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Сombien costs the subscription?

Before you subscribe to a service, it’s always good to know what it includes. In this article, discover the prices of Adultfriendfinder, the number 1 of the naughty dating and sex. We detail here the features included in the subscription, the additional options available as well as what you can do for free.

AdultfriendFinder: the number 1 in sexy dating

First of all, it is important to understand what the naughty AdultFriendFinder dating site offers.
Real reference in the field of naughty and adult dating, Adultfriendfinder exists for more than 20 years and allows all its users in search of pleasure to find their happiness. With several tens of millions of registered users throughout the world, this platform offers excellent results as we detail in our complete review of Adult Friend Finder that we have devoted to this site.
As you browse the site, you will quickly understand that sex is king. Here, no taboos or fuss, users know exactly what they are looking for and no time is wasted in useless discussions. Everything is done to facilitate the meeting, from practical message systems to live chat and webcam, through a very advanced search system.
The naughty ones will also appreciate the possibility of enjoying Hot videos (amateur or professional) on the site, for a subscription fee.
If you’re tempted by this sexy dating site, which has won the award for best adult dating site, and want to be part of its great community, then one question should be on your mind: how much does a subscription to AdultFriendFinder cost?

AdultFriendFinder pricing and subscription details

Tarifs AdultFriendFinderPlease note that registration to Adultfriendfinder is completely free and only takes a moment. You will be able to see the profiles near you and navigate on the site.
Then, in order to be able to take advantage of all the functionalities that the site puts at your disposal (and in particular to send messages), it is necessary to subscribe to one of the following subscriptions :
The 1-month Gold subscription, offered at 29.90 euros. It allows you to use the site in its entirety.
The 3-month Gold subscription costs 79.66 euros (in total) and allows you to use all the features of Adultfriendfinder. You should know that one month is currently offered for free, which means that you can use the site for 4 months for this price (19.92 euros / month).
Finally, the subscription for 12 months is proposed at the price of 178.79 euros. However, 6 additional months are currently offered to all users who subscribe to this offer! This way, you only pay 9.93 euros / month for 18 months of use. Please note that in addition to these classic subscriptions, on Adultfriendfinder there are various options that enhance your experience. They are totally optional and you can make a lot of encounters without using them.
For example, you can subscribe to the Standard Contacts option, which allows non-paying members to send you messages. This greatly increases the number of messages received but the option is still charged at 17.92€ for 1 month, 32.8€ for 3 months or 95.24€ for 1 year. In addition, you have the possibility to buy online X movies in VOD (video on demand) which are charged extra.
There is also an option that allows you to view 1 profile for 30 days (full access to photos and videos), for 2.95€. This is an ideal solution for those who have had a crush on a particular person!
Finally, a last interesting point of the AdultfriendFinder offer comes from its Fuck Guarantee. Under this name lies the promise of the site to offer you a free subscription if you haven’t signed up through the site within the next 3 months! But given the effectiveness of Adultfriendfinder, that shouldn’t happen!

In the end, what about AdultFriendFinder’s pricing?

While the subscription for one month may seem a bit high, we don’t recommend it anyway. Indeed, it is much more interesting to take out a longer subscription (especially with the current promotions). And when you don’t even pay 10 euros per month for a site of this efficiency, it’s hard to complain!
Adultfriendfinder is based on a huge community and on a know-how in the field of naughty dating which guarantee optimal results to all those who are looking for one-night stands or adulterous relationships.
If you are hesitating, register for free to get a first idea and see the profiles present in your city or region!

Ephemeral encounters seem to have become a norm of life for many people. This is understandable, since it is simply a matter of enjoying good times together, retaining only the pleasure. No hassle, no trouble, just fun between consenting adults.
However, before embarking on ephemeral encounters, it is necessary to know certain things. This type of meeting is prepared and does not necessarily suit everyone. We propose you here a small treatise of the ephemeral meeting, so that you can face the pleasures in all serenity!

Ephemeral encounters: for whom, why?

When we talk about ephemeral encounters, what exactly are we talking about? One could define these encounters as agreements between two people, who do not wish to commit themselves or develop feelings, and who are going to have a good time (in bed, in general), without any other constraint and without having to answer to anyone.
The actors of the ephemeral encounter can be single people who want to have fun, people in couples who are sexually dissatisfied (we then speak rather of adulterous encounters), married adults who want to spice up their daily life… There is no typical profile!
A sign of the times, this type of love consumption no longer takes place in our society and many sites or applications give pride of place to what is called Casual Dating. (We think of Tinder or the very good AdultFriendFinder).
The ephemeral encounters, which are also more trivially called booty calls, are governed by certain rules that you will need to know so that all goes well. If you are ready to embark on an adventure and the quest for pleasure, follow our recommendations!

You will prepare yourself properly

Do you want to engage in ephemeral encounters, but don’t know how to go about it? Initially, several factors need to be taken into account: where will I meet people? Where will the meeting take place? Is it for one evening only? Is it purely sexual or should I go out / socialize?

These are a multitude of questions that will come to mind at the beginning. And that’s normal, it’s part of the adrenaline that comes from ephemeral encounters. Try as much as you can to answer them, but don’t stress. You and your partner have the same desire to have fun, and that’s what’s important.

You’ll choose the right person

Easier said than done, you might say? Well, not necessarily! If you are chatting with a person on a dating site for example, ask them a few questions about their private life, chat a little bit before agreeing on a date. On the one hand, you will be able to form an opinion about the person, on the other hand, you will make sure of his good intentions. If this may not be the case for you, be aware that some people may hide the truth from you. Married men or women in particular may hide part of their lives from you.
Be aware of this: you could be caught in the torments of a couple without even knowing it!
For me, who does most of my dating on AdultFriendFinder, I know the site is reliable and we usually get straight to the point. Over time, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll avoid too intrusive / too curious / too sticky, and married people lying to you. I’m not telling you that love stories that started with a booty call don’t exist, far from it. I’m simply warning you about feelings in a relationship that is fleeting. Indeed, sex is indeed the priority when choosing this type of meeting. It is agreed upon by tacit agreement between the two partners, and it can be risky to begin to have feelings for the other. The risk that this is a one-way street is high!

To avoid this, you may prefer one-time, ephemeral encounters, which protect yourself from any form of feeling, or if you see the same person several times and start to feel something, he or she signals the end of the relationship. The first is the feelings of guilt or shame that may arise at times. This is a feeling that affects women more generally or people in couples who have cheated on their partners. You will judge yourself once the pleasure is over, wondering why you slept with such a person so quickly, why you cheated on your partner… You have to agree with yourself to take responsibility and make sure you don’t get caught if you are in a couple!Tarifs AdultFriendFinder