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Meet a woman on the Internet

Meeting single women looking for a serious relationship with a man is not always as easy as it seems: shyness, overloaded schedules, staggered work hours, inconclusive blind dates, moving to a new city, can all be obstacles to opportunities for female encounters. The use of a dating site like Meetic offers you new opportunities for serious female encounters that have the same desires as you do, whether they are intense or long lasting. On the Meetic site or app, in just a few clicks, you have access to thousands of verified profiles of connected single women ready to chat online, get to know you and potentially meet you! With a multitude of filters, you can specify the criteria that are important to you to meet a single woman for a life together or just to have a good time!

Before embarking on the search for profiles of women who could “click” with your expectations, take stock of your past relationships, know what you want, what you don’t want and ask yourself what would make you happy.

A detailed profile to multiply your chances of meeting serious women.

Woman datingRencontreFemme1Whatever your reasons, the meetings we offer on Meetic are meetings with motivated women who are also looking to meet men with whom they can talk, laugh and, why not, take a little bit of the road. To do this, start by filling out your profile, highlighting your qualities but remaining honest, spontaneous and authentic. Just a few lines are enough to make an impression. Why not add a touch of humor?

On Meetic, profiles are very detailed and checked by our team so that you can search for the singles that really correspond to you with complete peace of mind. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, talk about the little detail that caught your eye on her profile or your commonalities to break the ice. Discover Meetic’s precious advice on how to maximize the attractiveness of your profile and let our virtual coach Lara guide you to find the rare pearl. Always on the move? The Meetic mobile app also allows you to stay in touch with the women whose profiles have seduced you.

Your first meeting with the Meetic bachelor you fell in love with?

After chatting online on the Meetic website or via the app with a single woman who caught your attention, you decided to meet in the flesh. There are several options available to you to organize this first meeting in the best possible conditions: from a classic drink in a bar or on the terrace of a café, to a stroll in the city along the quays, or a visit to a museum, to try a new experience with a session of cooking or dance classes.

Meet a woman at a singles event

Running out of ideas for outings to get to know the single woman who has already seduced you online? Every month, Meetic organizes dozens of singles events in major French cities including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse, Nantes among others.
Cooking classes, tasting evenings or even karaoke: there is something for everyone.

Based on the details you have discussed during your exchanges on the Meetic website, make this first date a successful meeting with the woman you like and hopefully a moment rich in perspectives for the next steps of your relationship.

The most beautiful encounters often begin with awkward gestures, such as hesitations on dance steps, so gentlemen, rest assured, to establish an authentic relationship with a single woman, staying yourself is the best charm you possess!

Evenings and other activities between singles

With all the online dating options now available, you might sometimes think that face-to-face dating has become obsolete, but that’s not the case: many of you want to move on to “real life” dating after initiating the first contact behind a screen or cell phone. That’s why Meetic events have already attracted more than 300,000 members by offering a variety of activities for singles every month in a relaxed, lively and authentic setting.
From culinary workshops, to treasure hunts, to cultural events such as guided exhibition tours, photo classes, dinners and other evenings specially designed for singles, the range of events is wide. To meet singles close to your home and around a common passion or theme, nothing could be easier: register for the Meetic singles event of your choice via your profile or as a guest, indeed these activities are open to members and non-members alike, so you can bring your friends (ies)!
Take a step ahead of the odds and join the Meetic community by participating in our singles events.
You’ve registered for the next Meetic event in your city, you’ve written it down in your calendar, the date is getting closer and you’re starting to feel a little nervous, it’s perfectly normal.
For the shyest singles, ask a friend to come with you with the only rule being to motivate yourself to reach out to others. Remember to stay smiling, open to other people present and don’t hesitate to start a conversation in a simple way. Remember the Meetic tips for seducing that charming bachelor on your right who clumsily cuts her carrots during cooking class, or perhaps that woman with her hair a bit badly coiffed who keeps scratching the name of the artist whose works you have all come to admire. So go for it, because you will be sure to have a good time that will lead you to beautiful encounters in perspective.

In this type of parties, everyone is single.

During the evenings and other activities organized by Meetic, the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly. The only difference compared to a classic outing is that those present are all single and looking for love and encounters!
Meetic selects the members invited to each event to ensure that everyone will discover interesting profiles, comparable to their own, so that everyone can always have a good time! Check your emails or the “Events” section of the Meetic.fr website or app regularly to find out about the various events organized near you.
In short, the singles parties organized by Meetic not only look like real life, but are also opportunities to meet men and women who are open to conversation, and if the charm works, even if you manage to do it alone, you are not safe from going out again as a couple!Woman dating