Xflirt Scam

Is it a really reliable site or a fake one?

We sometimes hear that Xflirt is an unreliable site, which scams its customers… For us, this is not the case, and we explain here why some users make this negative judgment on the sexy dating platform Xflirt.

An unjustified bad reputation?

Is Xflirt a scam? Like many naughty dating sites, the Xflirt site is the target of some attacks, from disgruntled customers screaming for scandal. They talk about subscription problems, fake profiles, non-existent results. But whose fault is it?
Dating sites in general have always suffered from this bad reputation, which makes them look like scams. However, when you know how to use them, the results you get on the best platforms of the genre are edifying and it remains the best way to satisfy your sexual desires without any headache. So why this hatred towards Xflirt? Here are the main causes of dissatisfaction and rational explanations. For more information, please read my full review of Xflirt.

Why do some users talk about scams on Xflirt?

Xflirt ScamThe first thing you hear from disgruntled people talking about Xflirt scam is I don’t do dating! Nobody contacts me! Nobody answers me! Obviously, when you come to a Hot dating site, it can be very frustrating not to do naughty dating. But it is enough to look a little bit at the profile of these users, on their online behavior, to understand that the reasons of these failures do not come from the platform! Some members have mediocre profiles, which doesn’t make you want to contact them! Between blurry, vulgar, poorly framed photos and faulty or incomplete profile descriptions, you can’t expect great results.
Worse, when you see the way these disgruntled people approach other members: ultra banal or inappropriate catchphrases (what’s up?, CC, do you want to fuck?…), aggressive comments, and no tact. No wonder the people at the other end of the screen don’t bother to answer…
The other Xflirt scam, according to some users, is on the subscription side. I explain below what it is.

Understanding the subscription system

To be able to use all the features of Xflirt, its live chat, webcam system and to communicate unlimited with thousands of naughty members online, you need to subscribe. The pricing system is a bit particular since only two subscriptions are available: a 1 euro offer, called Accès Club and a 2 months subscription at 97 euros in total, called Pack Gold.
The 1 euro Accès Club is mainly used for two things: to check that you are of age (because a minor cannot pay online via credit card…) and to keep your profile active even when you use the site less. It happens that you do not have the desire or the time to look for naughty plans, but it would be a pity to have to recreate a profile each time. The other subscription is the complete offer, which allows you to use the site 100%. To make a maximum of meetings, this is what you need.
But those who don’t read the terms of use are sometimes surprised by the automatic renewal of the Gold Pack, which after 2 months, leaves for another 2 months, without any notification from you. More than a scam, it is therefore ignorance! The other confusing point comes from the 15-minute trial period that is offered for the Gold Pack. Quite short, it allows you to understand how the site works with a paid offer, but as soon as this quarter of an hour expires, you are subscribed to this paid version at 47.5 euros / month. You just have to deactivate the automatic subscription in the settings, which many people don’t do! So they call it the Xflirt scam.
But like all paid services, it’s important to read the terms and conditions before shouting scandal… You see, there’s no Xflirt scam!

Naughty encounters on Xflirt, our advices to get a maximum of sex shots

Here are some tips that will allow you to make many naughty encounters on Xflirt. Thus, you will see that there is no reason to talk about scam! First of all, spend the necessary time to build a quality profile. With beautiful photos, sexy but not too much, well taken, that highlight you, you will multiply your chances by 10. In addition, take care of your description by mentioning your desires and fantasies. Pay attention to your spelling, on your profile but also in your messages, and always remain courteous and respectful. You can talk about sex in a normal way, without being vulgar or aggressive!Xflirt Scam