computer, well installed at home. This was due to the fact that meeting a partner on the internet was almost taboo.
Those days are over and this has made it possible to take the meeting out of your home. Now, thanks to smartphones, it is possible to stay connected at all times and thus not miss any opportunity for discussion, meeting and therefore a booty call! Public transport journey times can be used to scroll through profiles, waiting times at the post office, at the checkout of a store or at the doctor’s become potential dating moments and you increase your chances of meeting a booty call quickly.Sex applications to find a sexfriend quickly