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Online dating is the most popular way of dating these days. More and more often you will come across a couple who have met on a website or dating app. Almost all singles in the Netherlands who are actively looking for a partner use this way of dating. Especially if you are into women, it can be more difficult to meet someone, making a dating site perfect for looking for a woman who is a good match for you.
We tell you more about how the site works and whether it is reliable. Are you looking for a nice woman for a relationship or friendship and interested in signing up with VrouwVrouw? Then read on for more information about this site.

Who is this dating site for?

VrouwVrouwVrouwVrouw is an active dating community for lesbian and bisexual women only. Men are therefore not welcome on this site. At VrouwVrouw every woman is welcome; tall, short, blond or brown, it does not matter. The website is active in Belgium and the Netherlands and is a site that encourages encounters between lesbians and bisexual women.
It is a dating site for the lesbian woman who is looking for a nice relationship, a friendship or just a nice date. Even if you are not yet out of the closet and are not yet sure if you are a lesbian, you can register with WomanWoman. You can go here for an initial exploration to get more clarity about your own feelings.
Although the website lends itself to both friendships and relationships, it is notable that most members are looking for a relationship. In addition, you will have to search well for a nice match. There are a fair number of members, but unfortunately there is also a high level of inactivity, which reduces the chances of meeting someone quickly.

How does ‘VrouwVrouw’ work?

Signing up with VrouwVrouw is fairly easy. You fill in your profile name and e-mail address and then you have to fill in a number of mandatory fields. For example, there are questions about your personality, appearance, level of education, beliefs and activities you like. For example, you can give your opinion about concerts, cinema, sports and café. As the last part of the questionnaire you can describe yourself with 5 characteristics.
You can indicate 5 characteristics or core values, with which you can immediately see to others whether they are your type or not. You can also write a short biography about yourself to make your profile a little more personal.
The website VrouwVrouw consists of a number of basic functionalities. For example, you have your matches, your favorites, messages and settings. In this respect, the dating site is similar to many other sites and it will not be difficult to get a good grasp of the functionalities. There is a big call for independence. No matches are suggested and so you will have to search on your own to meet nice women.
With a free account you can see photos, view matches and send 3 interest messages to others. This type of message has a fixed test, which are quite impersonal. So this way you can’t really express what appeals to you in the other person. If you would rather be able to send a personal message, then you cannot escape taking out a paid subscription.

Choosing a paid subscription

VrouwVrouwWith a free account you can already see if you see members that you find worthwhile to get in touch with. However, if you want to get in touch with someone, you will have to send them personal messages. This is only possible with a subscription to VrouwVrouw. In addition, a paid membership has some more advantages. You will be more findable for other members, so you have a greater chance of a date. The cost of a membership decreases the longer you remain a member of the site. Compared to other dating sites these are reasonable prices. You can pay quickly and easily via iDeal and after the term has expired your account will be converted back to a free account. This has the advantage that you are not faced with unexpected costs due to a silent prolongation.

VrouwVrouw states on the site that they do everything they can to make the use as pleasant as possible. They therefore check all new profiles and are available seven days a week for questions, comments or suggestions. This makes it a safe site and you can use it with peace of mind.
For example, the site is honest and transparent about the prices and subscription models, the general terms and conditions are customer friendly and Woman Woman is easily accessible in case of complaints or problems. Furthermore, the site acts against scammers and profiles are checked manually. Reports from members about scams are handled immediately and action is taken against them.

About VrouwVrouw

WomanWoman is a dating site and digital meeting place for lesbian and bisexual women. There are now about 25,000 members in a wide range of age groups. The website was founded in 2008 specifically for lesbian and bisexual women and has become one of the most popular dating sites in the Netherlands and Belgium in this category.
The biggest advantage of the website is that it is specifically aimed at lesbian and bisexual women. However, it is not a large dating site and the functionalities are fairly limited. Still, the costs are not high and you can discover for free if there might be nice matches on the site.