Sex trends 2021

How are we going to date in 2021?

 What will be the most common sexual practices? The company Wow Tech, a pioneer in the sextoys sector, is interested in the future trends that will punctuate our nights in 2021.
The Covid-19 has changed our habits, whether in terms of travel, work or private life. From then on, the year 2020 set up a change in our bed, whether it is for two or alone. What does the year 2021 hold in store for us in terms of love and sex? That’s what Wow Tech, one of the leading companies in the sexual well-being sector, has asked itself. It then listed the innovations and trends that will punctuate our nights in 2021!
The Covid-19 pandemic being still present, social distancing is still necessary in 2021. Thus, more than ever, long-distance sex imposes itself in our daily life. If we continue to send sextos, we do not intend to stop there to feed the flame. The sextoys to be controlled remotely have the wind in stern. Indeed, the We-Vibe brand has noticed a consequent increase in the use of these connected toys, for our greatest pleasure!

Virtual meetings, new dates

Sex trends 2021Both confinements allowed singles to discover a new way to use dating applications. The dates are then done virtually, thanks to the video-conference discussions! But this has nothing to do with a zoom meeting, since Wow Tech tells us that more and more users of dating applications are “looking for someone who can control their sextoy remotely via an application. ». To vary from solo fun, the video date becomes the first step, before giving rise to a real-life meeting.

Audio porn, more than ever listened to!
In the porn industry, audio-porn has emerged in recent years. Audio erotic stories are becoming increasingly popular, especially among women. IFOP surveys, in 2009 and 2012, have revealed a real dissatisfaction of women with this content too often misogynistic and thought only for men. As a result, porno-erotic audio stories are becoming a more intense way to climb to seventh heaven on their own.

Sex education for all ages

The Sex Education series has something to do with it! In 2021, everyone agrees on the importance of sex education at all ages. Wow Tech develops that in a survey on this topic, 94% of respondents said that male and female masturbation was never addressed in their sex education classes at school. Fortunately, there are more and more applications, podcasts and documentaries on the subject to break taboos and educate young and old. The German start-up “Beducated”, for example, provides information on masturbation, tantric sex and BDSM with educational videos and online seminars.

Karezza method or the art of caressing!

To indulge in Karezza (“caress” in Italian) is indeed to respond to the only injunction to abandon yourself totally to sensuality and tenderness. To do so, naked and huddled against your partner, you will use the incredible pleasure that caresses can bring. Fingers touching your breasts, her belly, the inside of her thighs, along your arm, a mouth resting on your neck… every nook and cranny of the body is the object of a sincerely gentle treatment to which you fully abandon yourself.
Karezza method: the perfect technique to strengthen love!
Then know it, this technique often associated with tantrism, and which is similar to a very long-lasting hug, does not have the ambition to go to orgasm. Because if the latter stimulates dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to pleasure, the Karezza method will trigger a production of oxytocin, nicknamed the hormone of love or attachment. What obliges to share it with a person of confidence, adequately your lover. The latter with whom you will be able to discuss the experience before and after because this is one of the effects sought by the Karezza: to improve communication between couples. This was the postulate of Doctor Stockham Bunker who in the 19th century, encouraged couples to abstain from intercourse to strengthen marriages.

Naturally after very long minutes of Karezza, this fusion of the bodies by touch and tenderness can lead to a sexual intercourse, which we even advise you, since it will take place in full harmony, the chakras wide open. Auummm!
Among the least supple signs, we find first of all that of Aries. A sign of Fire, it is used to go headlong into the fire and to have little mood to make decisions without consulting the person or persons with whom it lives. Aries also tends to be stubborn, angry and stubborn. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is full of energy… A real battery! Result: when some people just want to rest at home, Aries prefers to do housework, sort papers, go to the gym… In short, he has trouble staying calm…

The other most difficult sign to live with is that of Capricorn, but for very different reasons. The signature of Capricorn is to be a little too flat-faced, or even a little too soft. He likes things clear, classic, sober, organized… Even too much. As soon as we go off the beaten track, he panics. Friends arrive unexpectedly, it’s a real ruckus. Capricorn will be disturbed and may even come to sulk. Ambitious and perfectionist, the Capricorn may also have a tendency to put his work before his family. Beware of arguments!Sex trends 2021